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Cloudy Cakes (The fluffy goodness you expect from your
Favorite cake desserts!)
Blueberry NY Cheescake - One of our most famous! The truest blueberry NY Cheesecake
on the market! You'll be happy this doesn't affect your diet!

Triple Berry NY Cheesecake - Strawberry, Raspberry and blueberry collide to make this twist of

Coconut NY Cheesecake - Rich cheesecake smothered in coconut bits to
make your mouth water on every vape!

Marshmallow Clouds - Fluffy fields of marshmallows that just beg to be savored!
Raspberry NY Cheesecake - Fresh raspberries lightly sprinkled with icing
sugar atop of this delicious slab of cheesecake!

Butterscotch Rippling Cheesecake - A very rich, sweet mouth watering cheesecake vape

Fruity Haze (A collection of fruity vapes)
Applelicious - A collection of perfectly ripe apples
Blastin' Raspberry - Raspberries fresh out of the bush
Blueberry Bliss - Freshly picked sweet blueberries
Grapes of Wrathberry - Crushin Grape and Blastin Raspberry collide in collasal match to make this

Mangoodness - Sweet ripe mangos
Peachz - A juicy white peach
Striwi - Strawberry Kiwi medley
Waters Berry - A delightful blend of watermelon and strawberry