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Cemetery of Ash
1 Ashen Estus Flask
2 Broken Straight Sword
3 East West Shield
4 Estus Shard
5 Seed of a Giant Tree (occasionally)
6 Twinkling Titanite
7 Fire Keeper Soul
8 Fire Keeper Armor (full set, on ledge)
9 Estus Ring
10 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
11 Hawkwood’s Shield (after defeating Abyss Watchers)
12 Sunset Shield (after aiding Sirris against Hodrick)
13 Speckled Stoneplate Ring +1 (New Game +1)
14 Wolf Ring+2 (New Game +2)

Key Discoveries
Meet the Fire Keeper
Meet the Blacksmith
Meet the Shrine Handmaid
Meet Ludleth
The NPCs Sirris, Eygon, Anri,
and Horace all visit the Shrine
at various times if you pursue
their questlines.

High Wall of Lothric

1 Longbow
2 Binoculars
3 Club
4 Steel Soldier Helm
5 Claymore
6 Deep Battle Axe
7 Mail Breaker
8 Broadsword
9 Silver Eagle Kite Shield
10 Astora Straight Sword
11 Estus Shard
12 Rapier
13 Ring of Sacrifice
14 Lucerne
15 Cell Key
16 Fleshbite Ring +1 (New Game +1)
17 Ring of the Evil Eye+2 (New Game +2)
Key Discoveries
Free Greirat the Thief
Acquire Red Eye Orb from Darkwraith
Acquire Small Banner of Lothric

Undead Settlement

1 Small Leather Shield
2 Loretta’s Bone
3 Estus Shard
4 Warrior of Sunlight
5 Whip
6 Worker Garb
7 Reinforced Club
8 Undead Bone Shard
9 Mortician’s Ashes
10 Cleric Armor (full set), Blue Wooden Shield
11 Great Scythe
12 Flame Stoneplate Ring
13 Caduceus Round Shield
14 Flame Clutch Ring
15 Hand Axe
16 Caestus

Key Discoveries
Yoel of Londor
Cornyx, the Pyromancer
Irina of Carim
Eygon, Knight of Carim
Siegward of Catarina


Bloodbite Ring (on Large Hound-rat)
Red Hilted Halberd
Saint’s Talisman
Large Club
Northern Armor (full set)
Flynn’s Ring
Mirrah Vest, Gloves and Trousers, Chloranthy Ring
Irithyll Straight Sword
Wargod Wooden Shield
Blessed Red and White Shield +1
Life Ring+1 (New Game +1)
Poisonbite Ring+1 (New Game +1)
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring+2 (New Game +2)

Road of Sacrifices

1 Shriving Stone
2 Brigand Axe
3 Butcher Knife (on Unkindled woman)
4 Brigand Armor (full set)
5 Brigand Twindaggers
6 Morne’s Ring
7 Braille Divine Tome of Carim
8 Grass Crest Shield
9 Great Swamp Ring
10 Twin Dragon Greatshield
11 Conjurator Armor (full set), Great Swamp
Pyromancy Tome
12 Great Magic Weapon
13 Sellsword Armor (full set, above ledge),
Sellsword Twinblades (below ledge)
14 Farron Coal
15 Fallen Knight Armor
16 Golden Falcon Shield
17 Heretic’s Staff
18 Estus Shard
19 Sage Ring
20 Sorcerer’s Armor
21 Ring of Sacrifice
22 Herald Armor (full set)
23 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring+1 (New Game
24 Chloranthy Ring +2 (New Game +2)

Key Discoveries
Anri and Horace

Farron Keep

1 Ragged Mask
2 Stone Parma
3 Sage’s Coal
4 Greatsword
5 Estus Shard
6 Poison Gem
7 Sage’s Scroll
8 Crown of Dusk
9 Lingering Dragoncrest Ring (on Great Crab)
10 Undead Bone Shard
11 Sunlight Talisman
12 Iron Flesh
13 Nameless Knight Armor (full set)
14 Atonement
15 Hollow Gem
16 Golden Scroll, Antiquated Armor (full set, in chest)
17 Shriving Stone
18 Dreamchaser’s Ashes
19 Twinkling Titanite
20 Greataxe, Soul of a Stray Demon (on Demon)
21 Dragon Crest Shield, Lightning Spear
22 Twinkling Dragon Head Stone
23 Havel’s Armor (full set, after defeating Havel in Archdragon Peak)
24 Wolf Ring+1 (New Game +1)
25 Magic Stoneplate Ring+1 (New Game +1)
26 Dark Stoneplate Ring +2 (New Game +2)
27 Pharis’ Hat and Black Bow of Pharis (after defeating Elder Ghru trio)
Key Discoveries
Old Wolf of Farron (Covenant)

1 Paladin’s Ashes
2 Crest Shield
3 Estus Shard
4 Notched Whip
5 Astora Greatsword
6 Executioner’s Greatsword
7 Saint-tree Bellvine
8 Twinkling Titanite
9 Twinkling Titanite
10 Poisonbite Ring
11 Undead Bone Shard
12 Curse Ward Greatshield
13 Deep Gem
14 Lloyd’s Sword Ring
15 Seek Guidance
16 Deep Braille Divine Tome
17 Aldrich’s Sapphire (on Deep Accursed)
18 Barbed Straight Sword, Spiked Shield (Dark Spirit Longfinger Kirk)

Key Discoveries
Rosaria (Covenant NPC)
Unbreakable Patches

Cathedral of the Deep

19 Maiden Armor (full set)
20 Saint Bident
21 Drang Shoes, Drang Gauntlets, Drang Armor (under Giant Slaves feet), Drang Hammers
(under stairs)
22 Red Sign Soapstone (on Man-grub)
23 Armor of Thorns (full set)
24 Deep Ring (on Deacon of the Deep)
25 Arbalest
26 Blessed Gem
27 Small Doll (from Deacons of the Deep), Archdeacon Armor (full set, from Archdeacon)
28 Black Eye Orb
29 Ring of the Evil Eye+1 (New Game +1)
30 Ring of Favor+2 (New Game +2)

1 Sharp Gem
2 Carthus Pyromancy Tome
3 Twinkling Titanite
4 Carthus Milkring
5 Knight Slayer’s Ring, My Thanks! Gesture (on Dark Spirit
Knight Slayer Tsorig)
6 Grave Warden’s Ashes
7 Dark Gem
8 Carthus Bloodring
9 Fire Gem
10 Soul of a Demon (from Demon)
11 Old Sage’s Blindfold, Witch’s Ring
12 Black Blade (Mimic)
13 Thunder Stoneplate Ring+1 (New Game +1)
14 Ring of Steel Protection +2 (New Game +2)
Key Discoveries
Anri Encounters (x2)

Catacombs of

Smouldering Lake

1 Shield of Want
2 Chaos Gem
3 Twinkling Titanite
4 Titanite Chunk
5 Lightning Stake, Undead Bone Shard (on Carthus Sandworm)
6 Estus Shard
7 Izalith Pyromancy Tome
8 Chaos Gem
9 Black Knight Sword
10 Undead Bone Shard
11 Quelana Pyromancy Tome
12 Toxic Mist, White Hair Talisman (both in lava)
13 Izalith Staff
14 Titanite Scale
15 Fume Ultra Greatsword, Black Iron Greatshield (on Knight Slayer Tsorig)
16 Sacred Flame
17 Speckled Stoneplate Ring (must break wall with Ballista shot)
18 Dragonrider Bow
19 Bloodbite Ring+1 (New Game +1)
20 Flame Stoneplate Ring +2 (New Game +2)

Key Discoveries
Horace the Hushed


Excrement-covered Ashes
Smough’s Great Hammer, Leo Ring (in chests)
Painting Guardian’s Curved Sword
Painting Guardian’s Armor (full set)
Twinkling Titanite
Drang Twinspears (on knight)
Deep Gem
Ring of Favor (on Sulyvahn’s Beast)
Titanite Scale
Dark Stoneplate Ring
Golden Ritual Spear
Simple Gem
Easterner’s Ashes
Dragonslayer Greatbow, Dragonslayer Greatarrow
Brass Armor (full set)
Sword of Avowel (before ceremony), Chameleon (from Pilgrim’s body after Anri ceremony)
Anri’s Straight Sword (near Anri’s body after ceremony)
Reversal Ring
Dragonslayer’s Axe (on Creighton, after Sirris co-op)
Creighton’s Armor Set (after defeating Dark Spirit at Item 32)
Chloranthy Ring+1 (New Game +1)
Ring of Favor+1 (New Game +1)
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1 (New Game +1)
Havel’s Ring +2 (New Game +2)
Wood Grain Ring+2 (New Game +2)

Irithyll of the
Boreal Valley

1 Twinkling Titanite
2 Dorhys’ Gnawing (on Evangelist), Witchtree Branch (on ground)
3 Magic Clutch Ring
4 Lightning Gem (ground floor), Ring of the Sun’s First Born
(ledge, accessible from 18)
5 Roster of Knights
6 Undead Bone Shard
7 Shriving Stone
8 Yorshka’s Spear
9 Twinkling Titanite
10 Blood Gem
11 Ring of Sacrifice
12 Great Heal
13 Pontiff’s Right Eye (on Sulyvahn’s Beast here or from bridge
entrance to Irithyll)

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