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Alameda County Sherifrs Office
Agency: ETS


Case Number: 15-019904

continued on the Bay Bridge at 110 mph. I noticed PETROV was accelerating and decelerating his speeds as
he began swerving near the north side railing of the bridge.
PETROV exited Fremont Street in San Francisco from the Bay Bridge (Interstate 80). We continued on
Fremont Street and turned northeast onto Howard Street. We continued on Howard Street and turned north on
Main Street. Dispatch advised San Francisco Police Department was attempting to catch up to the pursuit.
We continued north on Main Street then turned west onto California Street at 45 mph. We continued west on
California Street at 50 mph then turned south on Manson Street. PETROV continued south on Manson
Street and turned west on Pine Street at 45 mph.
I continued on Pine Street and Hyde Street and I lost sight of Deputies SANTAMARIA and WIEBER and
PETROV. Deputy WIEBER took over radio transmission and they continued to pursue PETROV.
I located the pursuit at Sutter Street and Hyde Street but was unable to continue radio traffic due to the
distance between my patrol vehicle and Deputies SANTAMARiA and WIEBER's vehicle. I again lost sight
at Van Ness Avenue and Sutter Street. I continued to monitor Deputy WIEBER's radio traffic as they
continued to pursue the vehicle.
I stopped my vehicle at the intersection of Van Ness A venue and California Street and continued to monitor
the pursuit. Deputy WEIBER advised PETROV was traveling on Van Ness Avenue towards my location.
PETROV and Deputies SANTAMARIA and WEIBER passed my location and I re-engaged in the pursuit.
Deputy WEIBER continued with radio transmissions as I attempted to catch up to the pursuit. PETROV
continued on California Street and turned east onto Mcallister Street. PETROV continued east on Macallister
Street and turned northeast onto Market Street. I again lost sight of the pursuit at Market Street and 6th Street
and was out of the pursuit.
I continued to monitor the pursuit. At 0205 hours, Deputy SANTAMARJA advised the vehicle had crashed
at Stevenson Street at 14th Street. PETROV fled from the vehicle and Deputies SANTAMARIA and
·wrEBER pursued PETROV on foot. PETROV was captured at 1441 Stevenson Street and arrested for I 0851
CVC-Stolen vehicle, 496 (d) (a) PC-Possession of stolen property, 2800.2 CVC-Felony evasion, 2800.4
CVC-Fleeing the wrong way on a roadway, 69 PC-Resisting arrest and two counts of245 (C) PC-Assault with
a deadly weapon against a peace officer. See Deputy SANTAMARIA and Deputy WIEBER's supplemental
Deputy WEIBER advised via radio they had located a handgun in the vehicle.
I was unable to locate 1441 Stevenson Street. After obtaining assistance, I went to the scene where PETROV
was located. When I arrived, there were unknown San Francisco Police Department personnel, Deputy
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