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the great Shaykh Zainuddin Ahmad bin Ahmad As- Sharjiy (May Allah bless him).
It became a frequent practice of Imam ad-Diba'i to recite Al-Fatihah and he highly
encourages this to his students and the common people to recite Al-Fatihah
frequently. This is to the extent that no one would leave his house or gatherings
without reciting Al-Fatihah. The reason for this emphasis was due to the Imam
knowing that one of teachers once dreamt, that the Day of Judgment had arrived
and he heard a voice mentioning, “O People of Yemen, enter Paradise!”, hence
those present asked, “Why is it that the People of Yemen get to enter Paradise?”
and the reply was, because they recited Al- Fatihah frequently.
Imam Ad-Diba’i was a scholar who was productive in producing prolific writings.
This is evident since he has written many great works in various disciplines, in the
Sciences of Hadith and even History. And the most revered work of the Imam is no
other than, the Prophetic Seerah - Maulid ad-Diba`i, a compilation of eulogies and
narrations on the blessed life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH that has been read in
the Muslim world, especially the Malay Peninsula, for hundreds of years. Imam adDiba’i dedicated and committed his entire life to benefiting those around him,
teaching and writing the books of the sacred sciences of Islam. May Allah sanctify
his soul and allow us to benefit from him. Amin.