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[EU: Article 40: Scope and Definitions] [US: Article X.1: Scope and Coverage]
[EU: 1. This Section sets out principles of the regulatory framework for the provision of electronic
communications networks and services, liberalized pursuant to Chapter II Section 1, Chapters III
and IV of the Title.]
[US: 1. Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to:
(a) require a Party, or require a Party to compel any enterprise, to establish, construct, acquire, lease,
operate, or provide telecommunications networks or services not offered to the public generally;
(b) require a Party to compel any enterprise exclusively engaged in the broadcast or cable
distribution of radio or television programming to make available its broadcast or cable facilities as
a public telecommunications network.]
[EU: 2.] [US: Article X.2: Definitions]
For the purpose of this [EU: Sub-section] [US: Chapter]:
[EU: (a) 'electronic communications network' means transmission systems and, where applicable,
switching or routing equipment and other resources, including network elements which are not
active, which permit the conveyance of signals by wire, radio, optical, or other electromagnetic
[EU: (b) 'electronic communications service' means a service which consists wholly or mainly in
the conveyance of signals on electronic communications networks, including telecommunications
services and transmission services in networks used for broadcasting. Those services exclude
services providing, or exercising editorial control over, content transmitted using electronic
communications networks and services;]
[EU: (c) 'public electronic communications service' means any publicly available electronic
communications service;]
[EU: (d) 'public electronic communications network' means an electronic communications network
used wholly or mainly for the provision of electronic communications services available to the
public which supports the transfer of information between network termination points;]
[US: public telecommunications network means telecommunications infrastructure used to
provide public telecommunications services;]
[EU: (e) 'public telecommunications transport service'] [US: public telecommunications service]
means any telecommunications [EU: transport] service [EU: required] [US: that a Party requires],
explicitly or in effect, [EU: by a Member] to be offered to the public generally. Such services may
include, inter alia, [EU: telegraph,] telephone [EU: telex,] and data transmission typically involving
[EU: the real-time transmission of] customer-supplied information between two or more [US:
defined] points without any end-to-end change in the form or content of the customer's information;