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AIS 160 – Sections A and L – Spring 2016
Assignment 2 – Reading Journal
The purpose of this assignment is to help students get through the first few weeks
of course readings. Each Monday and Wednesday, a reading has been assigned for the
course. Students should read each reading thoroughly and should then create a “reading
journal” entry for each of the readings. These journals will be collected for Assignment 2
and will be graded based on your (1) completion of course readings and (2) overall effort
put into each journal entry.
How to Write the Journal Entry:
1) List the date the reading is assigned for, the author’s name, and the title (full, or partial
if it is much longer or is part of a larger reading).
Example: 1/08 – Keller, Martin – The Salmon Swim Upstream
2) Please write 3-5 paragraphs for each reading. For some readings, you may find that
you only have 3 paragraphs worth of information to write on. For other, you may need 5
paragraphs. I will leave this up to your determination—but every entry should have at
least the 3 paragraph minimum.
3) You can free write (write anything you want about the reading), or you can use some
of the following prompts to get you started:
• What is the main point the author is trying to make in this reading?
• I do not understand … (give an example)
• This reading relates to our class because …
• I think this point (explain) makes sense, but the following point does not…
• Keywords from this reading include… (and define them)
4) You can keep your journal in any of the following ways:
• Keep track of each reading in one Word document. Separate each reading by
bolding the date/author/title of each new entry. Turn the entire document in to
D2L on the due date.
• Handwrite each entry, staple them together, and turn them in on the Friday they
are due (keep in mind, hand writing them is painstaking!).
• Write up an entry each day you do a reading, print it out, and then keep it in a
small folder that you can turn in on the due date.
This assignment is worth 50 points. You will receive points for each journal entry
(January 20th through February 17th makes a total of 9 entries). Entries are graded based
on completeness (you will lose points if you are missing an entry) and your overall effort
in engaging with the reading (you will lose points if you just write: This reading was very
long. It was boring. I hated it. This is my fourth sentence. Here is my last sentence, see, I
wrote a paragraph!).

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