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Matt Huston, Get Him Back Forever eBook .pdf

Original filename: Matt Huston, Get Him Back Forever eBook.pdf
Title: Get Him Back Forever™ PDF, eBook by Matt Huston « ✔Truth & Facts ✔Real Results ✔Real Experiences ✔FAQ ~ ✘Reviews ✘Opinions ✘Scams
Author: Psychological Techniques To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Crawling Back To You

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Get Him Back Forever™ by Matt Huston

Psychological Techniques To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Crawling Back To You

Sometimes it seems as though men are off in their own little world. The lack of
emotional sensitivity, their inability to pick up on the “right” thing to say at the
right time. It can be unbelievably frustrating.
This book is all about demystifying men and giving you a step-by-step blueprint to
getting the man of your affections back (and for good this time). It deals with
strategies you can start applying literally the minute you read about them.
In my opinion, getting your ex boyfriend back will be the easy part. It’s keeping
him “tame” and loyal toward you that is the real challenge. I will go far beyond
simply teaching you to get your ex back and toward the end of this book we will
begin discussing methods and techniques to keep the man in your life under your
With the divorce rate hovering at over 60% in the western world, there is definitely
something happening in our society that wasn’t in the past. I made it my mission to
discover what exactly that change was and how to maintain a fulfilling, long
lasting, loyal relationship within the context of modern society.
As a professional relationship coach for almost eight years now (as of this writing),
I began to pick up on common trends and patterns. I began to see what common
things couples did that lead to their eventual breakup. And later, what common
things couples did to get back together.
Eventually, I succeeded and “cracked the code”. You will reap the benefits of my
quest for relationship success. The fruit of my restless nights, many hours of
research and all my one on one counseling will be bestowed upon you.

This book is not just written from the perspective of a man – but also from the
perspective of many women who successfully got back their boyfriends (and
husbands). I took it upon myself to interview as many women as I possibly could.
You see, I’ve always had a keen interest in male/female dynamics. I talk about it
whenever I get a chance to. What I have discovered as a result is nothing short of


Before we get into the “getting your ex boyfriend back” part, I need to take you on
a little journey first. If I just give you the steps without you understanding the core
reasoning behind them, I doubt they would be anywhere near as effective. So let’s

The Masculine Hero
The inner workings of even the most simplistic mammalian brain is not yet
understood, let alone the complex yet subtle differences between the sexes.
In prehistoric times, men and women assumed different societal roles which (even
today) continue to shape their psyche. Men were traditionally the hunters and so
they developed a brain better suited for quickly assessing situations, calculating
speed, tracking prey and mapping. This would explain why modern men flock
toward video games, sports and technical activities such as using computers and
vehicle mechanics.
This is also why men need to feel like the masculine hero when in a relationship.
They want to be the protector and provide for his woman and his family. This
behavior is hard wired into the male brain. Indeed, men are at their finest when
they are competing for a woman; but I digress.
This has developed into a male stereotype and is fed to women from a very young
age. For example, Disney movies feed young, impressionable girls the fantasy of a
night in shining armor who comes along and saves/protects the helpless princess.
Although both sexes play into these stereotypes/roles, too often this ideal
masculine image will utterly poison an otherwise healthy relationship. When
women find their man not living up to this ideal image, they will only focus on
what he is doing wrong. Blaming, judging, nagging and generally nitpicking at
everything. Absolutely poisoning and dooming the relationship from the get-go.

Once a man feels as though he is below the role of provider/protector, he will leave
the relationship. Unfortunately, many women force a breakup for this one simple
reason. Once these roles are reversed (polarity shift) the relationship will naturally
self destruct.

Selector vs. Selectee
Men and women have always been “wired” differently from one another. Sure,
there are many similarities, but I don’t think I really have to convince you that
there are vast differences in terms of how our brains function. Differences in what
we are both attracted to on a deep, psychological level.
Traditionally, it is the woman's job to be the selector in courtship rituals.
Scientifically speaking, it’s the male’s job to pursue and the woman’s job to either
accept or reject said advances. It’s literally been like this for all of human history.
Our brains are hard wired to take on these so called “roles”.
Now, obviously this can be a huge advantage for women, if only they would
embrace and accept this concept in its entirety. In many cases this role gets
reversed and a woman will find herself pursuing a man – not the other way around.
Sometimes women will begin to seek her mans approval by dressing overly sexy,
pretending to like or be interested in the same things he is, etc. Think back and try
to remember when exactly the tables turned. By nature of you purchasing this
material, you are now pursuing your ex.
Originally, was it your ex boyfriend who displayed interest in you and pursued
after you? Was he the one working and chasing you? Did you ultimately select
him? I’m willing to wager he was. But something changed along the way;
something that made him lose interest in you.

Your desire for a lasting long term relationship was so overpowering, you valued
that pursuit more than selecting the best possible mate on your terms.
The typical courtship ritual goes something as follows:
The man shows interest and attraction for you. Chemistry starts to kick in and you
“test” him to see if he’s a good fit or not. In essence, you are the selector, testing to
see whether or not he is a good fit for a long term relationship.
To regain control of your failed relationship, you must clearly establish that you are
the selector and he is the one pursuing you. This dynamic must be set back up, else
you will have little success. You need to re-affirm your feminine role as the
selector and not the selectee.
“He who cares least, controls the relationship.”

Remember those words, because right now you care the most, otherwise you
would not be reading this book. And let’s face it, you cannot suddenly turn off your
strong feelings for your ex boyfriend and magically care less. Emotions don’t work
that way (although it would certainly come in handy if they did).
The good news is, there are very specific things you can do to re-affirm your role
as selector again. There are things you can do to drive your man crazy with
jealousy and desire (we’ll get to that in later chapters).

Casual vs. Girlfriend Material
You must never be just a “casual girl” to any man you value. This is for your
benefit as much as it is his. The truth is, there are women men keep around as just
“casual girls” and then there are those who they consider “girlfriend material”.

Kind of like how most all women have men who they just consider friends (and
would never sleep with) and others that they would in a heartbeat. With men, this
phenomenon is not as pronounced.
This may or may not apply to you, but if you are currently still sleeping with your
ex boyfriend, stop immediately. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that just maybe
he will want you back if you maintain your physical connection. You need a
commitment from him. One that doesn’t just involve sex.
How can he ever place value on you if you hardly even value yourself enough to
expect more than just sex? You DO want more than that, otherwise you would
NOT be reading this book.
If you really, no matter what, wanted to get your boyfriend back, you would call
him on the phone and tell him that he could have sex with you, no strings attached
any time he wanted to, anywhere and in whatever manner he wanted. Most men
would accept those terms and you would “have him back” - but that’s not what you
You want his heart. You want him to love and desire you. You want to be pursued
and viewed as a prize; held up proud in front of all his friends.
If you cannot value yourself enough to recognize when enough is enough… he
owns you. And if he thinks he owns you (and this is true for both sexes) he will
walk all over you.
Again: He who cares least, controls the relationship.
I want to drill those words into your head because they ring so true. The
Hollywood, fairytale version of a happy couple simply does not exist (and never
has). Yes, love is alive and a very real emotional state, but you cannot allow
yourself to let that emotion take over your better judgment.

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