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Original filename: In-Depth Spreading.pdf
Author: Gabester

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By: Peppermint Butler
I do not condone any activities
in this guide and it is for educational
purposes only. I are not responsible
for how you use this eBook in any way.

So your journey begins! First I’d like to thank you for purchasing
my eBook. This eBook contains all the necessary information for
you to set out on your own path and start spreading with ease.
The methods displayed in this eBook are completely unsaturated,
100% working, and can never become saturated as long as you
follow the steps that are provided. Also please take in account
that this eBook is in no way going to guarantee 1000’s of bots a
day, like most fraudulent books like to state. Your effort, social
skills, knowledge, effort, and patience will all attribute to the
amount of bots you obtain.

1) Refund only with a very good
reason, all refunds are decided by
2) There is no leaking, reselling, or
sharing of this eBook; this will
result in a scam report.
3) Don't call this eBook fake or not
working if you haven’t tried these
methods before doing so.
4) No chargebacks
5) This Ebook is intended only for
educational purposes

1. Suggestions: Some things to consider before reading.
2. Method 1: Torrenting Revamped Semi-Autopilot Method.
Effort is very much needed in the setting-up process, but then
after all you need to do is sit back and relax (Ea sy /Beg inner
3. Method 2: Minecraft Manipulating an Autopilot method and a
specifically designed method to trick Minecraft gamers into
downloading your files is also included! (Medium level!)
4. Method 3: Forum Targeting a method for the socially
inclined, and also for beginners. (Really depends here!)
5. Method 4: Freelance Exploiting One of the best methods for
Auto-pilot spreading; it’s indeed a very unique method. (Easy!)

For the best results:

You’ll need to know how to bind your stubs with another file
and/or picture. This can be done with a crypter and also without
one. Know how to change your file’s icon as well.

You’ll need a FUD (fully undetectable) crypter to prevent any
antivirus software from detecting your stub. (ex: Kazy crypter)

You’ll need a premium R.A.T, if you are ratting others. Although,
Darkcomet may be a good free choice, it does not offer some of
the advanced features of other up to date rats, like Imminent
Monitor does. Imminent Monitor has its own crypto miner that
comes in handy later on when you feel you have enough slaves
for when you just want to monetize them.

For staying safe:

You’ll need to make your own separate email account; as there
will be multiple times where you’ll need to enter an email in order
to sign up on a website or forum.

You’ll need a vpn to obfuscate your ip address while roaming
skype and other websites, to help with trying to stay anonymous.

You’ll need a separate skype account, that can relate to the
people you are thinking of adding or spreading your file to. This
skype account will contain no personal details.

Method 1: Torrenting Revamped
The most common and most essential way to spread is by distributing
torrents that are of in high demand, and that are in which binded with your
1. Choose a popular torrent from here and choose one that you deem
suitable and download it.
In order to download it, it’s advised that you have uTorrent installed
2. If there happens to be a readme.txt file within the torrent, change the
username or any info related to the original uploader that the torrent is
attributed to, and make it correspond with your own username and info.
3. Bind the torrent to your trojan and change its icon to match the one of
the torrent’s.
4. Once you have binded and changed the icon you should go ahead and
add the folder to .rar or .zip file now if you don’t know how to make it a
torrent, go into uTorrent and go to File<Add Torrent or press (CTRL + O)
and locate the .zip or .rar file and it should make a torrent file. Go ahead
and upload it to Pirate Bay and once you have a considerable amount of
seeders (20 seeders) you may spread it to other sites here:
- http://www.torrentfunk.com/
- http://kickass.to/
- http://www.btjunkie.net/
- http://www.mininova.org
For more torrent sites visit http://www.torrentresource.com/

Keep in Mind
- It is important to obtain seeds for your torrent, as many people will
perceive a high amount of seeds as proof that the torrent is legitimate.
Helpful links: Guide 1 for seeding
Guide 2 for seeding
- Write a detailed description before uploading that also contains some
informative pictures.
- Do not use any of the words like keygen, crack, or leak in your torrent as
it’ll be first in line to be checked by any moderators that may be on the site
at the time.

Method 2: Minecraft Manipulating
Currently one of the most effective ways at obtaining
slaves, especially one’s that like to game.
To start off this method you’ll need to have a Minecraft account and Vpn.
If you don’t have an account already it’s okay, you can go ahead and
purchase it for the 27 dollars it is or find a Minecraft account shop on HF
forums. You must have your Trojan binded or appear like it is with a
Minecraft account generator or Minecraft ServerSetup, for approaches 1
and 2.
First, Go to http://www.minecraftserverlist.eu/ and find a somewhat less
popular server, and then join it.

There are three approaches we can take when joining these
servers. However all three approaches can be modified in
whatever way you like; just think of these more as
guidelines to success.

Approach 1:
Ounce you are on the server of your choice you’ll be immediately
bombarded with people welcoming you, this is a good sign.
Now, start getting to know the people on the server (this is the social
engineering part). It should only take about 30 minutes, or if they are really
tough on banning it could take up to an hour.
After, bring up the question to the people on the server whether or not they
think hacks are real or just made up, like Minecraft account generators.
Whatever you do, DO NOT ask them if they would like one, you will be
quickly banned. Just play it calm and you’ll be fine.
If they are aware of some of these hacks and they make a reference to
how they are real or legit or they mention that they are looking to find one,
this is where you make your move.
Come back and say something like “Ya dude, I saw a Minecraft Premium
Account Generator/Cracker somewhere. I don’t use it anymore and it

worked for me a couple of times. Would you want it?”. If they are
interested, proceed to ask them for their Skype so you can add them.
While on Skype it is highly suggested you have your vpn or proxy running,
because you can never know for sure who your dealing with. Now before
sending them the hack, get to know the guy a little more and give him some
more senseless information on the hack.
When sending the hack you want to describe it like, “This is a really cool
hack I found, it only works on windows 7 and 8, but dude it creates
premium accounts!” They will then most likely download it.
Well, there you have it; you have successfully manipulated a Minecraft
kiddy to download your Trojan. Or you have infected more than one kiddie,
depending on how many were interested in your fake hack.
Side Note: When your social skills develops you can start trying to post on
some of the bigger servers about your “hack” or even post the URL of it!

Approach 2:
Step 1: Go on a popular server from http://www.minecraftserverlist.eu/
Step 2: Get to thoroughly know some of the Minecraft users on the server.
Step 3: Say something like "Who would like to be an owner of my server?
I’m only giving a couple more spots away! I really need some trusted
moderators that are willing to help. Thanks."

Step 4: If they are interested proceed to step 5, if they are not it would be
wise to try and find another server.
Step 5: Tell them to add you on Skype *insert your Skype username"
Step 6: Once they add you send them your stub/trojan named
"ServerSetup" and say something like, “It’s really great you could help out!
I’ve been looking for someone that could for a while. It’s really simple to
set-up and it’s linked to my IP so you don’t have to worry about connection
Step 7: Sit back and watch the slaves roll in.

Approach 3 (AUTOPILOT!):
Approach three is very different from the other methods discussed.
For this method you’ll need to have at least 15$ to purchase the program
offered by me on HF which can be viewed here:
I offer discounted prices for ebook owners!
This is by far the most automating approach you can go about in terms of
spreading to MineCraft players.
Step 1: For this step you’ll need to open up the program MineBot.
(MineBot may look different at time writing, it is always undergoing

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