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US Note: The proposed text for this chapter is put forth without prejudice to revisions that may be
needed in light of further discussions regarding the respective competences of the European Union
and its Member States in the substantive areas covered by this Chapter and the question of whether
Member States will be “Parties” to the overall agreement.
Article [ ]: Internet Publication
1. Each Party shall make available to the public on the Internet the following information and
update such information as necessary:
(a) a description of its procedures for import into, export from, or transit through its [EU:
customs] territory that informs interested parties of the practical steps they need to follow
for import into, export from, and transit through its [EU: customs] territory;
(b) the documentation and data it requires for import into, export from, or transit through its
[EU: customs] territory;
(c) its laws, regulations, and procedures for import into, export from or transit through its
[EU: customs] territory;1 and
(d) [EU: further trade related information, including relevant trade-related legislation;]
(e) contact information for its inquiry point or points designated or maintained pursuant to
Article [ ] (Inquiry Points).
Article [ ]: Inquiry Points
1. Each Party shall establish or maintain one or more inquiry points to respond to reasonable
inquiries by interested persons concerning import, export, and transit procedures [EU: , including
providing required forms and documents].
2. [EU: A Party shall not require the payment of a fee for answering inquiries under paragraph 1.]
3. Each Party shall ensure that its inquiry points respond to inquiries within reasonable period of
time which may vary depending on the nature or complexity of the request.
Article [ ]: Advance Rulings
1. An advance ruling means a written decision provided by a Party to an applicant prior to the
importation of good covered by the application that sets forth the treatment that the Party shall
provide to the good at the time of import. An applicant means an exporter, importer [US: , or
produce] [EU: or any person with a justifiable cause or representative thereof].
2. Each Party shall provide for advance rulings with regard to:


For greater certainty, measures subject to this subparagraph shall include applied rates of customs duties, taxes,
fees, and other charges imposed by a Party that are imposed on or in connection with import, into export from, or
transit through its [EU: customs] territory.