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Lagna Bhava
1st House
All about the body of the native, complexion, shape, stature etc. have to be delineated from the
first house.
If the lord of Ascendant is

posited in 6, 8 or 12 from Ascendant, the native will not enjoy happiness.
in enemy sign, defeated in planetary battle, debilitated, conjunct with malefics or
combust, the native will suffer sorrow and misery.
in Vikaala Avastha i.e. retrograde or hemmed in between malefics (paapa madhya stithi),
sufferings from long-standing or incurable diseases will occur.

If lord of Ascendant is in quadrants/trines, auspicious results should be predicted. Similar
auspicious results will follow if lord of Ascendant is otherwise strong or in benefic classifications
like own house, exaltation, exalted navamsa, moola-trikona, kumkumamsa, kusumamsa,
parijatamsa, parvatamsa, simhasanamsa, conjunct with friendly planet or standing in friendly
house or is conjunct!aspected by benefic(s).
If the lord of Ascendant is conjunct with a planet and effects thereof :-

Moon benefic - beautiful eyes, good eye sight, calm disposition and good habits are

Moon malefic -the native's eyes will not be good looking.

- Courageous and valorous; sufferings from diseases arising due to
excess of heat; wounds; fever accompanied by thirst.

- Higher education; lustrous face; proficiency in drawing, painting, art
work done by hands, drama and
grammar; success in various professions;
proficiency in mathematics and astronomy.

-Calm and unperturbed disposition; dignified looks; devotion;
persevering; renunciation; knowledge; religious-minded; right conduct.

- Fond of juicy and tasty dishes; taste for dressing-up nicely; music;
humour; interest in politics; proud of his profession; ability to teach others; fit to be
praised by King; liked by ladies; prefers service under King; fond of enjoyments; skillful.

- Unpleasant facial looks; nervous before audiences; untidy; engaged
in professions considered inferior by majority; knowledge or learning in inferior trades;
incites others; servitude; sleeps more; sorrows and worries.

- Ungrateful and untrustworthy; deceitful; does harm to his friends;
not dutiful to mother; agricultural pursuits.

- Liking for life in secluded places; dealings in poisonous herbs and
drugs; trickery; beggary; renunciation; without a proper profession; adopting tactics in
business; seeks favours.

The effects concerning the first house should be predicted according to the nature of the lord of
the Ascendant, the planet(s) posited therein, planet(s) in conjunction with lord of the Ascendant
and aspects on the Ascendant as well as the lord of Ascendant. Benefic results will follow if
benefics are involved; malefic results, if malefics are involved.

The sign occupied by Moon, as also the sign occupied by Sun, should be treated as
equal to Ascendant and predictions made based on the strongest of the three.
When considering other houses in the horoscope, view that house as the Ascendant and make
predictions. Assuming you were looking at the 7th
house, the 6th from Asdt would become the 12th house from the 7th. If the lord of 7th is in 6th
from Asdt (i.e. 12th from the 7th), malefic results would follow concerning the 7th housepertaining to wife etc.
Finally, in addition to the above, find out where the Karaka Significatoris standing; treat that
house as the Ascendant for the time being, and predict concerning that significator.
For ready reference, the Karakas are listed hereunder:-


4th house
3rd & 6th house
1oth house
2, 5, 9 and 11th house
7th house


8th and 12th house

Dhana Bhava
2nd House
The second house denotes the wealth of native, besides other significations.
The methodology adopted for delineation of effects concerning the first house have to be followed
here as well i.e. where the lord of this house is standing, and his strength, aspects to 2nd house,
planets posited in the 2nd, conjunctions with lord of 2nd and aspects to the lord of 2nd.
Wealth of a native has to be considered not only from the 2nd and its lord, but also from the
significator for wealth i.e. Jupiter. If the 2nd house and these planets possess positional and
other kinds of strength, highly beneficial effects will be realised; particularly, positional strength
sthana bala for lord of 2nd and Jupiter connotes higher education or deep learning.
The planets the lord of 2nd or Jupiter is conjunct with & its Effects :-

Sun Knowledge of Vedanta philosophy, medicine, proficiency in examining precious
stones are indicated.
Pious nature; knowledge of ltihasa History, and Purana Folklore, performance of
religious sacrifices, ability to speak well.
Mars Knowledge of Vaisheshika, a special branch of philosophy dealing with the
study of discriminating quality of all that the

Universe is made of· say Science, deceitful, valorous, uttering falsehood, stealing
habit, ability to argue logically,
crooked deals, plans large undertakings.
Mercury Sacrificial rites; chanting hymns; proficiency in work done by hands; business
knack; arbitration; semantic expert; one
Jupiter Proficiency in grammar; religious-minded; devotion; righteous means of earning;
leadership; pleases the King.
Venus Knowledge of medicine and cookery; knowledge of worldly affairs; knowledge of
music and literature.
Saturn Dull-headed; foolish; low-minded; wind disorders.
Courage; knowledge of worldly affairs.
Journeys over sea; knowledge of black-magic/treachery; use of hymns Mantra.

If lords of 6, 8 or 12 are connected with the 2nd house or its lord, eye sight will be affected. Moon
or Venus connected with the 2nd or lord thereof denotes protruding or bulging eyes; Sun blindness or poor eye-sight; The planets in connection with the 2nd or its lord, will indicate the
sort of eye-diseases or the condition of eye sight.
If lord of 2nd is devoid of strength, speech will be affected; even dumbness may result.
The 2nd house is also known as kutumba sthana family and if lord thereof is weak, the indication
pertains to wife. Full Moon in 2nd denotes very beautiful wife; Mars- crooked and adulterous

wife; Mercury- loose moral character on the part of native; Jupiter- dutiful wife; Venus- the
native will become lustful; Saturn -intimacy with low class women; Rahu/Ketu- same as for
If lord of 2nd is in the 2nd decanate in 6, 8 or 12th house from Ascendant, there will be breaks
in education.
If Rahu/Ketu is in the 2nd, the education received by the native will not be of much use in his
professional career.
The planet(s) standing in the 2nd or conjunct with lord of 2nd or significator indicates the nature
and quantum of wealth gained.
The number of planets in 2nd or in conjunction with lord of 2nd indicates the number of
wives/,marriages a native will have.

Bhrathru Bhava
3rd House
The third house indicates all about brothers/sisters. If lord of 3 or Mars, significator for
brothers and 3rd house, is posited in 6, 8 or 12 or conjunct malefic, the native will have
no brothers. Depending upon the severity of this yoga, the effect should be predicted. If
in quadrant or trine, exaltation or moola-trikona, there will be brothers/sisters. If lord of 3
or Mars is in quadrant/trine but conjunct malefic, there will be birth and death of
brothers. If the signs in which the planets are posited are feminine, sisters are indicated;
masculine signs indicate brothers. If a mixture, both brothers and sisters are likely.
11th indicates elder brothers/sisters; 3rd, younger brothers/sisters. If lord of 4th is connected
with the 3rd house, there will be gain of a house; size and type depending upon the significations
of the lord of 4th.
If Mars or Rahu is connected with 3rd, the native will be valorous. How much courage the native
has, has to be decided from the planets connected with the 3rd or its lord.

Mathru Bhava
4th House
All predictions pertaining to the mother of a native have to made with reference to
the 4th house and
its significator - Moon.
The 4th house also signifies relations, happiness enjoyable by the native,
native's seat/furniture, conveyance, community, availability or prospects of watersupply in his household etc.
The 4th from Ascendant, from Sun and from Moon have to be looked into for all
these significations and the strongest of the three given preference. Lords of
these three signs, planets with whom they are conjunct, planets posited in or

aspecting these signs should also be taken into account before proceeding to
make any predictions.
Malefic lords and malefic aspects to the above signs indicate evil results,
benefics indicate benefic results. If lord of 4th and Moon are strong, and are
together occupying quadrant/trine, there will be prolonged happiness from
mother. If in 6, 8 or 12, enemy house, debilitation sign etc., evil results will follow;
if a mixture, the evil indication will be for a shorter duration.
The conjunction of lord of 4th and Moon in Ascendant, 4th or 1Oth, particularly
indicate highly benefic results; if Rahu/Ketu also joins them , the effects to be
realised from this yoga will be lost.
Natives with Moon and Jupiter standing together in a sign will acquire
conveyance in the major period of Moon or Jupiter.
Great happiness will result if benefic yogas occur in regard to or in the
Ascendant, 4th, 9th and 10th houses. If the yoga is occurring in the 1st
decanate, the yoga phala will accrue from his own house or land, 2nd decanate
-through relatives and friends; 3rd decanate -from or through mother or
The effects of planets in the 4th are as follows :-

Moon -

Auspicious effects; happiness


makes the native appear over-aged or worn-out

Mercury taste for dressing-up nicely


high status and broadmindedness


inclines the native towards enjoying life generally


gives the native a mean mentality

When considering matters pertaining to conveyance, Venus should be taken to
indicate a horse and boat; Mercury - boat;
Jupiter- 4 wheeled vehicle; Saturn -elephant or camel; Moon -chariot.

Venus indicates longevity accompanied by happiness.

Putra Bhava
5th House
All predictions pertaining to children have to be made with reference to the 5th house and its
significator - Jupiter.
If the significator for children, Jupiter is in quadranVtrine, there will be growth of family.
If Jupiter or lord of 5th or both

stand in 6, 8 or 12, there will be loss of children

stand in debilitation, still worse results will occur.

in conjunction with lord of 9th denotes very auspicious results.

in conjunction with lord of 7th indicates that the native will be wielding authority.

in conjunction with Sun and Saturn, obstacles first and success later is indicated.

in conjunction with Sun and Jupiter - more sons.

in conjunction with Jupiter and weak Moon or feminine planets - girl issues.


in conjunction with Mars or Ketu - loss of children in general.


in conjunction with Mars also indicates sorrow due to loss of son.


in conjunction with malefics, malefic results generally.

in conjunction with Venus - contentment.

Jupiter in 5th house indicates counselling ability while Mercury alone in the 5th house
indicates enthusiasm in learning/studies.

Shatru Bhava
6th House
All predictions pertaining to enemies/diseases have to be made with reference to the 6th house
and its significator - Mars.
Generally, malefics in the 6th house are good and benefics in the 6th denote malefic results.
Lord of 6th is otherwise called the Rogadipha,
Lord of Diseases.
Sun in 6th house indicates diseases on head.
Moon, Mars, Mercury in 6th house indicate diseases on throat.
Jupiter in 6th indicates heart disease.
Venus in 6th house denotes venereal diseases/disorders.
Saturn in 6th house indicates diseases on feet.
Rahu/Ketu in 6th house denote leprosy. If there is also a benefic along with Rahu/Ketu in
the 6th house, white leprosy would result.

Kalatra Bhava
7th House
From the Lord of the 7th, planets posited in the 7th and from the nature of the sign covered by
the 7th house masculine, feminine etc.,
the appearance, habits and qualities of wife have to be determined .

Malefics in the 7th house indicate the number of wives or marriages whilst the lord of 7th
indicates her death.
If Venus or lord of 7th is posited in dusthanas 6, 8 or 12, the native's wife will be sickly,
resulting in short life for her.
Lord of 7th is also the significator for journeys and children, besides wife.
Sun as lord of 7th or in 7th indicates adulterous tendency.
Full Moon.........................................handsome appearance.
Weak Moon......................................ugly appearance with bad nails
Mars..................................................adulterous tendency
Mercury.............................................of bad nature
Jupiter.............................................. .pious and virtuous
Venus .................................................very good looking and enjoyable disposition
Saturn. .............................................. .bad character
Rahu ...................................................questionable character
Venus or lord of 7th on benefic vargas classifications indicate a wealthy wife; in association
with benefics and well-placed i.e. in quadrant/trine, the native's wife will be very beautiful.;
conceive good sons; on malefic vargas or posited in 6, 8 or 12, malefic results.
If the 7th house is auspicious and the significator is without strength, the native may not
marry at all and remain a bachelor throughout life.
If Sun is conjunct with lord of 7th or the significator for the 7th, i.e. Venus, the native's wife
will be of deep red complexion, bilious, with a deep throat-ed voice, and of pleasing and
desirable characteristics. Full Moon in the place of Sun, indicates a very beautiful wife, likable,
temperamentally soft, having taste for ornaments and decoration, well dressed.
Generally, the characteristics of the wife will be dependent on the planet that is predominant
concerning the 7th house.

Ayur Bhava

8th House
From the Lord of the 8th, planets posited in the 8th etc. the longevity of the native has to be
determined .

If the lord of 8th or Saturn occupies dusthana 6, 8 or 12, short life is indicated.
If the lord of 8th or Saturn or both are united with lord of Ascendant, who happens to be a
benefic, OR lord of 8th/Saturn is standing in quadrant.trine of such lord of Ascendant, and
depending upon the strengths enjoyed by the planets in this Yoga, full span of life is indicated. If
the planets possess only moderate strength, madhya ayush is indicated (60 years).
If lords of Asdt and 8th are united or are strongly connected, death will occur due to upset of 3
humours, as understood in the Hindu Shastra, the cause for which has to be determined from the
planets involved.

If lord sol Asdt and 8th are in the trines or 11th from Saturn and Moon, long life would result.
Madhya Ayush would result if lords of Asdt and 8th are standing in places other than trines/11th
from Saturn/Moon.
If lords of asdt, 8th and 1Oth (who are NOT conjunct or otherwise associated with Saturn), are
standing in signs owned by benefics, long life would result. If these planets have kshetra bala
strength due to stay in exaltation, moo/a-trikona or own house, and happen to be benefics, the
native will breathe his last without any sufferings.
Time of Death is to be decided from the planets concerned on the basis of Sun - day time,
Moon - night etc. Place of death or the cremation ground is to be determined from the nature of
the planets and the signs occupied by them. The disease which precedes or causes death occurs
in the organ corresponding to the sign from Ascendant see Divisions of body among the 12
signs., which is occupied by a malefic or the strongest malefic. Primarily the planet in the 8th from
Moon/Asdt will indicate this. In this context :Sun indicates cause of death as high fever
Mars.......................................cancerous tumours or through instruments/implements
Mercury..................................throat diseases or poison
Jupiter................................... .indigestion or cough
Saturn. ................................... .windy diseases or rheumatism
Rahu/Ketu ...............................upset of the 3 humours
The major period running at birth has also to be given importance and considered in finding the
sort of death the native will meet. If in the horoscope,
Saturn and Rahu are strong, death by accident has to be considered. The sing/house occupied
by Saturn and Rahu, together with their significations, will indicate the sort of death the
native will meet with.

Bhagya Sthana
9th House
The honour enjoyed by a native is indicated by the 9th house, its lord, Jupiter, Venus
and Sun, or the strongest among these. On the strength of the strongest of these, will
depend the honour and respect enjoyed by the native. Depending on the same strength,
happiness from father and good luck of the native have to be sized-up.
If there is exchange of houses/signs between 9th and 1Oth lords, great luck and honour are
Effect of Planets standing in the 9th are as follows
Rise of fame slowly but surely
Knowledge and good deeds
Elevated status in community
Mercury - Sharp intellect
Happiness in various directions
A go-between/messenger/ambassador

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