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Greetings to the Founding Congress of the Party of Communist USA

Socialist Party of Bangladesh



Communist Party of Canada


El Salvador

Communist Party of El Salvador



Pole of Communist Rebirth in France



Communist Party of Greece



In Defense of Communism



Popular Culture and Documentation Center



Communist Party of Mexico



Russian Communist Workers’ Party


United States

United National Anti-War Coalition



Zimbabwe Communist League


Socialist Party of Bangldesh-SPB
Central Committee
23/2 Topkhana Road (2nd Floor), Dhaka-1000.
Tel: +8802-9582206, Mobile: +88-01713030754, Fax: +8802-9554772; E-mail: mail@spb.org.bd

Dated: 13 January 2016

The Council of Secretaries of the PCUSA
Dear Comrades,
Receive our heartiest greetings from the Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB) as you prepare
for the inaugural congress. Our comrades are greatly moved by the good work you have been
doing in the past year and the worldwide acceptance of the "We are the 99%" movement.
We would like to share that, we in Bangladesh are also relentlessly channeling our effort to
create a unified movement among the toiling and unempowered masses, who nevertheless
like anywhere else are the backbone of the Bangladeshi economy.
We regard your invitation with heartfelt gratitude. Though our present situation does not
allow us to send a representative for your upcoming inaugural congress, we would be glad to
receive updates on the congress as well as your future endeavors. We hope to continue
exchanging insights with you as we move ahead.
We wish you all the success for your inaugural congress.
With best regards.

General Secretay
Central Committee
Socialist Party of Bangldesh-SPB
Cell: +88-01713030754





290A Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ontario M4K 1N6 Tel: 416-469-2446
e-mail: info@cpc-pcc.ca
website: www.communist-party.ca

March 28, 2016
Dr. Angelo D'Angelo
General Secretary,

Dear Comrade D’Angelo:
Thank you very much for your invitation to attend your inaugural Convention April 1-3 in
New York, and apologies for the delay in responding. As you surmised, we were unaware of
your invitation until I spoke to Martin Sawma and received your email last week.
Unfortunately we are not able to attend because of a province-wide school being held that
same weekend in Toronto at which several of us are teaching.
We send warm fraternal greetings to Convention delegates and participants, and wish you
every success at your inaugural convention.
We would be very pleased to receive any documents or resolutions from your convention
that you would like to send us and look forward to hearing more about the decisions of the
convention and future work including the fight to block ratification of the Trans Pacific

Liz Rowley

Greetings from the Communist Party of El Salvador (PCS) to the
First Congress of the Party of Communists USA
Dear Comrades:
Receive a warm and revolutionary greeting from the membership of the
Communist Party of El Salvador (PCS), who share with you the
enthusiasm you feel for the holding of your first Congress as the Party of Communists USA.
We fervently greet your Congress and believe that its development will constitute a success
for all your membership.
We are aware of the decline that U.S. imperialism has entered into and that therefore it has
become more aggressive against the peoples of the world. This aggression is evident in the
Arab countries in the Middle East, as well as in Africa and Latin America.
The offensive of imperialism and the local oligarchies forces us to think that it is creating a
new Plan Condor to eliminate the progressive governments.
We are directly fighting imperialism from the outside and you are fighting it from within its
We congratulate you for the effort to build the Party of Communists USA and to put yourself
at the front of the struggle of the U.S. working class and people.
The successful holding of this First Congress will also be a victory for all the communists of
the world.
Therefore, we wish you the best, comrades.
Long live the First Congress of the Party of Communists USA
Long live Proletarian Internationalism!
Workers of the world, unite!
Central Committee
Communist Party of El Salvador (PCS)
March 30, 2016



To the inaugural Congress of the Party of Communists USA
Dear Comrades,
The Pole of Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) sends fraternal greetings to the inaugural
Congress of the Party of Communists USA.
The immense importance of developing a vast revolutionary movement, Marxist and
Leninist, in the United States, the heart of the most powerful imperialism on the planet, is
obvious. We are certain that you will contribute to this struggle.
The PRCF salutes the courage and tenacity of the US Communist activists. We know how
difficult the fight is.
We hope to strengthen the links between our organizations and we expect you to inform us of
the conclusions of your Congress. We also hope to have the opportunity for you to learn more
about the strategy of our organization, its fight for an Anti-Fascist, Popular and Patriotic
Front for "4 Withdrawals": From the Euro, the EU, NATO and capitalism, for peace and
Long live internationalism!
Long live the friendship of the Communists of France and the United States!
Long live communism!
Antoine Manessis, Secretary, PRCF International Commission

Tel:(+30) 210 2592111 • Fax: (+30) 210 2592298 • e-mail: cpg@int.kke.gr
145 Leof.Irakliou, GR- 14231 ATHENS • http://inter.kke.gr/

Dear comrades,
We address our comradely greetings to the 1st Congress of the Party of Communists
that will take place on 1-3 of April in New York.
We very attentively follow the developments in the USA and the efforts that are being
made in its labour movement.
We thank you for your solidarity with the struggles of the class-oriented trade union
movement of PAME, with the struggles of the popular strata. These are tough struggles
in which the KKE plays the leading role and are being waged in the very difficult
conditions of the prolonged capitalist crisis, the sharpening of the contradictions in the
EU, the intensification of the imperialist competition that creates war flashpoints in the
region and major flows of refugees, in conditions of realignments in the imperialist
system and the intensity of capital's onslaught in every country.
The labour and communist movement still encounters serious difficulties at an
international level. The tide of counterrevolution, of the overthrow of the socialist
relations of production, has not ended. At the same time, the capitalist crisis brings
weaknesses and delays to the surface in a more intense way. There continues to be
pressure to trap the communist parties and forces into supporting bourgeois forces,
governments and capitalist inter-state alliances.
However nothing negates the fact that capitalism in its monopoly, imperialist stage is
historically outdated and has nothing to offer the people apart from crises, wars and
For this reason the working class needs the strengthening of communist forces in each
country, the building of CPs, based on Marxism-Leninism, with an elaborated strategy
that corresponds to the character of our era, the era of the transition to socialism.
The restoration of to the labour movement’s link with Marxism-Leninism, in places where
this relationship was has been eroded and broken by opportunism, will be a complex and
long term process. It will require the rehabilitation of the revolutionary traditions
together with the critical examination of the historical experience of the movement in
each country. It is a difficult but necessary course for the organization and development
of the class struggle, for the defence of the immediate and more general interests of the
working class, of the poor popular strata.
In solidarity
Athens, 31 March 2016
The International Relations Section of the CC of KKE
With solidarity,
International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE

Dear comrades,
Thank you for your email and your valuable information. Indeed, we copied the list of
Communist and Workers Parties from Solidnet in which CPUSA is included. We are aware of
CPUSA's ideological and political departure from the Marxist-Leninist principles. The
Communist Party of Greece (KKE) – which IDC supports – had expressed its concern about
the developments in CPUSA five years ago.
We condemn the opportunist ideological and political line expressed by the CPUSA. We also
have disagreements, in various theoretical and strategic issues, with other parties, such as
the CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation). We believe that the replacement of
the Marxist-Leninist principles in the name of “national peculiarities” or in the name of
“modernization” consist a reformist practice that leads to the abolition of the revolutionary
characteristics of the Party.
Following your email:
1. We offer you our congratulations for the completion of your first congress.
2. We decide to include the “Party of Communists, USA” in our list and remove
CPUSA. We will also contact Solidnet to inform them about this change.
3. We express our intention to promote, as much as we can through IDC, the positions of
the “Party of Communists, USA” and the organized political struggle of MarxistLeninists in your country.
We are looking forward to a close collaboration with you, including exchange of opinion,
publication of articles/news and communication about issues related to the continuous classstruggle in the United States and Greece.
Best comradely greetings,
In Defense of Communism
Twitter: https://twitter.com/id_communism.

Dear comrades,
We received with great pleasure your invitation to the Congress of
April 1 to 3. Unfortunately we will not be there, but we want to send
you the most sincere and fraternal wishes for the success of your
Party, that, despite the severe economic crisis, the drama of
imperialist wars and virulent attack of a decaying capitalism, which
devours people resources, was founded auspiciously with the slogans
of Peace, Equality and Socialism.
We will willingly receive and spread your news.
With internationalist solidarity
Centro di Cultura e Documentazione Popolare
Popular Culture and Documentation Center
e-mail: posta@resistenze.org

Communist Party of Mexico / Political Bureau of the Central
To the First Congress of the Party of Communists USA
Dear Comrades:
We regret not being present to participate in the work of this First
Congress, which we consider encouraging, it shows signs of the recomposition of the class-conscious U.S. workers who are taking up Marxism-Leninism and
the need for a communist party.
On behalf of the entire membership of the Communist Party of Mexico, as well as of
the Federation of Young Communists, we want to express our fraternal greetings and wishes
for the success of the deliberations of your congress.
We know the adverse conditions in which you are undertaking your activities, against
the tide, after years of neo-Browderism with its effects of dissolution on the activity of the
U.S. Communists. It was not easy before, nor will it be in the present and future, but the
existence of a communist party is a basic precondition for the emancipation of the working
Historically, the U.S. Communists, in addition to facing the reactionary policies of
anti-communism, have also had to confront revisionism and the opportunist currents that
have sought to strip it of its features of communist identity, including Browderism that
already tried once to liquidate it. At that time the U.S. Communists were not alone, they
counted on the solidarity of the communist movement that unmasked the true objectives of
Earl Browder and his current. Today this phenomenon is being repeated, because capitalism
in its imperialist needs to protect its internal fortress, and thinks that this is a way to contain
the class struggle.
We welcome the various efforts to reorganize a communist party in the U.S., and we
are convinced of the development of closer relations based on proletarian internationalism
and class solidarity.
We wish to have a bilateral meeting as soon as you can, in order to make closer the
relationship and common activity corresponding to the communist parties of our neighboring
countries, with an agenda of struggle against these monopolies and policies of domination,
which will contributes to strengthening the unity of the multinational U.S. working class and
the Mexican working class, the migrant workers, the anti-imperialist struggle, the fight
against NAFTA and against the TPP, against exploitation and for socialism. We propose that
such a meeting be in Mexico, because we are prevented by the current McCarthyism from
entering U.S. territory. If possible we would like a U.S. communist comrade to join us in this
May Day of struggle.
We are sure that the common work is a necessity and that we must seek close
Long live the First Congress of the Party of Communists USA!
Long live Marxism-Leninism!
Workers of the world, unite!
Central Committee of the Communist Party of Mexico

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