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IMMORTALITY IS MATERIAL Jean Bitar 2 INTRODUCTION Post-terrestrial or astral planes are complete. Mental and material. Matter in them vibrates more. It is more real. We have matter forever. That is why we are immortal. Our reality is the radical expansion of experience. We advance to new dimensions to intensify life. 3 FIRST PART ETERNALLY BODY AND SOUL 4 PIZZA May this book yield the beauty of pleasure. Freedom is delight. I shall begin by this story. The Sibyl of Cumae was the most celebrated oracle of Apollo. One time, she gathered sand with her hands and implored that Apollo granted her as many years of life as the number of grains she was holding. Apollo acknowledged the pleading, but the Sibyl forgot to ask for everlasting youth. Innumerable centuries later, she had shrunken to the size of a small bird. She lost her credibility and influence. Millennia forward, they could only perceive her voice. It was said that they kept her at the open market, in a suspended jar, and when the children asked: ‘Sibyl, what do you want?’, she answered: ‘I want to die!’ That is understandable. But who, crowded with contentment, would like to leave this world?


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