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darth maul liveleak links migrants 05 2016 .pdf

Original filename: darth_maul_liveleak_links_migrants_05_2016.pdf
Title: LiveLeak.com - List of migration integration related news events (comments)

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List of migration integration related news events

While reading news events posted on LiveLeak during the past year as the "migrant crisis"¹ unfolded, it
was found that many posts were related or had similarities between them. As such it was found that
constantly referring to one post in comments for another was time consuming, and it would be easier to
have a list to paste in en bloc.






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So a list of such reported news events began to be collected, and has steadily grown since. This is the list
at this point in time.
Also, it was eye opening that many of the news events were not being reported in mainstream media,
regardless of the severity of the event.
These were not collected to say immigration is bad, because controlled assimilating immigration is good.
It is the allowance of unchecked illegal immigration that defies common sense¹, resulting in distress to
all affected by it - migrant and native alike.
This is NOT a canonical list of events, these are links to a FEW of the events that were posted in the past
The post titles are those of the original poster, so if you take umbrage with any, or the content of the
posts, message them or the moderator that approved it.
The inclusion of a link in this list indicates no support or involvement either way to the events described
therein. It is simply a reference to a prior post to evidence the occurrence of an event, nothing more.
You may draw your own conclusions from knowing these events happened.
The content of this post is General Audience, however, as is the case with this entire website - the
material at the end of a link may not be. Thus "cave clicker", link clicker beware.

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¹LiveLeak.com - Why the European migrant crisis is happening, and why the solution will fail.
The List
Some of the under reported or IGNORED NEWS items
b]Some of the under reported or IGNORED NEWS items[/b]
Migrants rioting in Germany
Cologne New Year sex attacks video shows woman screaming 'you mustn't touch me'
Daily Mail Online
LiveLeak.com - Germany tax payer funded rape workshop...
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Migrant crisis to
hijack western

LiveLeak.com - Germany tax payer funded rape workshop...
LiveLeak.com - 8 Videos - Germany 400 protesters arrested outside AfD party congress in Stuttgart
(Left-Extremists) 30.April
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isRnEx4HIzQ]Muslims chant "Adolf Hitler" and "alahu ackbar"
Gemany 1080 - YouTube[/url]
LiveLeak.com - Refugees crime map in Germany and Austria 2016
LiveLeak.com - Muslim children beat up German kids and teachers and fail to integrate into German
LiveLeak.com - Syrian Refugee in Germany Accused of Arson, Trying to Frame Neo-Nazis
LiveLeak.com - Violent riots in Asylum Home Suhl 08/19/2015
LiveLeak.com - Mother recounts the encounter and aftermath of refugee encounter.
LiveLeak.com - German news on migrant crime
LiveLeak.com - Immigrant Crime in Berlin at crisis levels in some areas
LiveLeak.com - Germany: Hand Grenade Attack on a Refugee Camp (by Muslims)
LiveLeak.com - Berlin - Germany - Arab Migrants hunting 2 Gays & beating them with belts
LiveLeak.com - Germany Sets Up High Security Migrant Camp For North African Delinquents
LiveLeak.com - Germany: Migrants don’t fear police
LiveLeak.com - Police In German City Allegedly Let Refugees Shoplift
LiveLeak.com - Afghan Migrant Rapes 72 Year Old Granny -impending European civil war
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b70_1454169107]LiveLeak.com - Professor interrupts Merkel:
"I'm scared about the future of my children", faces legal consequences[/url]
LiveLeak.com - German refugees fighting .
LiveLeak.com - German bus drivers versus refugees
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=68b_1454319837]LiveLeak.com - Migrants sexually harass
German School Girls - Mayor dismisses Grandfather: "Don't provoke them or walk in those areas"[/url]
LiveLeak.com - Germany: Migrant restrained by gym center owner after assault on girl
LiveLeak.com - Migrants Stab Father, Chase Him & Baby Into Freezing Pond (Germany)
LiveLeak.com - January 31 - 35 min - English Subs! - Journalist Guilty in the name of asylum-industry
LiveLeak.com - Africian and Syrian Refugees Start A Fight
LiveLeak.com - Migrant Riot At Asylum Centre After Pakistani Muslims Catch Afghan Muslims Getting
LiveLeak.com - White Refugees not Allowed in Germany
LiveLeak.com - GERMANY: Invaders beat up a local kid, always the same method, in groups.
LiveLeak.com - 3 N.Africans attempt execution by stoning in Germany
LiveLeak.com - Town bans refugees from pools after spate of harassment
LiveLeak.com - Muslim Refugees Attack 8-Months Pregnant Woman In Germany Because She Was
Wearing A Cross
LiveLeak.com - Mass Fight Syrians vs Eritreans in Hamburg, Germany
LiveLeak.com - New Year sex attacks in Frankfurt, police say
LiveLeak.com - New years eve 2015, Immigrant riots in Cologne Germany.
LiveLeak.com - 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, Sexually Assault, And Steal At ONE German Train Station
On New Year’s Eve
LiveLeak.com - Refugees blamed for sexual assaults on NYE
LiveLeak.com - Police Commissioner: ‘Young Muslim Men S*** On Germany’
LiveLeak.com - Christian And Muslim Iranians Brawl In German Migrant Centre
LiveLeak.com - Massive fight at refugee center 4 arrests in Hamburg
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Balkans summit

The Death of Europe |
European Migrant

WATCH: Hungary’s
Orban Blasts ‘Dying’
Europe For Migrant
Crisis Self Denial

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LiveLeak.com - Violent Brawl At German Migrant Shelter Leaves Six Injured
LiveLeak.com - They Don’t Respect Our Law’: German Police Union Chief Says Force Is ‘Overwhelmed’
LiveLeak.com - Germany: Migrants' Rape Epidemic
LiveLeak.com - ‘Stop the Asylum Flood’ – Swastika Graffiti On Migrant House Walls As Eritrean Dies in
Asylum Shelter Fire
LiveLeak.com - Mass brawl in a in Calden Germany 27 Sep 15
LiveLeak.com - Police Leader Speaks Out On Migrant Crisis, Warns Of Violent Clashes
LiveLeak.com - Mass violence erupts at Hamburg refugee home
LiveLeak.com - Refugees making trouble in Germany
LiveLeak.com - German police injured in yet another muslim riot in 'refugee' center
LiveLeak.com - Fresh Calls for Segregation in Germany’s Migrant Camps As Battles Rage On
400 migrants riot in camp
LiveLeak.com - 370 Asylum seekers riot in Calden (Kassel), Germany, 14 injured
Dresden refugee camp riot
LiveLeak.com - 'Refugees' terrorizing people in their own homes, Stadtallendorf, Germany, Sept 2015
Migrant violence in France
LiveLeak.com - Chaos on Calais Roads as Migrants Block Traffic, Attack Trucks
LiveLeak.com - Four shot in high-speed car chase in France (comments)
LiveLeak.com - In France - Gennevilliers - a woman get attacked because she wearing a dress
LiveLeak.com - Calais fears summer chaos as migrants up bids to reach UK
LiveLeak.com - Gang of arabs and black robbed and beat protesters in France
LiveLeak.com - War in Paris - Brutal Battle - Migrants-in-the-mix: Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan
LiveLeak.com - Another expanding NO GO zone in France has police trapped in thier own station
LiveLeak.com - Terror plot suspect charged over ‘imminent’ attack in France
LiveLeak.com - North african thugs go ransacked a rap concert
LiveLeak.com - More confrontations at Calais migrant camp after bulldozers move in
LiveLeak.com - Calais Night Riots 02/24/2016
LiveLeak.com - Migrants/Refugees beat white woman in France [11.2.16]
LiveLeak.com - MUST WATCH! Calais Native Reveals Migrants Attack Children, Rape, Steal: ‘It Is
Unimaginable What We Suffer’
LiveLeak.com - Calais : Hamlet performance at the 'jungle camp' cut short because there were 'lots of
knives around'
LiveLeak.com - Man with guns arrested at Disneyland Paris
LiveLeak.com - NYE Unrest caused by Migrants at the Eiffel Tower
LiveLeak.com - WATCH: French Cops Run From Migrants Screaming: ‘We Are Muslim, We Want To Go To
LiveLeak.com - France vows to maintain law and order after migrants storm UK-bound ferry
LiveLeak.com - A family attacked by a group of migrants and anti-fascists dhimmis in Calais
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1fe_1453365595]LiveLeak.com - Calais "jungle" migrants burn
down camp - 19 January 2016[/url]
LiveLeak.com - Dutch documentary crew robbed by refugees
LiveLeak.com - Paris police attacker lived in German refugee shelter: police
LiveLeak.com - Two Afghan Refugees Charged With Attempted Rape of Train Passenger
LiveLeak.com - Calais : here is what government doesn't want you to see II
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LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com schoolgirls
LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com Window
LiveLeak.com towards them
LiveLeak.com thrown at cab
LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com LiveLeak.com -

Calais : here is what government doesn't want you to see
BOUND FOR BRITAIN: The depraved Calais migrant muggers who targeted teenage
Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel Armed with Iron Bars and Hammers
Road Hauliers Assn: Calais Drivers ‘Work In Fear’, More Security Is Needed
Calais Trucker’s Close Brush With Death as Migrants Hurl WOODEN STAKE Through Cab
Calais: French police fire tear gas/Illegals scramble to safety as truck driver veers
Hungarian Trucker confronting immigrants near Calais-trucker fearing for life after rocks
Calais Truck Drivers: ‘It’s War Out There’ Because Of Migrants
Paris Killers 'Used Refugee Crisis To Slip In'
Muslims Celebrate Live On Camera The Terrorist Attack In France (Charlie Hebdo)
Paris attacks: a war scene in the streets
Calais: Truck Drivers Facing 'Extreme Violence'
Teargas Water Cannons Police clash with migrants in Calais
French police accuse militants of inciting violence at Calais migrant camp
France: 26 Police Injured In Clashes With Migrants At Calais

Migrants rioting in Belgium
LiveLeak.com - Belgian Interior Minister-‘Many danced after attacks’: Muslim integration failure caused
‘cancer’ –
LiveLeak.com - Woman ran over by Molenbeek youth (precursor)
LiveLeak.com - Woman was run over by Molenbeek youth
LiveLeak.com - Video: woman hit by car speeding away from police in Molenbeek
LiveLeak.com - Italian journalist attacked by Arabs while broadcasting Live [Belgium]
LiveLeak.com - Muslim man yelling 'Palestine' in the middle of memorial in Brussels
LiveLeak.com - Amateur footage shows arrest at Schaarbeek tramstop
LiveLeak.com - woman with hijab at Brussels memorial site rips apart, hides Israeli flag (comments)
LiveLeak.com - Group rape by 7 immigrants in Ostend, Belgium. (A1)
LiveLeak.com - Radicalization probe uncovers video of gang rape by migrants in Belgium (A2)
LiveLeak.com - Journalist tries to film in Molenbeek
LiveLeak.com - Muslims know how to light a Christmas tree in Brussels, Belgium
Migrants violence in UK
LiveLeak.com - Kurds & Frenchmen Jailed For Smuggling Migrants To Britain From Grande-Synthe Camp
Jewish father driven out of his Plaistow home by anti-Semitic attacks in London
Daily Mail Online
Yisro’el Shalom driven away by anti-Semitic thugs who shouted ‘Hitler is king’
Metro News
LiveLeak.com - Gang who fleeced Cornwall pensioners of life savings jailed
LiveLeak.com - Calais Migrants Now Attempting To Cross English Channel On Rafts And Boats
LiveLeak.com - Muslim shopkeeper killed after wishing Christians a Happy Easter
LiveLeak.com - 'Child' asylum seeker who claimed to be just 12 caught out by his teeth : he's 20 years
old, Afghan, violent and pedophile
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c6c_1455051869]LiveLeak.com - Gatestone Institute finding:
British teen girls subject to muslim gang rape on an "industrial scale"[/url]
LiveLeak.com - Immigrant Crime In The UK
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Calais: Illegal attacks truck driver with a hammer
Migrant Brandishes Hammer As He Boards England-Bound Truck
Refugees Flee Lorry In Staffordshire. Attack Locals With Guns
Migrants On UK Base In Cyprus Burn Tents And Self-Harm, Want To Get To Germany
UK : Teen girl raped by 5 Syrian migrants

Migrants rioted in Greece.
LiveLeak.com - Greece: Migrants fight at the border with FYROM
LiveLeak.com - Clashes break out at migrant camp on Lesbos
LiveLeak.com - Greece: Several injured as riot erupts at Moria refugee centre
LiveLeak.com - Clashes erupt in Greek migrant camp
LiveLeak.com - Greece: Refugees try to smash police barricade with rolling stock
LiveLeak.com - Migrant Tension Continues along Greece-Macedonia Border
LiveLeak.com - Greece: Hundreds of refugees and migrants break out of camp just days before
deportations begin
LiveLeak.com - Cyprus: Jihadists entering from the Northern Οccupied area
LiveLeak.com - Migrants Block Greece - Macedonia Border Crossing to Protest Deportation
LiveLeak.com - Greece: Refugee Migrant clashes in detention centres
LiveLeak.com - Greece: stranded refugees and migrants clash with police in Idomeni
LiveLeak.com - Critical situation in Idomeni camp, Greece. Refugees take control. NGOs left the area.
LiveLeak.com - Man tries to set himself alight on the Greece-Macedonia border during protest
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ddf_1458642691]LiveLeak.com - Woman being robbed by the
"refugees" she was trying to help[/url]
LiveLeak.com - Greece: Scuffles break out as refugees protest closed border in Idomeni
LiveLeak.com - Farmer from Idomeni, Greece, has his land occupied
LiveLeak.com - Migrants fight for free bread and eggs at Greek-Macedonian border
LiveLeak.com - Greece, murdering of a Moroccan migrant of a different ethnic group in a refugee camp.
LiveLeak.com - In Greece and going nowhere: The barrier blocking migrants’ hopes of a new life in
Western Europe
LiveLeak.com - Stranded Migrants Try To Storm into Macedonia, Tear Down Fence
Migrants rioting in Sweden
LiveLeak.com - Sweden's Migrant Problem
LiveLeak.com - ‘It’s Like a War Zone’: TV Crew Forced to Flee Migrant Youths
LiveLeak.com - Migrants cling to trucks in bid to reach Sweden
LiveLeak.com - Mussies Terrorize Christmas Tree in Sweden
LiveLeak.com - Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Sweden.
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f00_1457729504]LiveLeak.com - "Don't go out after sunset or
you'll be raped" - Swedish Police Chief advises girls: "Stay at home"[/url]
LiveLeak.com - 60 MINUTES CREW Beaten and Assaulted In Sweden By Immigrant Invaders
LiveLeak.com - Muslims In Downtown Oslo!
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=18d_1454610290]LiveLeak.com - Jail time discounts used by
Swedish courts when handing out sentences & 5000 crimes "hidden" by police October 2015 - January
2016 videos[/url]
PDF generated automatically by the HTML to PDF API of PDFmyURL

LiveLeak.com - Knife attacker gets arrested in Stockholm
LiveLeak.com - Swedish police file 5,000 migrant incidents
LiveLeak.com - Police flee at Swedish migrant camp after they are surrounded by mob as they try to
relocate ten-year-old boy ‘who had been raped multiple times’
LiveLeak.com - Sweden: Gangs Of All-Male Moroccan Migrant Children “Take Over” Stockholm Train
Station: Steal, Grope, Beat Women
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f8c_1453748071]LiveLeak.com - 22 years old Swedish woman
stabbed to death by "refugees" [/url] - Jan 25 2016 A1
LiveLeak.com - Migrant Murderer ‘Child’ LIED About Being 15-Year-Old, Is Adult Somalian Feb 12 2016
LiveLeak.com - Muslim Migrant Attacks Mother and Children in Sweden
LiveLeak.com - Grateful refugee - All Swedes Must Die Rapper(Alla Svennar)
Lithuanian boy stabbed to death by Syrian refugee for standing up for Swedish girl in
Sweden: Welfare migrant cuts throat of host family’s 7-year-old daughter
Muslim Asylum Seeker Beheads IKEA Shopper in Sweden - The Gateway Pundit
LiveLeak.com - brawl at migration camp in Sweden

Migrants problems in Holland
LiveLeak.com - Dutch (Turkish origin) students in a school in Amsterdam ripping down Brussels attack
LiveLeak.com - Moroccans laughing and taking selfies at the beheading site, Amsterdam.
LiveLeak.com - Criminal beheaded in Amsterdam put in front of gangs bar
LiveLeak.com - Migrants Causing Unrest at Shelter, again...
Migrants rioted in Austria
LiveLeak.com - Vienna: 54-year old woman killed by illegal Nigerian-Immigrant
LiveLeak.com - Refugee supporters fight police in Austria
LiveLeak.com - Migrant Gang Violence Boils Over In Vienna, Leaving Several Hospitalised
LiveLeak.com - Muslim serial rapist arrested in Austria
LiveLeak.com - Austria: 18-year-old refugee sentenced to 20 months in prison for anal rape of 72-yearold woman
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=764_1445896245]LiveLeak.com - Migrants CHAOS with Injured
people - Austria "Spielfeld" Oct.26 8 PM Video[/url]
Breaking into vehicles on Austrian/Hungarian roads
Migrant trouble in Norway
LiveLeak.com - Norwegian Schoolboy Gets Culturally Enriched with a Dose of Diversity
LiveLeak.com - Norway: Muslim “refugees” assault 12-year-old girl
Migrants rioted in Macedonia, F.R.O.Y.M
LiveLeak.com - Dozens of Migrants Break Through Macedonian Border
LiveLeak.com - Protesting migrants demand FYROM border is re-opened
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- Greek-Macedonian border ‘not closed’ says president
- Migrant Brawl In Sprawling Tent City In Greece Hit By Heavy Rains
- Warzone: Migrants Riot And Use BATTERING RAM To Break Through European Border
- Drone Video: illegal migrants without any visa clashes police Macedonia
- Protests Erupt at Migrant Camp on Greek-Macedonian Border

Migrant violence in Denmark
LiveLeak.com - Copenhagen bar owners call for government to tackle Muslim 'Sharia patrols'
LiveLeak.com - Danish swimming pool bars asylum seekers
LiveLeak.com - Asylum seeker on bicycle pulled over carrying 18 laptops and 11 iPhones
LiveLeak.com - Danish teen fought off her attacker - now she'll face fine
LiveLeak.com - Immigrant Threatens Journalist on Live Danish TV
Migrants rioting in Hungary
LiveLeak.com - WATCH: Hungary’s Leader Orban Blasts ‘Dying’ Europe For Migrant Crisis Self Denial
LiveLeak.com - Guards stoned by muslims at refugee center in Hungary
LiveLeak.com - Migrants Not So Thankful for the Donation
Migrants on train discuss raping blonde passenger. LiveLeak.com - Migrants trampled on the food and
demanded money - English subtitle
LiveLeak.com - Mass chaos as rioters chant Fuck You and Allahu Akbar
Migrants throw objects at train drivers in Hungary
Migrants riot inTurkey
LiveLeak.com - Turkish media: Istanbul bomber registered as a refugee
Compassion for France from Bosnia
[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b05_1447759652&;comments=1]LiveLeak.com - Bosnian fans
interrupt a moment of silence for the Paris terror victims by shouting "Allahu Akbar" at Ireland and
Bosnia's Euro 2016 playoff (comments)[/url]
Migrant terrorist in Serbia
LiveLeak.com - Video of 'Stade de France bomber' Ahmad Almohammad clapping and dancing at Serbia
Migrants rioting in Slovenia
LiveLeak.com - German news: migrant flow increasing, EU rules non existant @5:00 stealing
LiveLeak.com - Refugee crisis: Fighting erupts as 7,000 wait at Slovenia-Austria border
LiveLeak.com - Migrant taking selfie and showing victory-sign infront of torched tents at camp in
LiveLeak.com - Refugees setting refugee camp on fire as a protest
LiveLeak.com - Fight in refugee camp
Migrants rioting in Croatia
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[url=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8dc_1443342845]LiveLeak.com - Croatia: Violence and
aggression by "refugees".[/url]
Migrants rioted in Italy.
LiveLeak.com - Illegal migrants shouting 'Allahu Akbar' attack soldiers patrolling Rome Basilica for Jubilee
http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=601_1316721339 (2011)
Migrants rioted in Spain.
Further afield:
Migrant violence in Canada.
LiveLeak.com - Police Chief Excuses Muslim Stabber, Slams Military Victims With Just 6 Words
Migrant violence in the USA
LiveLeak.com - Illegal Aliens Sentenced For Beating Elderly Minnesota Farmer to Death
LiveLeak.com - Muslim convert man who tried to bomb Florida synagogue has mental problems, says his
LiveLeak.com - [VIDEO] Illegal Alien Thug Murdered Man’s Son, Crowd Raging MAD At Details
LiveLeak.com - Killer Illegal Immigrant Entered U.S. as ‘Unaccompanied Child’
LiveLeak.com - Muslim refugee attacks Jewish restaurant with machete in Ohio

Item Info


Added: 3 hours ago Occurred On: May-13-2016
By: Darth-Maul
In: Other News
Tags: migration, migrant, crisis, integration, assimilation, refugee, Europe, US, Canada, meta
Views: 340 | Comments: 7 | Votes: 8 | Favorites: 5 | Shared: 0 | Updates: 0 | Times used in
channels: 2




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please report them for us to review.

That's impressive Darth-Maul, I love seeing collections assembled. Much appreciated!
Posted 2 hours ago By RaksenVorkine
(3) | Report

browns and blacks pretend to be in Europe to flee the war, when actually they destroyed
their countries to come meet white women
brown people are so hateful that they destroy their women but they can't understand
why they are so unhappy
Posted 2 hours ago By heroic SAA
(1) | Report
Good to See all the Chaos Merkel has infestered Europe with,voted
Posted 1 hour ago By poppin mary
(1) | Report

Very thorough Maul. I can appreciate all the effort that went into that.
Well done.
Posted 1 hour ago By sheixhundt (516.58)
(1) | Report
my man.
Posted 57 mins ago By Kopernikus
(0) | Report

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