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Brand Identity

Brand Identity


It’s not just because we have the finest dining in New England.
It’s because we guarantee our food will satisfy your appetite and make you
fall in love with beautiful Rhode Island. So pamper yourself, and enjoy the best cuisine.
Go ahead, try to find a more perfect restaurant and location... w e d a r e y o u .

Branding and corporate identity is a big part of a

business’s success. The theme for King’s Taste was bold,
dark colours and saturated reds to show the company’s
elegance. The orange and black were used intentionally to
invoke an appetite in the customer, as colour theory states
that warm colours are more appetizing than cool shades.
To the right is a business card, front and back, designed for
the company.
Shown opposite is a simple four page brochure and two
single-page advertisements using a grid. All images and
photography for this company are original, except the four
page brochure which was required to incorporate stock
images. All other product photography was captured by
Ashleigh Kasper.