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-It is true that today, people are considered no more than object? Yes, Mona, have you got something to
say? –
-Yes, professor: there is a theory about that exposed in Erich Fromm’s book “To have or to be “and in the
“The revolt of objects” by…She opened her eyes; the first thing she sensed with her nose was an acre smell of dust and after that, she
could feel the hardness of a wooden floor against her cranium.
She stood up on her knees, feeling pain all over her back as she massaged her own skin; to her dismay, she
was naked, but that wasn’t the thing that worried her the most at the moment.
The room was a bedroom, completely shut down, with wooden bars over the window, and a completely
destroyed bed; everything was completely dusty, and wrapped in dirty cobwebs, as she could see from the
light lunar light coming from a spec in the closed window.
Automatically, she moved up on her feet, feeling the dirt under her soles, towards the door; the room was
completely silent, and the first noise she happened to hear was a clanking metallic junk noise, as she fell on
the ground stepping on something.
Moving up, she tried to discover what the thing that make her fall was: it was an old, but still functioning
vacuum, with an old dirty bag; instinctively, she grabbed the head of the device and, after moving up again,
she carried it with herself, as she moved out the room.
The corridor was empty, lightless, and a soft cold breeze moved her air; she shivered, and gazed around
just to spot two possible directions, both leading thought absolute darkness.
She fainted, and walked in one direction, firmly keeping the vacuum cleaner up behind her, by its tube; her
feet sounded deaf on the wooden floor, as she shyly and slowly advanced, until she could see a stair going
down on her left.
She moved near to the descending steps, gazing in the lower unknown: she was on a first floor of that
building. Where she was?
Who was she?
She turned, and her gaze intercepted a dusty mirror clanged on the wall nearby her: she could only spot her
shape, as a dark shadow..and she shivered, biting her own lips.
The silhouette was feminine, slender and light; but the rest…she was naked, except for a thin scarf around
her shoulder, and she could spot a smooth, scaly skin…she intercepted the reflection of her own gaze, and
she stared at yellow specs, sighing in terror; she covered her own face.
Shivering, she watched again the stars going down, and then carried the vacuum up her arms, preparing to
move down; she was going to find the door on the main floor…
-You…..A cold whisper attached her from behind, chilling her skin to the bone; a white shade appeared in front of
her eyes, for a moment, so quickly she could not scream..and then she felt down the stairs.
Luckily, her unfortunate rolling didn’t last so long, but when she arrived on the ground, the tube of the
vacuum wrapped around her own body, she could still felt the pain provoked by the wood and the metal on
her body; she stood on the floor for a good minute, moving slowly as every quick move made snapped
sparks of burst between her bones and her skin.
-mmhhh….-she murmured, sliding on her own elbows-damn…-trying to suppress her pain, she tried to
stand up.
-Come…She opened her eyes as she could felt that whisper again, the cold air shifting aside her shoulder; she tilted
her head, but saw nothing in the darkness; only the sensation of cold, but she knew it was there.
She grinned in anguish as she felt the invisible presence swooning around her; she could heard that hideous
whisper again….
Instinctively, she moved the tube of the vacuum against the void, and slap her feet on the small button on
the sack, but it didn’t work: the thing was broken, and it just emitted a short sprout.

She left it on the ground and ran away, without ever seeing while she was going; passing through a large
arch, she entered in a vast room, which gave her the impression of being a large dinner hall.
She walked slowly, staring around in the almost complete darkness, but then she stopped just a step in
front of a giant hole in the floor of the room; the wooden frame looked as if it was collapsed on the
There was an absolute black inside the hole in the floor, and she stared at it with silent despair, almost
mesmerized by that emptiness; she wondered if the place crumbled while people were still having lunch...
She felt the cold again on her skin, and turned away: the presence reached her and was swarming around,
almost in mock of her.
Mona tried to shake her hands in the air, trying to pull the thing away, but it was useless.
-Be calm…there is nothing left to do….She wanted to scream in rage at the invisible thing, but she slipped beyond the limit of the hole.
Then she fell in darkness.

-As Mona explained to all of us by quoting those important names, we can resume that the greatest critic
moved to modern culture is the fact that everything is reduced to its value as a product in the capitalistic
A common counterargument could be that in every day and age, people and things always have been
interpreted not trough the supposedly detached and truthful lens of liberalism, individualism or realism,
but as items, symbols or tool by systems of culture and power, and it happened with an high percentage
regarding women…-

She opened her eyes, her bones flashing again in pain; she thought one of her elbows had to be slightly
This time, she could see clearly what was standing in front of her, because an eerie roof lamp, fallen from
above, was scrambled on the ground, still working even if half-destroyed.
Behind it, a large table full of dishes and lunch tools; on the chair around it, he could see dust, corroded
skeletons standing still, three of them little and light.
She noticed that, between their bones, a flood of glittering and crawling scarabs infested the wretched
rests of the family that once probably inhabited that house.
Before she could finish her scream, the swarm twitched like a sea wave in a storm, roaming over her body.
They moved over her skin, running to reach her mouth and her ears.
-You should take example from Mona, kids.
She is the most diligent in the class and she will do something important In life, one day.As the scarabs moved trough all the place, she was fixed in an hole in the ground: her inflated belly made
her stuck in the ground.
Insects flushed all over her skin, escaping in and out her body; her round face was so pressed inside her
own chest that she could not even speak.
Meanwhile, she could feel the unnatural warmness inside her, the growing eggs that would eventually pop

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