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Affordable Program Checklist
The following items must be included with your fully completed application to be considered complete
when handed in:
o APPLICATION PROCESSING REIMBURSEMENT ($20/person over the age of 18, in the form
of a personal check or money order).
o FOUR consecutive (and most recent) months of checking account statements for each checking
account held by any applicant.
o FOUR consecutive (and most recent) statements of any savings accounts held by any applicant.
o SIX consecutive (and most recent) pay stubs. THREE if paid on a bi-weekly basis.
o ONE social security income verification for each applicant who receives SSI or SSDI.

Please bring with you the following items to be photocopied when you hand in your application. These
are also needed for application to be considered complete.
o Birth Certificates OR Passports OR I-9 Forms for ALL applicants.
o Social Security Cards for ALL applicants.
o Driver’s License OR Non-Driver ID Cards for applicants that have one.