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This eBook is nowhere near finished. All content is subject to change. Releasing a draft to help some
people out as ive got some basics covered and im being spammed for help lol.

This Ebook has a lot of work to be done, ive spent less than an hour on this but it has the basics
of tracking and I feel like it can help a few people out. Will finish soon. Don’t mind spelling
errors, random page gaps and what not lol.

1 Intro
First off I wrote this eBook to help beginners. However, many might still benefit from some of the
info in this book. As you read on you’ll notice a lot of highlighted and bold words. These are what I
consider to be the key points in the book. Personally I skim through most books and especially
anything to do with fitness as most of it I’ve probably already read a dozen times. I also want you to
realize that this book goes over how I personally train. How I lose weight and gain muscle. It isn’t
anything knew. People have been training like this for years and its extremely effective. However
not everything that works for me will work for you. That being said, tracking your calories will work
if your goal is to lose or gain weight.

If you’ve ever failed a diet or didn’t lose as much weight or even gain what you wanted did you ever
stop and wonder, why? There’s a lot of reasons why people fail diets or don’t see good results. I
failed many myself, most recently I tried the KETO diet which is high fat and protein and almost no
carbs at all. Why did I fail? I failed because it was very inconvenient for me. For one I love carbs as
most people do and the high fat foods just weren’t as easy for me to follow vs a more balanced diet
like I have now. I don’t even consider this a diet; this is now just my lifestyle after 3+ years of living
and eating like this.
If you track your calories and macros you can constantly adjust things in order to keep losing weight.
For an example, say you’ve lost 2lbs every week but for the last 2 weeks you haven’t lost any weight.
Your diet has been exactly the same and you’ve been hitting your macros, so what do you do? This is
where people who don’t track might have problems. You have a record of everything you’ve been
eating so you know the diets on point. If exercise and everything else hasn’t changed then all you
have to do is, try eating say 200 calories less than what you were. A week later your back to loosing 2
lbs a week. That’s one example to show a benefit to tracking, we’ll talk more on issues with weight
loss later. But by tracking you know all of the nutrients your body is getting and if there is a
problem such as not losing or gaining weight it can usually be easily fixed by just adding or
subtracting more calories into your diet.

This eBook is nowhere near finished. All content is subject to change. Releasing a draft to help some
people out as ive got some basics covered and im being spammed for help lol.

Food scale

This diet is all about tracking what you eat. As time goes by you’ll be able to tell just by looking at
foods that you eat approximately how many calories, carbs, protein and fats it has. But when you
first start out you must enter everything you eat into MyFitnessPal. The food scale is obviously
needed to get an accurate measurement of whatever food you plan on eating. For an example, 1
serving of chicken breast is say 4oz. the nutrition info on the bag says 40z 112 cals 0 fat, 0 carbs and
20 protein. Well when you go to take a piece from the bag 9 times out of 10 its pretty far off from
the serving size or at least in my experience. Weigh your foods, just to make sure. I don’t use
measuring cups, I weigh everything. Somethings will come out the same weight almost every time.
For an example, I used to weigh my almonds, but normally 28 nuts would always weigh 28 grams.
Once you start to see the patterns with the foods you normally eat the whole tracking process goes
a lot smoother.

Finding your TDEE
Your TDEE or total daily energy expenditure is basically your maintenance calories. If you eat at

your Tdee every day, you’ll never gain weight and you’ll never lose weight. Once you drop your
calories below your tdee putting yourself in a calorie deficit then you will lose weight. The
opposite obviously happens if you increase your calories above your tdee putting yourself in a
calorie surplus. Less calories=weight loss. more calories=weight gain. Who would have
guessed. Yes, it’s all about calories in vs calories out. But many people fail when trying to loose
fat or gain muscle and the reason is because they have no idea how many calories they should be
eating for their goals. NOTE: A larger deficit isn’t always a good thing; in fact, I don’t

This eBook is nowhere near finished. All content is subject to change. Releasing a draft to help some
people out as ive got some basics covered and im being spammed for help lol.

recommend going below -500 calories. That’s just my opinion, do what you will but please do
your research.

How to find your TDEE
Google it. Seriously, just google search “tdee calculator”. Use at least 5 sites and plug in any info
they ask and make sure its accurate. Each website you go to will more than likely give you a different
number. Write them all down. We are going to find the average. Remember 5th grade math? Add all
the numbers together then divide by how ever many numbers you started with. For an example
3200 + 3400 + 2900 + 3050 + 3190 = 15740\5 = 3148 = 3150 calories
NOTE: for those of you that don’t have a gym membership but then get one in the future will need to
find your tdee again.

Personally I use 50% carbs 25% protein and 25% fat. However, I make sure that I hit at least my body
weight in grams of protein. So If you weigh 180lbs eat 180 grams of protein. As far as the macros
goes if you go over on any make sure its protein. Carbs should be the last thing you fill in. Protein
and fat are much more important in my opinion than carbs. However, they’re all very important in
the long run.

Tracking issues
What if I over eat? Well you have plenty of options. If you know you over ate then you tracked it,
good job. I over eat too and when I do I burn it all off typically with LISS cardio or Ill add what I over
eat to the calories the next day. The fact that you tracked you now know exactly how many calories
you need to burn. Say you over eat by 500 calories. The same day you can burn an extra 500 calories
doing cardio and be exactly where you should be. Or you can take those 500 calories and burn them
off in two days of cardio. You can spread it out 7 days or more realistically but I wouldn’t. Or like I
said you could just add what you overate to the next day which is what I do if I have no time for

This eBook is nowhere near finished. All content is subject to change. Releasing a draft to help some
people out as ive got some basics covered and im being spammed for help lol.

What to eat?
There is so much broscience out there that it’s really hard to find truth. I’m going to put it plain and
simple and you can do your own research on the topic like I recommend you do with everything.
Eat as heathy as you can. That’s it. Your main concern is hitting your macros. Yes, a rice cake would
be a heathier choice than a snack cake. That being said Id eat the snack cake if it fit my macros
better than the rice cake if I only had a few cals to go. So again hit your macros, eat as heathy as you
can, hit your macros, don’t stress about eating fast food when you’re short of time, just hit your
macros, just hit your macros lol. Ill add a list of foods I consider top tier at the end.

You need to lift. Go get a gym membership and get your butt in gear. I don’t care if you’re female or
male. Lifting is going to give you the results you want and it’s going to happen faster than any other
way. Muscle is sexy, plain and simple. Now I’m not saying that if you’re a female that you should go
full on bodybuilder mode and start taking roids. You can still lift and look very fememine. Running
on a treadmill for hours every day is more than likely going to make you saggy and flat. I’m not
kidding, especially if your diet sucks. Too much cardio and bad dieting can make you lose weight but
you’re going to be upset because you’re still going to look like shit. Your ass is going to be flat and
your skin is going to be loose. The only time I would do cardio is after I lift and I wouldn’t be going
to hard. Personally the only time you’ll see me doing cardio is if I have a few 100 calories to burn
from the beer I had the other night. Seriously the only time I normally do cardio as of right now is if I
over ate and need to burn a few. Lifting is key and you’ll see better results very fast. Don’t worry
about stupid things such as embarrassment. Literally everyone is there to improve. They don’t care
about you or what you’re doing or how much you lift. No one cares about you. They are there for
the same reason you are, to get better. Yes, everyone has to start somewhere. If anything at all
someone is going to show support or you might even catch someone mirin.

As far as routines, try to hit each muscle group twice a week. Currently I’m doing Push, pull, legs and
I’ve had tremendous results and I’m cutting. You can customize this to however you want but I’m
currently working out like this PPLxPPL. So I work out 3 days in a row then I have one rest day and
then I repeat. 3 on 1 off. You could do it other ways like PPxLxPP and so on. Do something that
works for you. Below ill list some good beginner workouts for guys and girls.

Resources and useful links
Top tier foods-

This eBook is nowhere near finished. All content is subject to change. Releasing a draft to help some
people out as ive got some basics covered and im being spammed for help lol.

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