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Jean Bitar


Post-terrestrial or astral planes are complete.
Mental and material.
Matter in them vibrates more. It is more real.
We have matter forever.
That is why we are immortal.
Our reality is the radical expansion of experience.
We advance to new dimensions to intensify life.






May this book yield the beauty of pleasure.
Freedom is delight.
I shall begin by this story.
The Sibyl of Cumae was the most celebrated oracle of Apollo. One time, she
gathered sand with her hands and implored that Apollo granted her as many years of
life as the number of grains she was holding. Apollo acknowledged the pleading, but
the Sibyl forgot to ask for everlasting youth. Innumerable centuries later, she had
shrunken to the size of a small bird. She lost her credibility and influence. Millennia
forward, they could only perceive her voice. It was said that they kept her at the open
market, in a suspended jar, and when the children asked: ‘Sibyl, what do you want?’,
she answered: ‘I want to die!’
That is understandable. But who, crowded with contentment, would like to leave
this world?
Life yearns for immortality.
Immortality enchants us by the anticipation of infinitely lasting happiness.
Some moralize: ‘Who would want to live forever? There would be no room on the
planet for everyone.’ Gory crankiness. Sour grapes. Others: We are immortal through
our descendants’ or ‘We are immortal by our achievements’. Claptrap. Some say, and
that invariably carries a preachy intonation and a most solemn edifying air: ‘We are
immortal because we shall live in the memory of others.’ Pompous bullshit. Period.
We are immortal by not dying. Everyone wishes to be here forever.
We want to be immortal in soul and body.
Yet, and yet… we are guaranteed to leave this world. Let us not fool ourselves. No
one will be here forever. Not on our Earth or other planets or interstellar colonies.
Never. Oh, yes! There is longevity. Those who endeavor for it deserve respect. But if
a scientist announces that he or she is tracking our immortality, he or she is a
charlatan. Whenever you run across promises of future immortality popping from
magazine covers it is ignorance. If a high-tech company publicizes that it offers future
immortality, it is a rip-off and the owners are cons. Here is why: our comrade
Universe will end. Grand finale. The last flash will come. An absolute black hole will
spin in universal majesty. If not, the physics of conservation of energy will make all
matter disperse into absolute cold.
So long!
Body transplants, cryonics, telomere lengthening, genetic engineering, cybernetics,
mind uploading, goodbye! Auf Wiedersehen, transhumanism! Those among you that
assured immortality lied. That is repellant. Repellent. Pitiful. A farewell kiss. Au
revoir! ¡Adios! Ciao, ciao.

Longevity is not immortality. Compared to eternity, zillions of millennia are
Longevity is very good. Immortality is infinitely better.
Only better? It is the best of all possible things.
Hence — as we cannot live in a black hole or in absolute cold — we had better
thumb our nose at the insipidness of the intelligentsia and intellectualism, be at once
smart and real, and consider immortality in other dimensions.
Cogitating about other dimensions, we shall notice in this account that being
immortal — in fact immortal, in soul and body — is easy.
It is necessary that we exist.
And since we already exist, there is nothing to worry us.
This is it.
I respect honest spiritualists and honest materialists.
I deride dishonesty. Deceitfulness dilapidates life.
Intellectual fraudulence oppresses. Liars destroy. Imposture is aggression.
Thus, before we get into our theme — material immortality — I need to sweep the
dirt. I begin by ranting about tricky contemporary materialism and later, tricky
contemporary spiritualism. They are most rantable.
‘Bring me my Chariot of fire!’
Directness does me good.
New atheists are bullies. New spiritualists are silly.
Both mislead.
They exasperate honest spiritualists and honest materialists. I used to be too pissed
by their deceptions, but now I do not care much.
‘Matter is an illusion!’, sermonizes a spiritual guide.
Please, Spiritual Guide. Kindly get a gun, blow your head off, and then repeat that
matter is an illusion.
Most of contemporary materialism and spiritualism is trashy to the point that they
cry out for scorn. They are also preposterous. May one swallow the other and both
choke. Let me reprise the old saying: if you pass by a back alley and see two stray
cats fighting, you do not care to know who is who or who is going to win.
One can admit death. We putrefy. That is the way of materialism. It is an attitude. It
is creepy. Let it be. Existentialism — a pseudophilosophy that no longer exists — was
a tale of terror.
Hopelessness scares.
Still, there is an idea that atheists never discuss, and I would like to bring it up.
Immortality does not involve the existence of a god.
I have a question, and for years I have been asking it to no avail. Here is it:
If atheism says that our dimension can exist without a god, then why not for us,
without a god, infinities of other dimensions?
Why that gluey belief in death? Why that manner of sheep?


Why that unanimous conformism? Why is extinction an article of faith to
If without a god there is life, why not infinite life?
As for immortality, materialists deny other dimensions.
‘Irrationality!’ ‘Delusion!’ ‘Aberration!’ ‘Superstition!’
At the same time, leaning on scientism, they affirm that there are other dimensions.
Not only that. In those dimensions, stun yourselves, there are felines.
Yes, definitely. Scientism insists that the Universe is multidimensional, and claims
that quantum physics shall sooner or later prove it, for it can prove whatever it picks
and more. Still, we are barred from those dimensions.
Careless reasoning needs pity and help.
Quantum physics is the apple of the eye of pseudoscience. The inexhaustible manna.
The deus ex-machina. It is the answer to all questions, the solution to all problems,
the candy to all children. Quantum physics is the charlatans’ haven, as two centuries
ago was magnetism. Know-it-alls grab it, twist it, and do not let it go. Everything and
the rest and etcetera are seemingly explainable by it.
I lift my hat. Congratulations.
Yet, quantum physics is one thing. Quantum pseudo-physics is another.
No one convinces me that the same cat is alive here and simultaneously dead in
another dimension. Stone me! I cannot imagine that snappishly and without reason
atoms spring out of nothingness to draw together as cannabis flowers and mad
scientists. I cannot accept that existence leaps from nonexistence and bounces back to
it. And if that triumph of reason goes proper for cats, it implies that you and I are
alive here and dead in another dimension. I would rather fritter away my time
studying Mother Goose. Fairy tales, after all, are lyrical and vibrate copious beauty.
They also amplify imagination.
But all opinions must be respected as long as those opinions do not result in murder.
We are duty bound to respect prejudiced intolerant fanatical atheists obsessed by
scientism. It is not easy but I try. Naturally, sometimes I feel like poking fun at them.
At times, I even feel like kicking the shit out of them, for it seems that they keep
asking for that.
I am not inclined to religion. I have none. But whenever I hear new atheists rattle
that persons with a religion are stupid, it makes me want to puke.
Because they are scheming.
They lock up their traps and cunningly hide that the theory of the Big Bang was
formulated by a priest, a friar created the science of genetics, and the heliocentric
configuration of the Solar System was discovered by a canon. Say, o cowards! Say!
Say it, sages! Say that they were stupid! But I swear that I try to tolerate fanatical
atheists as long as they tolerate me. If not, well… please do not respect me, for all I
Against materialism and its faith in extinction, turns spiritualism with its faith in
immortality. It is no less formidable. New atheism is risible. That comes inserted.
New spiritualism is not a tad behind.
Cults in which their cheat leaders are treated as ‘divine master’. My. How

respectable can a cheater get? What else? Nirvana in exchange for money. Tsk. What
else? Cosmic secrets revealed to a few payers who shall be rescued by spaceships
from another galaxy when Earth is about to be devastated by the apocalyptic war.
Destroyed to ashes, let us keep in mind, by atomic weapons conceived by scientists,
who — according to new atheism — are the peak source of morality on Earth.
New atheism and new spiritualism deserve each other.
Worst of all, spirituality of the rib-tickling type has been puffing up so sizably that it
even makes one touch the disposition to convert to the cult of quantum cats and the
omnipotence of nothingness.
Striking eternities. The peacock displays its tail.
First, the god of the fundamentalists. The transgalactic fundamentalist, who was
never a child.
How is that Supreme Being?
A one-kilometer-tall foul-breathed warmonger sceptered unshaved totalitarian
patriarch wearing an ermine robe, a diamond crown and rawhide flip-flops, regaling
his ass on a phosphorescent throne in a crystal palace enveloped by purple clouds,
charmed by harps of gold and overly fidgety to convict nightspot customers and
undisciplinable toddlers.
More feathers.
Flocks of hovering ghosts. Shoo! Our soul merging into totality as a drop of water
merges into the ocean. Bad poetry. Red devils with split tongues, spiky horns, salient
canines, waving tails, BO, cloven hooves, tridents and grimaces. Most fearsome. To
But how can adults take that hogwash? Ooh!
I must halt here, for if I took any more time dwelling on those revered wisdoms, or
if I tried to fight them, I would be laughable.
Great Jupiter! Well, then. I will let myself be laughable.
Most of that folk lore comes from a patriarchal reality, which is historical and by
now should be gone.
The notion of god is linked to power.
The patriarch was the only source of power in ancient societies.
Patriarchs were kings or fathers.
The more frightening, the more powerful.
The patriarchal state of mind could not to conceive power alienated from fatherhood
and kinghood.
What was the symbol for power?
The patriarch.
What was the symbol for absolute power?
The absolute patriarch.
Thus, absolute power, ostensibly needed for the creation of the Universe, could only
emanate from an absolute king and an absolute father. Omnipotent. The absolutely
powerful patriarch.


Which had to be — all through the patriarchal period — the image of god?
The cosmic patriarch.
A lord.
Things change.
The patriarch exits.
Enters science to govern the mentalities.
What does represent, to science, absolute power?
Science considers that energy creates the Universe and postulates that energy is all
that exists. Thus, energy is symbolized as absolute power and transferred to the
What do they modernly say of god?
‘God is energy.’
Some are keen: ‘God is pure energy!’ or ‘God is cosmic energy!’
No doubt. The symbolization goes on.
Energy is no god. If it were, that would be too cheap. There is even a formula.
Energy is mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Why on Earth would that
be God?
I cannot affirm anything with reference to gods. What I know is that the word ‘god’
has come to be gruesome. The shit that has already been perpetrated in that name
makes one shudder. How much sordidness and cruelty have been shielded behind the
term ‘god’? How many noxious and hateful clashes among the holier-than-thou, how
much carnage, how much variety of prejudice, how much exploitation of human pain
for tricksters in so many religions to squeeze money out of the desperate has ensued
under the word ‘god’? It became so corrupted a term that I will do my best not use it
in this book. I do not wish to be taken for a rat.
But there is mystery.
Ah, yes there is.
And whenever possible, I shall capitalize the word. It is Mystery.
The Mystery.
I am not a bit embarrassed to say that existence is mystery to us, because what I say
is genuine.
Our arteries and our thoughts are mystery.
The Cosmos is mystery. The fact that atoms are now being formed and maintained
is mystery.
The Mystery.
I would be the most accomplished fool if I believed that anyone in our midst has the
answer for the Cosmos, atoms and existence.
We are restricted.
No swollen-headed patronizing self-glorifying rude smartass will bewilder me into
believing that she or he knows more than anyone else on Earth does about the

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