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7 Successful Tips From the INSANELY
Written by Jon Eklund, Investor, Entrepreneur
I know what you all may be thinking, “This is just another get rich quick
ploy by clicking a few buttons, surfing the web and sitting on your
couch requiring no type of effort trick!”

I would like to start this off by saying that could not be further from
the truth, and in reality, will NEVER be the solution to becoming
wealthy and taking charge of your financial future.

Now, when you think of wealthy people, who are the first three people

that come to your mind right off the bat? You may say Warren

Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. With these individuals in mind,
close your eyes and start to ponder how they have amassed such an

incredible amount of wealth in their lifetime. All of these people have
many things in common, and some of the top three characteristics

would be desire, passion, and knowledge. This ebook will teach you how
to obtain all three so you too can be in the right mindset to be able to
create a vast amount of wealth. By truly understanding and

implementing these tactics into your life, you will see an amazing

change for the absolute better. Also included are 7 other important
mechanisms that are used by the rich in building prosperous,

sustainable wealth, and without further ado, let’s jump right into it.
Tip #1: Have desire

Everyone has desires. And if you are here reading this today, I

can bet that one desire you have right now is money. However, one

must not just have a hopeful desire of such, because absolutely nothing
can be translated off of solely hope alone. Required is a desire so

strong, that in your mind NOTHING can get in the way of that specific
end result. Only you can be the dictator of that. You are the force

behind that desire and the only one who can put that into effect. Every
rich man has had a burning desire at some point in their beginnings, and
each and every one has found a way through any means possible to

achieve that goal; the end result simply being a by-product fueled by
desire. One must go through any and all possible means and utilize

whatever is available at the time in order to successfully attain riches.
One of my favorite stories about desire is actually something a good

friend of mine once told me, and has stuck with me ever since. He told
me that when he was a young boy, he wanted a specific video game

badly, and begged his parents to buy it for him. No matter how many
times he asked them, the answer was always no. After constant

persistence, the realization hit him that his parents were not going to
purchase the game for him. So, what he did was find a way in order to
get this game. To somehow, manufacture the funds required to make
this purchase. Luckily, his parents just came back from the grocery
store, and had a large amount of fruit, specifically an abundance of

lemons. So what he did was take the lemons, a table, a large jug, ice and
some cups and set it up outside of the busiest roadway in his

neighborhood. He then crafted a sign out of large construction paper

that read “LEMONADE 50 CENTS EACH”. Sure enough, so many people
stopped and bought lemonade from him that he ran out of lemons to

make it with. So with the profits he made, he walked to the grocery
store and bought powdered lemonade, a more practical form which

would make more lemonade than what lemons could. He went back to his
stand, continued to sell, and by the end of the day, he made almost

double the cost of what the video game was priced at. This is a prime

example of burning desire. He did not take no for an answer, and found
his own way by the use of what utilities he had readily available to him
to create enough money to get what he desired. After he ran out of
lemons and encountered a problem, he reinvested his profits into

something he knew would generate more income, however the cache

with this that makes it even more better, is the fact that he made an

intelligent investment decision by buying the powdered form instead of

actual lemons, which bolstered his sales. This story and idea is one that
can be learned from and used to formulate the desire within you to
achieve vast riches.

Tip #2: Find your passion, and monetize it.

Just as with tip #1, tip #2 starts off the same. EVERYONE has a

passion. It could be something you are good at, something that you just
absolutely love doing. It could be your favorite thing that you enjoyed

doing when you were younger. Now it may very well be that some of you
have not found your passion yet and that is okay; with time, curiosity
and discovery, it will be found. The key with passion is to figure out

how to monetize this passion effectively and consistently. Take a look
at Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world. He knew at a

very young age that his passion was selling and investing; he purchased

his first stock when he was 11 years old. Passion is the ULTIMATE fuel
in the goal of becoming rich. Isn’t doing what you love to do on a daily
basis AND being able to make money doing it one of the greatest

things that can be done with your life? The best part is that you CAN

do that! It just takes careful planning, strategizing and analyzing to be
able to do this. A piece of advice I can offer you in regards to passion

is finding what somebody else has done and either replicate or improve
upon it. Just by looking at what the successful and rich have done and
repeating what they have done or improving it is surely a key into

gaining wealth because what has already worked and made that other

person rich, can work for you too. Whoever is telling you that it cannot
be done is lying to you, do not listen to these people. Be like my friend
in the first tip, do NOT be satisfied with “no.” When you are

passionate about something, there is that never ending drive to

whatever it is that you are passionate about, and through dedication, a
platform to monetization can surely be instilled. It is what is done

after the planning, the call to action and following through on said plan,
which where the money will really start to come in, which fuels the

drive even more. With passion and desire combined, these are some

vital first steps that can lead you on the correct pathway to wealth.
Tip #3: Acquire Knowledge

This third tip right here is definitely my favorite one out of them

all, as it truly can never go wrong. Acquiring knowledge is the backbone
to becoming wealthy; investing in your knowledge is the best decision

and investment you can make in your life. A book for ten dollars could
be worth a million dollars with all of the information contained in it.

The thirst for knowledge is never ending, as one can never get enough
or too much of it; the power that can be used from it is eternal. One

important task I do, every single day no matter what the circumstance,
is read. I make it a point every day at some point to read and open the
realms of my mind to whichever informative book I am reading at the

time. I cannot stress enough how important it is to continually read,
your general level of intellect will be raised significantly, simply by

doing this everyday. Read books about the wealthy, how the wealthy

think, (like this one you are reading right now!) and what not, there are
so many excellent books that are out there that will truly expand your
mental horizons and that will change your life for the better.

When I talk about knowledge, there are different forms of it.

General knowledge and formal education is important, to an extent,

however one vital type of knowledge is a form not taught in schools.

Going to college and getting a high paying job is most likely what has

been hammered into your brain your entire life by everyone around you;
your peers, parents, teachers, bosses, the list goes on and on! Going to

school, and eventually getting a job where you exchange time for money

is NOT how you become wealthy, do not let yourself be lied to anymore.
Sure, it can mean that you will be able to pay your bills and be safe,

however that acquaints to pure mediocrity, and will not get you ahead

in life. I wish financial education was taught in school, so people would
be able to learn and grasp the concept of how money REALLY works.
Which brings me to tip number four…

Tip #4: Have your money work for you.

This tip right here, is probably the single most important tip

in this entire ebook. This for some of you, has been something that has
been blinded to you your entire life. That is okay, because right now

you have discovered it. Remember back in the first tip, my friend who
made money selling lemonade on the street so he could buy the video
game that he really wanted? What he did right there, the business

that he conducted, could be scaled to an unlimited degree. A key to

obtaining and sustaining wealth is INVESTING your money into

ASSETS. For example, when my friend ran out of supplies to create
lemonade, in order to keep up with the demand, he had to reinvest

profits back into his business, so he could then sell more lemonade and
make a larger profit. The same principle is used today, in just about

every single business in the world. Once it is scaled to a certain degree,
the process is automated, depending on the business. There is always a
steady cash flow that runs, without cash flow there is no profit. That
is pivotal in keeping a business successful. Some of you may not know

what an asset is. That is completely okay, I will briefly explain that to
you right now. An asset, in definition, is a resource that is owned with

economic value with the expectation that it will provide future benefit.
This is what you want to be putting your money into. Now an asset can
be a house, stock, bond, anything that can be bought that can be used

to bolster your financial wealth. A car is technically an asset, however
depending on the car, if you have a loan on the car, and the

depreciation value of the car, it can be considered a liability. What is
not an asset is taking money and buying a bunch of flat screen T.V’s.
Instead of that, instead look at options where you can purchase
something that is projected to increase in value.

Tip #5: Utilize credit to your advantage appropriately.
Credit can bring prosperous wealth to some if used

correctly, and to others, can be detrimental and become a cycle of
painful agony. It is extremely useful in the world of business and

investing, and it is important that you know how to properly use it to

your advantage. You may have heard the phrase that the rich don’t save
money, they invest borrowed money. That statement is 100% true. You

may wonder “These rich people have enough money of their own, why do
they need to borrow more?”. A great question indeed, and commonly

asked among the uninformed. It sincerity, it really all comes down to

the numbers and math. Having capital to use at your disposal whenever
needed is a huge assurance, and major benefit in the path to building
wealth. That is why borrowing money, also known as credit, is a

necessary tool that everyone must have in order to really become

wealthy. Now, we do not just borrow money for no good purpose, as this
is what usually leads to people not being careful and maxing out their

limit and being stuck with a cycle of debt which can be extremely hard
to get out of once there. When using credit, one of the terms the rich
use is the ROI, which means return on investment. The investment

possibility is carefully analyzed, calculated by determining the rate of
return on the investment, and depending on that number, is the

deciding factor to going through on an investment or not. Instead of
having their money sit in a savings account and earn half a percent

interest on it per year from the bank, an educated risk is being taken

where the rate of return can possibly be 400%! If you bought shares in
Monster back in 2001 and kept them, you people know what I am

talking about. However, the likelihood of getting such a massive rate of

return is very low, who would have known back then that Monster would
blow up to where it is now? Maybe a select few (the illuminati!), but we

may never know. Besides that point, the general concept is laid out, and
it is what the rich have been using for the longest time. What I

personally don’t understand is why someone would want to have their
money sitting in a bank account, gaining them .5% interest on it

annually, while making the bank money by them using it, when they

could use that and have the potential for such a bigger return? This is
how wealth is built. This point also drives back to the last tip about

acquiring knowledge, those folks are just simply uninformed. I hope you
begin to see a pattern by now, how each and every one of these pieces
of information relate to each other in some way, and that in itself,
shows the connective values that can produce an insane amount of

Tip #6: Surround yourself with likeminded people.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “You are who your

friends are?” There are many truths to this saying, and it is important
that this is completely understood. Nobody that is successful and
wealthy has ever surrounded themselves with pessimistic, toxic

individuals. Take a look at the friends that you have; I am sure you are
able to tell which ones are positive to have in your life and which ones
are not. If you do not have friends that support your dreams and do

not impact you in a consummate, positive manner, they do not belong as
a main character in your life. If you were to hang around a bunch of

drug addicts every day, as time develops you will start to pick up more
and more of their tendencies, which are not good ones by any stretch
of the imagination. One of the easiest tips to becoming wealthy is by
simply being around those who you aspire to be like. You will learn a
great deal of information from them, and will start picking up

POSITIVE proclivities; this further paves the pathway into obtaining a
considerable amount of wealth. I really like this example of being

around those who are better than me at something, because it really

works. When I was younger, I would play on many travel baseball teams.
At age 11, I would play with the 12 year olds on the 12 year old team,
and at age 14 I was playing with all the high schoolers. I played with
the older kids generally because they were better than the younger

kids, and since my skillset was not at their level yet, with practice and
continued challenging competition, I soon developed the required level
of skill. The same thing applies to a various number of aspects in life,
and becoming rich is just one of the many. When you are around such
people, be like a sponge and soak up as much information as you can

from them, since they already have the established experience and
knowledge. Being around people you want to be like is absolutely

necessary to achieving your goals; the connections that will be formed

are incredible, and will mean more to you than just a monetary number.
Tip #7: Have persistence.

Having a lack of persistence is one of the leading causes of

failure. It is an essential component in becoming rich, and without it
great fortunes will not be attained. Do not let the fear of criticism

have an impact on your goals; these people are blind to excellent ideas

with a definite plan. If a certain course of action does not pan out the

way you thought it would, do not just stop there and think that the goal
is unachievable or cannot happen. Use it as addition fuel to your goal.
Clear your mind and analyze; think of a different way to take action,
because failure happens and is going to happen to everyone in all

endeavours. Learn from failure and from your mistakes because once it

happens now you know that specific plan was not the right way to go, an
alternative method must be taken. With a definite plan and purpose,

backed with a burning desire, the achievement of riches is obtainable
to anyone who truly focuses upon it. If one really has the desire for
becoming rich, they will find any and all ways to attain that level of

wealth. Combined with the right like-minded individuals around you who

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