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Top 5 Sexual Personality Traits Of Cancer Men And Women .pdf

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Top 5 Sexual Personality Traits of Cancer
Men and Women

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The shy Crabs! More than their outer hard shell, falling in love is not easy for them. They don’t
let anyone feel what’s going on inside their mind exactly. They don’t rely on and trust people
easily and if they let you get closer, there are several tests to be taken in future. For Cancerians,
relationships, be it love or sexual is not a mere thing, it’s a big deal for them. Cancer men and
women get very serious and committed in their relationships and easily reveal their feelings
and emotions to their partners expecting the same in return. However, they find it little tough
to express things like how they want to be loved or touched.

To turn on Cancerians one has to work real hard all day. They can’t be aroused in mere 15
minutes with few kisses and hugs, in fact, one has to plan it all perfectly. The most important
factors of Cancer’s sexuality are trust and emotional affinity.
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Sexual Relations with Cancer
1. To turn them on, literal ideas can work incredibly. Warm water bath tub to soak your
Cancerian partner giving them a sensuous massage to let them boil to get into the soft core
leading both towards the bed is one of the best ever ideas to arouse them. But never hurry on
the bed, go slow sensually and discover their amazing sexual acts that will satisfy you at the end
of the show for sure.

2. To get them back for repeated performance, you must cuddle with them getting cosy,
cradling them in your arms and sharing your sexual experience with them can help you a lot.
Never fall asleep after the intercourse as it can ruin the chance of getting intimate with
Cancerians ever again.
3. For Cancerians, sex is love and trust and is not for personal enjoyment and satisfaction. They
believe that sex is for satisfying partner’s desires for their pleasure. Moreover, it becomes very
tough to seduce and arouse Cancerians because they stay focused on giving pleasure rather
receiving it. Hence, they rarely notice their partner’s effort because they keep pleasing their
sexual mates. But that doesn’t mean they are insensitive sexually.
4. When Cancerians get aroused and excited, it’s full of intense and deep. Cancer personalities
love to please and satisfy their sexual mates and have a great capability of doing so. They focus
little on their own pleasure. Their emotions get easily blend with their passion and sexual
5. Cancer individuals fall for prolonged foreplay as they love to be kissed; hugged, caressed
sensually which turns them on easily. May be this is the only reason why they love pre-sexual
activities more than the prime sexual intercourse.
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Cancer Men - 5 Sexual Traits
1. Male crabs are romantic creatures when they get crazy seductive mood swings. They are
quite unstable sexually, at a moment, they would be enjoying kissing you and the next would
jump on to caress their partner’s body getting bored with kissing easily. But they are quite
respectful towards their partners as they care for their mates a lot and their sexual satisfaction
is the top priority for Cancer men.
2. Cancer men, unlike Gemini men, hate to have multiple sexual relationships. They don’t
believe in one night stands because they are one woman man. They want a single best woman
to be their love and life-mate to spend their rest of the life caring and loving her.
3. Cancer men are very shy, reticent and self-contained at the initial stage of any relationship be
it love or sexual. They take a long time to open up with their sexual mates before getting
intimate with them.
4. They don’t like women who are very much unprejudiced and wild and steamy behind the
closed doors. Cancer men don’t fall for violent and wild sex or hardcore sexual talks. They are
little reserved and take enough time to discover their partner’s sexual desires. It would be
wrong to say they have little knowledge about women and their desires.

5. They exactly know how to seduce their women and keep their happy forever, however, they
find some extra ways to keep women happy besides sexual intimacy and satisfactions. They
respect their partners who give values to their commitment. Initially, women find it hard to
cope-up with them sexually, but once you win them, you would find them as very loving,
romantic and caring persons.
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Cancer Women - 5 Sexual Traits
1. Cancer women are very careful about to whom they are giving their heart because they
believe in serious relationships and commitments. Cancer women, at first, might seem a
challenge but they are very soft and tender in their sexual as well as love relationships. They are
quite moody yet loyal. They don’t involve in multiple sexual relationships. 2. Cancer women are
more romantic, deep and sometimes erotic too. They put their mates’ interests before their
own needs when it comes to sexual intimacy. They can be best aroused by candlelit dinners,
2. Cancer women are more romantic, deep and sometimes erotic too. They put their mates’
interests before their own needs when it comes to sexual intimacy. They can be best aroused
by candlelit dinners, romantic lake-side date, sensual evening beach walk.
3. They fall for small romantic things their partners do for them such as a cute and special
romantic love note folded inside an envelope with a rose by its side as they are very emotional
and sentimental, hence enjoy such romantic gestures.
4. Cancer women don’t fall for tease and oral sex when it comes to sex. That’s not their cup of
tea. They love passionate and erotic sexual partners who can give them the sexual pleasure as
well as emotional support. For them, their partner’s sexual needs must be met at top priority.
Hence, men have to work little hard to seduce and satisfy Cancer women.
5. Cancer women feed their senses with ample touches, kisses, smooches, romantic
atmosphere with mesmerizing aroma can drag the Crabs towards the couch or bed desperately.
Their sexual fantasies are usually, highly personal, self-contained and romantic. To have a great
time with Cancerians on the bed make sure you are ready to open up your heart and to receive
ample emotional experiences from them.

To have a great time with Cancerians on the bed make sure you are ready to open up your
heart and to receive ample emotional experiences from them.
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