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Chapter 1 Worksheet
Play around with certain scenarios so you can come up with better answers for the diagnostics
section or for the answers in the diagnostics section to make better sense. Whatever the case may
be, this worksheet should be approached with an open mind. Again, there is no right or wrong
What is important is you go through this worksheet and put in enough time and effort so you can
come up with solid insights you can use to come up with practical solutions.
Write down three wrong assumptions you currently have
What three assumptions do you currently operate with that you feel often lead to disappointing
results or outright failure? This is no time to be shy. Everybody suffers from faulty assumptions.
Don’t think you are alone in the fact that you constantly seem to fail. No, you are definitely not in
the minority.
Everybody has at least one assumption that tends to sabotage their chances of success.
For this worksheet exercise, I need you to write down all the assumptions that you think hold you
back and then identify the top three that produce the most damage.
After you’ve identified these top three assumptions, fully describe them. What do they normally
lead to? What other situations you think they create problems in? The whole point of this exercise is
for you to zero in how your mind operates as far as setting up and believing in the wrong
assumptions are concerned.
I want you to get a sense of emotional urgency regarding the fact that if you assume certain things,
you can bet those negative things will happen. By being clear regarding this connection, you can
then start decoupling or breaking this linkage so you can get on the road to identifying the right
assumptions which lead to better results.
Write down the top three wrong expectations you currently have
The other side of the equation are your expectations. Whenever you have assumptions regarding
situations in your life, you are bound to have expectations. These go hand in hand. They are joined
at the hip. I need you to identify all the wrong expectations you currently operate under. If you
always feel disappointed or if you feel that you can’t seem to get the kind of experience that you are
looking for, chances are very high that you are operating with both the wrong assumptions and the
wrong expectations.
At this stage of the worksheet, I need you to be clear as to the expectations that you may have.
Normally, wrong expectations share one common characteristic: they are all unrealistic. In other
words, they are not fully rooted in the reality of the situation they are applied to.
For example, it’s really hard to expect your friend who is always late to show up on time. Chances
are very high that your friend will follow his or her normal pattern and be late. Do you see how all
this works out? It really doesn’t make much sense for you to feel disappointed and angry with your
friend because you already know this person’s pattern.