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Clash of Champions
2016 Event Pack
Canterbury Crusaders vs 1066

Clash of Champions is where one club pits it's best players across multiple gaming systems
against another in a grand play to beat their rivals across as many or even all the systems and
proudly claim the Clash of Champions trophy for their club. This year Canterbury Crusaders
has laid the gauntlet down to 1066 Wargames with five game systems being chosen: Infinity,
Warmachine, X-wing, Malifaux and Guildball. Their will be three players per game system,
and three games so they will get to play against everyone in the opposing team. The team that
wins the most games for that particular system can claim superiority, and the club that wins
the most systems can claim the trophy.
Due to the simultaneous running of five different gaming systems, this event is a little more
complicated than a standard tournament and not all the information will be directly relevant
to you. If you do have any further questions then you can post on our FB page or speak to
your committee and we will seek to get it resolved.
Where is it?
This year it will be held at the Canterbury Crusaders home turf Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre,
Sussex Avenue

How to book tickets.
Tickets cost £10 for the day and we ask they are made in advance by Paypal to so we can confirm numbers. Since the teams are small and their has
been a lot of interest you may need to attend a qualifier at your own club first so be sure to
check before booking. If you could send it via friends and family it would be of great help please also include your name, which club you are representing and what system you intend
to play so we can reserve your slot correctly.
There is ample free parking on site so this shouldn't be an issue.
There is a chip shop, Chinese take-away and small off licence 5 minutes walk from the venue
otherwise you will have to bring your own - note we are not licensed for consumption of
alcohol, though we do have tea/coffee facilities.

System 1: Malifaux
Event type:
This will be a 50 soul stone, fixed faction event.
It will follow the rules set out in the Gaining Grounds 2016 document which can be found on
the Wyrd website under resources and organised play formats:
That means the following strategies and deployment types will be used for the three games:
Round 1 - Guard The Stash, Corner Deployment
Round 2 - Turf War, Standard Deployment
Round 3 - Reckoning, Flank Deployment
Game length: 105 minutes plus additional 15 minutes team selection time.

System 2: Infinity
Event type:
This will be a mid-tier (300pts), joint operations, 3 round classic tournament, with no other
extras. The event will be ITS registered and will therefore follow the official ITS rules pack.
Please see the Infinity website for a free PDF download of the ITS 2016 pack
The missions that will be used will be:
 Supremacy,
 Highly Classified
 Comms Centre.
Remember, all models must comply with the ITS rules as set out in the pack, and you can
bring 2 lists tailored to the above scenarios. You must have an official Classified Objectives
deck, in compliance with ITS rules.
Game Length: 120 minutes.

System 3: X-wing
Event type:
Games will be 100points - keeping the same squad for all the rounds of the tournament.
At the end of the round, you tally up the points value of the ships (including upgrades) you
have destroyed and compare it to what your opponent has destroyed. If you have dealt over
half damage to a large based ship, you get half of the points, rounding down, of that ship. The
person who has destroyed the most points wins. If you destroy 12 or more points more than
you opponent you get a full win, if you score less then it's a modified win.
Game Length: 75 minutes.

System 4: Guildball
Event type:
Match Win Conditions: D) 'Play to the final whistle’ Games are played to a 12 VP win
Team Roster Selection : I) 'Strength in Depth 6’, Squads consist of 1 captain, 1 Mascot and
up to 6 other eligible players
Match Roster Selection - K) ‘Move and Counter Move’ alternating player picks
Game Length: Round Length - F) 'Team Tactics’ - 45 minute chess clock per person with 1
minute activations when clocked out

System 5: Warmahordes
Event type:
This is a 50pt, 2 list format following the Steamroller pack for organised play from the
Privateer Press website:
This will be using the older version II rules, The only variant steamroller rule being used is
Specialists so you are not required to use both lists as it is only a 3 round event.
The Scenarios being used are:
 Destruction
 Fire Support
 Outflank
Game Length: 60 minute deathclock.

Other Information:
Schedule for the day:
Registration 9:00 - 9:30
Game 1: 09:45 - 11:45
Lunch: 11:45 - 12:30
Game 2: 12:30 - 14:30
Break: 14:30 - 14:45
Game 3: 14:45 - 16:45
Trophies/awards 16:45
Pack up: 17:00
Note: X-wing due to it's quicker games will have three games as normal and then with the
extra time in the afternoon will have a 3 vs 3 epic game as a dramatic conclusion to their
individual battles.

We strongly encourage painted models as it enhances games for everyone involved, though we
recognise people paint at differing speeds and as such there is no painting requirement for this
event - though arc markings if required for your game system must be clearly shown.

Player responsibilities:
Players are responsible for provided a number of things these vary depending on system but
typically include:
 Miniatures
 Rulebook
 All appropriate cards, tokens, counters, markers for your force
 Measuring device
 All appropriate dice/fate deck
 A tray to transport your figures from table to table
 2 copies of your forces lists
In extreme circumstances it may be possible to disqualify someone from either a round or the
event itself. Some examples could be due to playing with an illegal force, blatant cheating,
abuse (either verbal or physical) or deliberate damage to property. If such a thing happens
than your opponent will score the maximum available and you will count as forfeiting the
No doubt photo's will be taken throughout the event, to be put up on FB. If you don't want
any pictures put up with you in then please make yourself known on the day.
When the dice stops the fun don’t…
If people are interested we are aiming to go into Canterbury after the event for food as it
offers plenty of choice - more information to come on this front.

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