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There are two main categories of Hyperhidrosis:
Primary Hyperhidrosis
Primary Hyperhidrosis can occur in the hands (palmar Hyperhidrosis),
in the armpits (axillary Hyperhidrosis), on the face (facial
Hyperhidrosis), or in the feet (plantar Hyperhidrosis).
Primary Hyperhidrosis is the focus of this treatment program.
Secondary Hyperhidrosis
Secondary Hyperhidrosis generally affects the entire body and may be
caused by underlying conditions such as:
Auto-immune disorders
Psychiatric disorders
Treatment for secondary Hyperhidrosis involves eliminating the
underlying condition following a careful history and physical
examination by a qualified physicians.
Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis
Patients with palmar Hyperhidrosis have wet, moist hands that
sometimes interfere with grasping objects. Most patients with palmar
Hyperhidrosis also consider it a difficult social problem since every
time they shake hands, they leave the other person's palm very moist,
a sensation most people find unpleasant. Those who suffer from
axillary Hyperhidrosis sweat profusely from their underarms causing
them to stain their clothes shortly after they dress. Once again, this
proves to be very unsightly and a social disadvantage. Plantar
Hyperhidrosis is the excessive sweating of the feet and leads to moist
socks and shoes as well as increased foot odor. The most
uncomfortable feature of this for me was slipping and sliding out of my
sandals in summer.