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Introduction - Oxygen Therapy
What The Medical Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know
Clearly there are a few things that we all know are basic to our survival – food,
water, and oxygen. If we do not get enough food we starve to death, not
enough water we die of thirst, and not enough oxygen, then we simply die.
However, just as there are degrees of malnutrition and dehydration that can
leave us alive, yet cause us to be weak and unhealthy – so too can oxygen
Think of it this way. Picture a crystal-clear fast moving mountain stream. It is
pure and clean, flowing strong, and it is vitally oxygen rich. Now imagine a still,
putrid, pond in a swamp or forest. It just sits there in its own stagnation, filled
with algae, bugs and other festering microorganisms - it is oxygen deficient.
Your body is the same. If it is infused with life-giving oxygen circulating well
througout the body, the cells bathed in this richness thrive and your body
functions at peak performance.
And just as in the pond loaded with scum, the opposite is also true. If your
body lacks proper amounts of oxygen, it begins to stagnate, and fall into
disease and degeneration, allowing foreign invaders to flourish, just as in that
In fact, many of us are running around with our bodies “oxygen starved” and
do not even know it!

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