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Inon Z 240 User Manual Basic .pdf

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User Manual
(Basic Operation)
Optical Connection"S-TTL"Simple Shooting

Be sure that you have read and understood "Safety Precautions"
descri bed in separate paper before using Z-240.
This English Manual is provided only far INON approved export products .
This produci carries officia i customer support (technical support , warra nty
service and repair/overhaul) by INON authorized distributors/dealers or by INON
lnc. via INON authorized distributors/dealers. Please contaci your INON
authorized distributor/dealer when you need customer support.

Features not mentioned in th is manual are explained in separate User
Manual (Advanced Operation) . Before reading the separate manual,
complete understanding and familiarization with contents of this Basic Manual
is highly recommended


Equipment I Accessory Check

Thank you lor purchasing INON Z-240 Type 4.

Please check il following equipment/accessories have been included with your
Z-240. li anything should be missing , please contaci your purchasing dealer
before proceeding lo any further.

The Z-240 Type 4 is an underwater S-TTLAuto Strobe with Guide Number 24(air
IS0100/m). Main features of Z-240 are as follows;

Equipping Nikonos V type 5 pin synch connector supports conventional
electrical connection with a camera system as well as optica l connection
where the Z-240 flashes in sync wilh camera's built-in flash or other
externa l strobe.

Fully automatic exposure control (S-TTL Auto* ) wilh compatible digitai
cameras .

Wireless connection capability (* l triggered by camera 's built-in flash
without a fiber optics .

External Auto C* )IManual C*l exposure control lor sophisticated lighting.

Conventional TTL-Auto exposure( * l available tor compatible film camera
system under optical1electrical connection.

Manual+ TTL Auto( * ) exposure controls maximum flash output and
eliminale overexposure in particular situation where conventional TTL
exposure has problem to get righi exposure.

Shutter linked auto OFF Focus Light supporti.ng auto/manual focusing.
Usable as independent diving light wilh 180lumen inlensity/20°coverage .

Clear Photo System(PAT P. *l compatible. Clear Photo System
effectively eliminates "backscatter" , reflection of suspended particles

Advanced Canee! Circuii (PAT P.* ) supporting easy and comfortable
External Auto/Manual shooting lor 1 -2 time pre-flash type digitai camera

11 )
16 l
21 l

Z-240 Body [with pre-instal led synch connector cap]
Battery Box Outer Cap
Slave Sensor Cap
TTL lnsulation Plate (2pcs)
Spare O-ring (tor battery box)
Spare O-ring (lor Synch Connector Cap)
INON grease
Light Filter Sticker · Red
Electr'cal Conredion AC Cirrun 5'Mtd1 Sicker · Film Camera
Electr'cal Conredion AC Cirrun Swttch Sicker . Digilal Camera
Electrica l Connection TTL Sticker
-0 .5 White Diffuser 2 (TTUManual)
Red Filter · LE
W40° Filter · LE
rr satety Precaution sB
rrumitation on number ot continuous repeated strobe flashesB
Th is user manual (Basic Operation]
User manual (Advanced Operation]
Separate paper rrGnp Base D4 Compatibility Chart I Shoe Base Compatibility Cha~
Separate paper rroptical D Cable Connection CompatibilityB
Separate paper rrwireless Connection CompatibilityB
Separate paper rrMaster Strobe (digilal camera's built~n flash) Group Cha~

Please refer separate User Manual "Advanced Operation" far detalls of each feature

Make sure to complete from STEP1 through STEP 4 before starting to use Z-240
[STEP 1] Check equipments I accessories of Z-240 and necessary optional parts
[STEP 2] Read carefull y I Safety PrecautionsJ I Compatible battery, operational
limitation on flashing/Focus LightJ on separate paper.
[STEP 3] Being familiar with your camera/housing
[STE P 4] Master Basic operalion of Z-240 (This manual)
[STEP 5] Master Advanced operation of Z-240 (Separale Manual)




.(/•) @__ :@








All 119111 •••••v•d N o o•n o r 1111• manu•I ,.,., O• 1•0•0<111c10 or 1<•ntm111ea 1n •ny l orm or o, •"1 m ea n •
•l•c11on1c or mec11an1ca1 1ncl110•n11 p1101ocooy record•n11 on enr 1nlorme 11on uorage •no rer11e••I ty$1e m no •
-nown or 10 be lnven1e<I
w11110111 o•rm11 .. on In """'"I !rom !NON lnc

All t1gn1 • • • • ' " • "
N o piri ot 1n11 m•nu•I m•y be ••P•ottuc•tt or ll•nsm111ett In •ny lorm O• by •ny me•ns
•l•C l ton•c o• mecllanlcal
1nc1utt1ng pllorocopy ••cortt1ng on •ny lntorr•,.1ton slOlllJ• 1no ••lll•w•I •Y•l•m now
known or to bo 1nven1oa
w11llou1 P•rm1111on on w ttr1ng trom I N O N !ne

Confirming Necessary Optional Products

Manual Organization

Please check if you have necessary optional items below to use the Z-240 .
a) 4 x AA size battery :AA "eneloop"(HR-3UTG) is recommended


b) When using with a compact digitai camera
Refer to P.15 to determine connection method and prepare necessary
compatible products lor connection and Z-240 installation.


~Wireless Connection n
1)''Wireless Connection Compatible Base Set"
2)"Wireless Connection Kit"

This Manual (Basic Operation) is organized as follows .
, To ensure proper use, before using please read this Manual thoroughly, and
understand the product's features and limitations with each camera system .


Preparing to Take lmages


Explanation of how to prepare camera system and
necessary parts (sold separately).

=} P.17

~ ~ Optical D Cable Connection n

1) "Wireless Connection Compatible Base Set'',
or "Base" parts + "Arm " parts
2) "Optical D Cable" parts (+optional parts to connect "Optical D Cab le" parts)
c) When using with a camera system/external strobe other than compact digitai
camera systems
Referto (Basic Operation] P.15 / (Advanced Operation] P. 18 to determine
connection method and prepare necessary compatible products lor
connection and Z-240 installation.

2 Quick & Easy Auto lmaging (5-TTL) (P.27-41)
Explanation of easy to use INON unique S-TTL
flash method with pre-flash type digitai cameras.


After Taking lmages


Explanation of use precautions and maintenance

As of July 2009

Z-240 is designed and manufactured for use in severe co nditions. Before shipping, all
strobes are pressure tested in water and fully checked for proper function . lo ensure your
Z-240 maintains optimum performance, in addition to the pre and post dive handling

recommendations, maintenance procedures, and recommended storage conditions,
it is also necessary that the strobe rece i ve periodic overhaul at INON.

INON lnc. can not indemnify anyone for any loss/damage regardless of whether il is
directly/indirectly caused by malfunction/fiooding of the produci.
Please take test shots before using Z-240 underwater to make sure il works properly
especially before taking important shot(s).
All company names and product names in this manual are registered trademarks and/or
trademarks of their respective owners.

AH 11ghl r•111-.•o
No p•rt ot lh t• m1n .. 1I may b fl reproaue ell or 1111n1m1nea In tny torm or by 1ny mean•
1lec11onle or mechanlc.i
1nclu01n9 pho l ocopy reeorO • ng on 1ny •n!O•m•11on 1101age ano reu1ev11 •Y•lem now
~nown Of IO b• lnv1nlld
w!ll'I OU I pefmt111on in wrillng ! rom I N O N ln e

Alt 11gn1 1111,.ed
N o peri ot lhts manu11 mty be ••proo .. citll or 1f1n1m11uo on 1ny rorm or by any meant
•leelron!e o• meen1nleal
1nclud•n9 pho1ocopy recordlng on any 1nlorma11on Hor1g1 1no r11nev1t •y111m now
iinown 01 lo bi 1n-.1nUd
w l lhOu! perml1l!Ot1 lii w11t1ng !rom INON lne

Z-240 Names of Parts

........... 5

Contents ..

Preparing to Take lmages .. ... .... .. .. ...... .... .15
......... 16

Explanation of Compatible Camera Systems ..
Parts necessary for connection I attachment (sold separately)
"Wireless Connection compatible base" set .
Wireless Conenction Kit .
"Optical O Cable"product.. ... .
"Base" parts + "Arm" parts ... .
Z-240 compatible "AA" batteries ..
lnstalling Batteries
Checking O-ring
Attaching I Connecting to Camera System


.... 18

················ ......... 18
. ............. 19
.... . 19


....... 21
. 22

............ 23
. 24



Quick & Easy Auto lmaging ...................... 28
Ba sic Light Adjustment Methods ...

....... 29

Limitation on Focus Light continuous mode and flashing .......................... ... 31
Shooting with S-TIL Auto Exposure ..
Adjusting Strobe Output in S-TIL Auto

. 32
.. .. ... 37

3 After Taking lmages ....... .. .. ... .... ...... .... .. .. .43
Handling .
Alter-use maintenance ...
Sto rage Method ................. ...... .
Regarding Batteries ..
Overhau l
Alter Service .



...... 11

Measu res lo Prevent Accidental Flooding


ISee separate manual (Advanced Operation] lor detail of each partj

. ........ 6

Z-240 Names of Parts .

...... 44

............. 46
..... 47
... 48
....... 50
........ 51

"Il ngn 1 ••••fvlO No p111 ol rn 1• m1n<11I may b• ••oroo<1c1a or Lt1nsm11110 '" 1ny ! orm 01 n, any means
11tc11onteo 01 m1cllanlc1I
111c1uo1n11 01101ocooy •ecordong on any 111lo•m111on s 1 o••!I• 1nd r1t111v11 •yHem now
\no"'" (H 10 bi 111•111110
wll~out p11mll•<On In wlillng ! rom I N O N lnc

1: Flash Tu bes

2: Focus Light
3: Light Adjustment Sensor
4: +1/4EV Compensation Switch
When using External Auto Mode, with strobe's Apertu re Switch set to a
particular va lue, add +1 /4EV light output compensaiion to thai set value .
5: Slave Sensor
Attach an "Optical Cable/Optical O Cable/Optical O Slave Cable" from
here to the camera I housing I another external strobe for optical
connection or attach a "Mirror Unii (strobe)" included in optional Wirefess
Connection Kit. .



12 14 1315

~·- (




18 ;

6: Main Mode Switch
Turns the Z-240 ON/OFF and switch between IT S-TTL Auto] , IT S-TTL Auto
"Low"] , IT Externa l Auto ] , and IT Manual ] I IT Manua l + TTL Auto ] modes.
7: EV Contrai Switch
Adjust light output in IT S-TTL Auto ] , IT S-TTL Auto "Low"] modes. Set
aperture value in IT Externa l Auto ] mode. Set light output in IT Manual ]
mode and maximum light output in IT Manual + TTL Auto ] mode.
8: Focus Light Switch
Switch between below three modes:
*OFF mode (without using Switch}
*Sing le mode (push Switch once and release)
*Continuous mode (push Switch and rotate lo lock}
12: Battery Box
13: Battery Box lnner Cap
14: Battery Box lnner Cap Screw
15: Battery Box Outer Cap
16: 6mm threaded socket tor Adapter I Joint
17: Synch Connector

9: Advanced Cancel Circuii Switch
Press and lock the button lo turn Advanced Cance l Circuii OFF,
when in IT Externa l Auto ] and IT Manual ] modes under optical
connection . In [ S-TTLAuto ] m ode Advanced Cancel Circuii is
automatically deactivated so switch operation is noi necessarv.
When using electrica l connection , set depending on your
camera/camera system and flash mode you use.
10: Strobe Ready Red Lamp
Monitoring charge status and sh ines when strobe charge complete.
11 : "AUTO OK" Green Lamp
Shines indicating proper flash ing with in auto exposure range in
ITS-TTL Auto ] ,and IT External Auto ] modes.

18: Synch Connector Cap



1 11
:1 ~: ~ ~ ,;•:,• •,;::

1 0
known or

na~ ~ e:~' 11n°c11~~: ~gm; ~ :i"o1c::;

10 b" •n•en l ed

~!c'o'rPo',~~ u ~:de~~ :~~ ;~;!',\! ~ s~ o~,~~ :

w•lhoul pe1m1• • •on 1n W1t1'n11 !rom IN O N lnc



;'o ",', tDr ~. ~:r

~·s~: ~



-e. 1 S1<1<>

23 (




. •.~9~





9 30

19: -0.5 White Diffuser 2 (TTL/Manual)
20: Red Filter · LE
21 : W40° Filter · LE
22: Sensor Cap
23: Battery Box Spare O-ring
24: Synch Connector Cap Spare O-ring
25: INON Grease
26: TTL lnsulating Plate
27: Electrical Connection AC Circuit Switch Sticker • Film Camera
28: Electrical Connection AC Circuit Switch Sticker · Digitai Camera
29: Electrical Connection TTL Sticker
30: Light Filter Sticker • Red
Adhere lo Focus Light for proper light control for ultra macro shooting in
[ S-TTLAuto] I [ S-TTLAuto "Low"] modes.
Also attach so Focus Light does noi frighten shy subjects as much.


Al! 11gn1 , . , . , ... .,
No P•rl 01 1n11 man11al may oe 1epr11<111ceo o• 1ran1monell 1n any torm o• l>y any means
elecuon1c O• mecn1n1c1I
1nc!11C1•n11 pnotocopy recordln9 on 1ny 1n l o1mellon 1101•11• end re 111e••• 1yitem now
~nown or 10 be rn• ented
w11no111 P••1'lll1•on In wt111n11 !rom I N O N lnc

" ' ' •lgh! ••••••ed
N o pet1 " ' 1n11 m1nu11 may 11e 1ep•oauceo or 11en1m111ea '" any lo•m 111 by eny means
elec1ron1c ot mecnen1c1I
1ncl11111ng pllotocopy 1eco•<l•n11 on eny 1ntorma11on 11ora9e ano
1y.iem now
•nown ot 10 be 1n•ent1111
w11ne1111 perm111lon I n wrl11ng l1om !N O N lnc


Measures to Prevent Accidental Flooding
The Z-240 is waterprool due to a rubber O-ring that seals the internal circuitry,
enabling underwater use.
Th is O-ring must be inspected each time belore using strobe to ensu re wate rprool
integrity. Equally important are O-ring contaci surfaces. Al_ways check the
contaci surfaces lor contaminants or scratches.

O-ring inspection method
These are the essentia l lactors ensuring waterprool property:
The O-ring itsell
O-ring contaci surfaces
O-ring grooves
Il O-ring is properly seated in groove

O-Ring inspection locations
The location ol user serviceable location is indicateci as lollows. Be sure to
check condition ol each O-ring including dust/loreign substances and condition ol
O-ring alter closing the battery box outer cap [the battery box O-ring must be
compressed unilormly]. Reler to next page how to check.


First, inspect the O-ring as it is seated in the groove. Il any ol the lollowing are
evident, there is a high chance thai the strobe will fiood il placed in water. Be
very careful about checking these points when you exercise lollowi ng inspection.

Battery Box O-ring

-+Check condition of Battery Box
O-ring, O-ring groove

lf hair. sand, lint or other debris is attached to the O-ring
Remove O-rin g and wipe-off the debris as
instructed in linstalling/Removing O-ring (P.13)J ~

lf the O-ring is cut or cracked
The O-ring musi be removed and replaced with a~
new O-ring. (See 1 ln stal ling/Removing O-ring_ . _·
(P.13)J lor replacement)
· • •.· .·

lf the O-ring is twisted
The O-ring musi be removed and reinsta lled
uniformly with no twists or other irregularities.
(See i lnstalling/Removing O-ring (P.13)J lor

lf there is hair, sand, lint or other debris on the O-ring contact surfaces
Wipe of any debris.

lf there is a scratch, blemish or other imperfection on the O-ring
contact surfaces
The strobe must be inspected by an authorized technician , and repaired if

- Check cond ition of O-ring Contact
Surface and visually check if O-ring is
uniformly comp ressed

e Synch Connector Cap O-ring
rsynch Connector Cap J
Check condition of Synch
Connector Cap O-ring and O-ring
rsynch ConnectorJ
Check O-ring contaci surface

e Synch Cord O-ring
(Electrical Cord Connection)
rsynch Cord J
Check Synch Cord O-ring and

V \


Contaci your dealer lor advice.

O-ring con tact surface


A ll rlgn1 •e•e•veO
N G P•rt o ! 1n11 man .. a l may be •ep1oa .. c e<I 01 tr~n1m111ea In an y !orm Ot by ""Y mean1
elec11on1c o• mecnanlcal
•ncl .. du>g photocopy reco•Olng on any ln l ormal!on 1 lorage ana reuleval 1y1 1em now
k nown o< l o be lnvfln1ed
wllnou! pe1mo1slon In W!il•ng !•Om I N O N lnc

All ngn 1 re1etYaa
N o pari o! tn os manual may be 1eproaucea or 1tan1mt1tea on any lotm or DV any mean s
elecnonoc or mecnan 1c a l
onclud•ng pno1ocopy feco r d 1nQ o n any ontormaloo n 1 torag e and 1e1 ri e•al sys tem
~nown o• to be 1n~entea
wltnout permlss•on '" w•ot•ng l•om INON lnc


O-ring Maintenance Method

lnstalling and removing O-ring

Periodically re-grease the 0-rings fil1l.y using the supplied /NON Grease, to

Your Z-240 strobe has been pressure tested, inspected and passed before
sh ipping.

protect O-ring and increase water resistance.
/NON yellow 0-rings are compounded with a special type of oil which naturally

migrates to the O-ring surface, but which is not compatible with ali grease types .
Do not use anv other qrease or other oil/fat containinq materiai , which may

Il is now your responsibility lo prevent any water leakage by

properly maintaining the O-ring .
for cleaning or replacement.

lt may be necessary to remove the O-ring ,

According ly, p/ease follow the next steps


cause the 0-rings to swell or deform, causing poor sea/ and water /eakage .
To remove, lightly squeeze from the sides

Use of non-INON grease will void warranty.

so it bulges out from one side , grasp and
pull off, as in figure at righi.

e . Svnch Connector Cap O-ring, Svnch Cord O-ring
Apply a little amount of grease on protuberant part of O-ring as it is seated in
the groove .

Be carefu l not to apply any grease on the electrical connector
Clean any residuai grease or debris from

or terminals of the Synch Cord .

the O-ring groove and contaci surface, and


check the condition of both surfaces.

Battery Box O-ring

The battery box O-ring may be cui or damaged by friction , so add a little


off O-ring to see if it is stili useable or noi.

extra grease lo the O-ring as it is seated in the groove , and a little on

Battery Box Cap O-ring contaci surface.
Also, slow/y rotate the battery box cap
whenever opening/closing Battery Box,
making sure you don't feel any
excessive resistance, which could
mean the O-ring is binding or bearing

Using your fingertips, apply a thin uniform

too much friction.

film of INON grease on the O-ring.

Use a

new O-ring if the old one shows any cracks,
cuts or other


Gently install the O-ring in the O-ring groove,
Be sure to complete inspection of O-ring desc ribed in previous section
before greasing and confirm there is no contaminants andlor no damage
on O-ring .

O-ring itself could degrade in result of deformation, wear or aging . Periodica!
overhau l. al INON service facility is recommended also lor checking other parts
not serv1ceable by user. Please see 13. Alter Talking lmages -- Overhaul
(P.49)J for detail.


: ~~o~'to~;t; ;te:•::~;::~:::~ ·~~:c:1i:}~Pi~~51:.1:',co~; in ~:.~·~~•:d~ ~f,uo:;al•N~ jJ'nl~n:c:;~ li~~ 1.~ o•,:~ :o; ;'a o,'o ~o::r ;'~o·~=~ now

not stretching it too much , and making su re
it is seated uniformly and not twisted .
you see any twists , take off and re-install.


Explanation of preparation steps before taking images.

Explanation of Compatible Camera Systems
The Z-240 has many funclions .

Il is compalible wilh :

· 4 camera system I strobe system types
· 5 connection methods;
1) Wireless connection
2) Optical D Cable connection
3) Oplical Cable connection
4) Optical D Slave Cable connection
5) Electrical Cable connection
· 5 flash output adjustment methods
This Section [1 "Preparing to take images"] explains necessary parts and
preparation lor connecting lo:


· Compact digitai camera systems
· Digitai single-lens reflex camera (DSLR)
[Camera system emits built-in strobe light like INON X-2]

Preparing to Take lmages

Explanation of Compalible Camera Systems .
Parts necessary lor connection I attachment (sold separately)
"Wireless Connection compatible base" set .
Wireless Conenction Kit..
"Optical D Cable"product .
"Base" parts + "Arm" parts
Z-240 compatible "AA" batteries
lnstalling Batteries ..
Checking O-ring ..
Attaching I Connecting to Camera System ..

using two connection methods below according to chart on next page.

..... 16
..... 18
. 18

· Expandability with wide range of strobe arm without any limitation .
· Less affected by ambienl light like sunlight or other strobe .
· Compatible with INON unique Clear Photo System to prevent "marine snow
phenomenon " caused by reflecting light !rom suspended particles in front of
a lens .
· Necessary to prepare dedicated fiber optics produci etc .

...... 19
. .. 19
.. 19
.... 21

... ... 22

..... .... 23
.... 24

rroptical D Cable connectionJ using optional dedicated fiber optics produci to
connect the Z-240 and a camera system .

rrwireless connectionJ using optional universal type Wireless Kit with specific
strobe arm to link the Z-240 and a camera system .
· Easy to start external strobe shooting only with compatible strobe arm and
universal type "Wireless Connection Kit" without optional dedicated fiber
optics produci.
· Compatibilily confirmed only with specific strobe arm ("wireless connection
compatible base" set) . (Theoretically other strobe arms are compalible but
not tested)
· Possibly affected by ambient light or maladjustment.

A!I llg1' 1 reserv ed
N o pari o! lh l l manu31 may be reprodueed ' " lran•m•!led 1n any !orm Of oy any mean1
alocironlc o• m ec i'r a nical
lnclu d lng pi'rolocop y , rocordlng on any Jn t orma11on 1 1orago and re111 o val •r11em
known or 10 oe 1nvon lod
wl11'ou1 perm l11>on ln wt l l l ng !rom I N O N ln c

n ow

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