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Nights turn on days
And seasons run through years
But how one particular day will be?

Life is here and only now.

portfolio contents

About Me

Life is here and only now.

P a in t in g 1 0 1
Going From Traditional
To Digital Canvas

with an Artist:

Catching up with
Ashleigh “Renoir” Kasper

Ol d C h a r c o a l
In Brand New Art

WA C O M T abl et s
and Y ou!

Moments are what we have to live and share
Yes to plan for the future.
But to live as if there were none
Enjoying all that God has given
So as not to miss what has always been
A groaning creation waiting for an imminent return.

For life is here and only now.

Ashleigh Kasper is a freelance illustrator, based in the greater Boston area, in Massachusetts, United States.
Some published works she has received recognition for include a published book, called “One Day, I Will Be..”
She has worked with the Quinsigamond Community College to create this children’s book in 2015, written and
illustrated by herself to improve the college’s public relations.
Among other charity work and private commissions, she was selected to represent PetSmart, Inc. for their 2014
Winter Management manual that was distributed to over 1,000 stores in the United States,
Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Ashleigh has a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging, along with extensive knowledge of customer
service and client satisfaction.

about the artist

Tears, stream down and hands reach for
What is so seldom given:
A life wrapped in moment living
And never deaf to sorrow nor blind to love–

Brand Identity

Graphic design and branding created for a mock company; demonstration
of advertising, logotypes, business cards and marketing.

Brochures and Newsletters

Full colour, double sided fold out trifold brochure. Limited colour exercise
of greyscale plus one accent colour newsletter.

Magazines and Newspapers

Magazine for mock company with an interview and full image spreads.

Annual Reports

Example annual report that was required to have statistics, yearly
summary, and donor’s list.


Four interpretations of a poem, both with imagery and implied imagery
with typographical elements as the main focus.

Gradient Mesh and Illustration

Realistic paintings and illustrations, which can be viewed in more detail in
my illustration portfolio.

For a more comprehensive and complete Graphic Design portfolio, please refer to my online

Table of Contents

Babies grow from children
Into adult and into their own
But the length of relationship?