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e-cigarette empire
the latest news about the e cigarette market and FDA regulations, e-liquid research and studies.

Tim Mathews (E Cigarette Empire)


Monday, July 6, 2015

Congratulate not Criticise Vaping

About Me
Tim Mathews


For decades people have been hoping to see a fall in the use of poisonous tobacco
cigarettes. Now that's taking place but it's not leading to mass celebrations. Officials in
Alaska claim that it may be because tobacco users are turning to e-cigarettes.

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Tobacco consumption in the state has falllen from 53 million packs in 1996 to 28 million in
2014 and that's despite a population increase. State officials say they're not sure if it's the
rise in popularity in e-cigarettes that is the cause due to the lack of tax data. Common
sense would say that it is e-cigarettes that is causing the fall in tobacco consumption
because who'd want to smoke poisonous tobacco when you can use the much safer ecigarettes?

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Alison Kulas is the tobacco program manager for the state health department. She's
complaining that with e-cigarettes "you're not entirely sure what you could be buying from

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Congratulate not Criticise

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complaining that with e-cigarettes "you're not entirely sure what you could be buying from
somebody." Rather confusingly vape shops are listed under the 'tobacco' section of the
Yellow Pages in Alaska and that shouldn't be the case.
Kevin Collins sells e-liquids at Sumo Vapor in Anchorage and he says the nicotine in their
products come from eggplants. His business has seen "huge growth" in the last year with
business tripling, yet the state officials still can't work out whether it's e-cigarettes that are
causing the welcome fall in tobacco consumption.
Alison Kulas may be moaning about e-cigarettes but surely she should take note of the
fact that the product has helped people give up smoking deadly tobacco cigarettes. Both
Collins and his sales associate Kim Hopper have done just that. Behind the counter at
their shop is a pile of tobacco cigarettes that they say are the last-ever packs smoked by
So why can't the state accept what's going on and start handing out plaudits? Here we
have a product that is cutting tobacco use. A report by the state Department of Health and
Social Services say tobacco remains among the state's top killers. it takes more lives than
suicide, car crashes, alcohol abuse, homicide, HIV/AIDS and influenza combined. Can
they come up with that shouldn't be the case where someone has died because of vaping?
They should be congratulating e-cigarettes for the work they are doing in helping people
quit that disgraceful product. Promote its use and watch those tobacco figures fall even

Posted by Tim Mathews at 1:55 PM


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Labels: e cigarette, poisonous tobacco, vapor

Monday, June 15, 2015

Don't Blame E-cigarette Industry for Poisonings
It seems even when something isn't the direct fault of the e-cigarette industry, it'll end up being
blamed anyway. Minnesota health officials have warned about the dangers of concentrated liquid
nicotine found in e-cigarettes and the number of children showing e-cigarette related nicotine
poisonings. Figures released by the Minnesota Department of Health showed an increase in the
number of cases from 46 in 2013 to 62 last year. Officials blame e-cigarettes for this but why have a
go at the industry?
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The figures relate to children aged five or younger so this is hardly the case of youngsters getting
their hands on e-cigarettes and vaping. The incidents being referred to are actually what are
commonly called, accidents. People leaving their e-liquid bottles unattended and attracting the
attention of curious children leading to accidents taking place. It is not the fault of the e-cigarette
industry if people can't look after the product properly. If a child drinks a bottle of beer that's left on
he table and gets alcohol poisoning, is that the fault of the alcohol industry?
Of course incidents like this just give more ammunition to critics of the e-cigarette industry,
especially where children are concerned. They love to talk about another generation being addicted to
nicotine and adore commenting about how the industry spends its time marketing their product to
youngsters. Health leaders can't stop themselves claiming that the e-juice used in e-cigarettes is
more toxic than people realize but struggle to come up with the smoking gun that will confirm what
they are alleging. They claim that for a 22 pound child, 1/15 of a teaspoon is a lethal dose. State
Health Commissioner Dr Ed Ehlinger says: "This is not a safe product for kids." Well we all know
that and it's not really designed to be used by a child that only weights 22 pounds is it?
The health officials can't stop themselves from scaremongering comments yet the fact is that no
Minnesotan is known to have died from ingesting e-cigarette liquid. Earlier this year a new law in the
state declared that e-juices have to be sold in child-resistant packaging. Even Ehlinger admits this
is a "big step to keep kids from accidentally ingesting these potentially fatal e-liquids." He had to fit
the word 'fatal' in didn't he. But surely the fact liquids are being produced in child-resistant packaging
again absolves the e-cigarette industry of any blame for such poisonings? Ehlinger added: "But
parents should still use caution and store the products out of the reach of children.” Well that's the
most sensible thing he's said and hits the hammer on the head. It's not the fault of the e-cigarette
industry but parents who can't look after the product and end up putting others at risk.

The case of Rachel Noah shows how it's accidents that are happening not negligence by the ecigarette industry. Noah says a vial containing e-juice either fell off a shelf or her year-and-a-half
daughter managed to pull it down. When she turned round, her child was drinking from the vial and
became ill but recovered later. She was unhappy that the liquid wasn't in a tamper resistant
container but James Koplos who owns the Vapes Pro store on St Paul's West Side says all the
containers he sells are always tamper-resistant and he's never had a customer report an incident of
poisoning but commented; "Once the juice leaves our store there isn’t anything we can do to control
that. “I never want this to get in the hands of children at all or anyone under the age of 18.” Wise
comments indeed and more proof that the industry isn't aiming its product at youngsters, yet the
criticisms continue. Do they ever even listen to the views of the industry itself?
Posted by Tim Mathews at 11:24 AM


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Labels: FDA, Minnesota, Minnesota Department of Health, nicotine, teenagers and vaping

Thursday, June 11, 2015

AMA Fail to Believe Vaping can Stop Smoking
The American Medical Association (AMA) are recommending that the legal age to be able to
purchase e-cigarettes be raised to 21. They announced their decision this week and are also calling
for more regulations to be imposed on the product. As usual they spend their time talking about the
supposedly negative aspects of e-cigarettes and leave out all the good they do.
The AMA also want to see nicotine packaged in child-resistant containers and urge the strict
enforcement of laws prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to minors. Again they are going down
very familiar territory. They label e-cigarettes as tobacco products despite the absence of tobacco.
It's a strengthening of the AMA's policy on e-cigarettes. In the past they had wanted to prohibit their
sale to those under the age of 18 but it seems that isn't enough for them now. Of course they refer to
the CDC survey that showed an increase in the number of high school and middle school students
using e-cigarettes. At least they're not seeing an increase in the use of the deadly tobacco
cigarettes and surely that's a good thing looking ahead to the future?
AMA President Dr. Robert M. Wah is also urging the FDA to act now which is a bit like asking your
taxi-driver to speed up in a traffic jam. Where the AMA are really getting it wrong is in their call to
prohibit claims that e-cigarettes are an effective tobacco cessation tools. What is wrong with these
people? Don't they ever read the positive stories from people who have been using tobacco
cigarettes for years and have now kicked that deadly habit thanks to e-cigarettes?
Karen Casey from the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives said last year that ecigarettes should be available as a viable option for anyadults trying to give up smoking. She said:
"This product has the potential to help more adults quit smoking than any other product on the
market right now." Carey knows that from first-hand experience having given up smoking after 30
years thanks to e-cigarettes.
Are her qualified views totally wrong or are the AMA simply not bothered to find out just how effective
a smoking cessation tool e-cigarettes are?

Posted by Tim Mathews at 12:28 PM


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Labels: AMA, American Medical Associations, ecigarettes, FDA, new orleans, NOLA, raise age

Monday, June 8, 2015

Confusion Continues over Vaping Legislation
If you went on a trivia quiz and had to answer questions on the subject of e-cigarettes legislation, it
would be a difficult set of questions. All over the States politicians and businesses are jumping on
the bandwagon and laying down the law but do you know what the position is regarding e-cigarettes
in your home state and your neighbors?
Take this for example, a recent situation where a passenger began vaping while on a Short Line bus.
It turned out that the bus company doesn't allow vaping on its vehicles but it's just a confusing
situation where people and perhaps even the employees aren't certain what is and what isn't allowed.
Short Line says they don't allow vaping because they want to treat them like tobacco cigarettes.
Their President George Grieve says: "No smoking on the buses" even though using an e-cigarette is
actually vaping as there's no smoke.
Bronson Frick is the associate director of the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. Despite
the fact using an e-cigarette isn't smoking he still wants to stick his nose in. His view of vaping is
that "it's more than a nuisance; it can be a health hazard." Not that he then gives details of people
who have fallen ill because of being near people who are vaping. He can't because there isn't any.
There are calls for uniformed regulation and several health bodies such as the American Heart
Association are calling on the FDA to do that. Mind you, they've been talking like that since 2011
and from the emails I receive, the FDA want to do everything but get round to the subject of ecigarettes. The problem is of course that these health bodies and politicians seem to be unable to
keep a steady eye on what is happening regarding research on the product. Anything negative
seems to find its way into their inbox but something positive about how they help people give up
smoking rarely seems to get a mention.

The confusion over e-cigarette legislation will continue though. Ignorance over whether e-cigarettes
are tobacco products will lead to false legislation and penalizing a product that has great potential to
help people get out of the habit of using poisonous tobacco cigarettes. The e-cigarette industry is
trying to help people learn more about what's happening. Smokes4Less is a Hudson Valley chain
with 12 stores and holds clinics to answer questions about the product. It's all a bit confusing isn't
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it? No one wants to break the law even if the legislation is unnecessary and unwanted. The sooner
full debate with both sides of the story happens and consistent and fully known legislation occurs the
Posted by Tim Mathews at 2:15 PM


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Labels: AHA, american heart association, Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, FDA, FDA
regulations, new york, vaping legislation

Friday, June 5, 2015

Sacramento Senator Lacks Vaping Knowledge
More legislation that will affect e-cigarettes is being planned by states across the USA. This
includes increasing the age at which you can buy them from 18 to 21. Again this sees e-cigarettes
being labelled as tobacco products which simply isn't right.
States planning action include Oregon and Washington with Sacramento having passed a bill this
week. New York City and Hawaii County have already increased the minimum age to 21. The action
comes after a Institute of Medicine study that looked at the potential outcomes of raising the legal
age for tobacco products. It came to the conclusion that it would cause a 12 percent drop because it
would be harder for them to find someone of a legal age to buy them tobacco products. All a bit
logical really, I wonder how much they get paid for working that out.
In Sacramento their bill passed this Tuesday puts e-cigarettes in the same classification as tobacco
products. Hardly logical when there's no tobacco in e-cigarettes, perhaps milk will be classified as
an alcoholic product soon. Proponent of the Sacramento bill was Sen. Mark Leno who's nowhere
near as funny as Jay. His bill prohibits e-cigarettes being used at workplaces, schools and public
places in line with the state's Smoke Free Act. The fact that e-cigarettes are smoke free has
obviously not been noticed by the interfering senator.
He commented how e-cigarettes are becoming more popular among middle and high school students.
That's a choice they are making because the product is safer than the poisonous tobacco cigarettes
but he doesn't mention that of course. The only time he will is when the panic starts over the falliing
tax revenue from tobacco cigarettes and the quest for replacement finances. His bill makes it a
misdemeanor to sell e-cigarettes to minors, not that the e-cigarette industry does anyway.
Of course the ill informed senator has to go on and on about how e-cigarettes "are being marketed to
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minors" thanks to flavors such as gummy bears and watermelon and Mountain Dew. But doesn't he
think to himself, why does the e-cigarette industry market their product to youngsters yet not even let
them in vaping stores let alone sell to them? It's like the Republican Party spending time
persuading 15 year-old to support them while knowing they can't vote in the next election.

Nor does the senator listen to opponents of the bill who say it will negatively impact those using ecigarettes as a way of stopping smoking. That's the problem with politicians, they just jump on
bandwagons without doing proper research and realizing the damage that their bills will do to the
industry. Opponents have argued that the bill would allow landlords to ban e-cigarettes from being
used in their properties and would negatively impact those who turn to the devices as a means of
quitting smoking.
Posted by Tim Mathews at 11:21 AM


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Labels: age increase, ecigarette politics, FDA, Sacramento, smoke free act

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fair Taxation For Vaping Needed
When an industry starts to prosper it's bound to grab the attention of the taxman. That's what has
just happened in North Carolina as a tax on e-cigarettes has been adopted by state lawmakers and
signed by Governor McCrory. It's an inevitable move because the belief is that sales of e-cigarettes
will become higher than traditional poisonous tobacco cigarettes within a decade. That means falling
revenue on one hand and the need to grab it back with the other.
Only Minnesota had began taxing e-cigarettes but now North Carolina has jumped on the bandwagon.
Thankfully there is a degree of good news. The tax levied will only add five cents to each milliliter of
the nicotine liquid used in e-cigarettes..At present the state taxes tobacco cigarettes at 45 cents a
pack. An interesting email was sent last week by Representative Ruth Samuelson that rightly
mentioned how tobacco and vapor products "have vastly differing health impacts, manufacturing
processes and business models." She added that because of this it's important to "draw a clear
distinction between how North Carolina treats tobacco products and vapor products."
Now that's interesting because for a change a politician didn't describe vapor products as being
tobacco products. That's a big move forward because it means they won't just take the easy and
incorrect way out of simply labeling e-cigarettes as tobacco products and treating the same when it
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comes to legislation.
Of course not every politician thinks that way in North Carolina. Several democratic representatives
argued that e-cigarettes should be taxed at a higher rate. While others decided to become very
patient people by recommending they wait until the FDA unveil their regulations. That's expected to
happen this summer but then again most people Ruth Samuelson, a sponsor of the bill, said in an
email on Thursday. “In light of this, we must ... draw a clear distinction between how North Carolina
treats tobacco products and vapor products.”
Some Democrats argued that e-cigarettes should be taxed at a higher rate, or that the state should
wait to decide how to tax them until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration unveils regulations on ecigarettes that are expected this summer. Then again so are long hot days but you don't always get
what you want do you?

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform sent a letter to state legislators that said; "It
makes little sense in this fragile economy to impose higher taxes on a product that provides
consumers a viable and harmless alternative to tobacco products." That's another important
statement that has been made. Greatly increasing the price of e-cigarettes will make it likely that
those trying to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes may be put off turning to e-cigarettes. By all means
have some taxation as long as it reflects the good that e-cigarettes are doing and don't price them
out of the market.
Posted by Tim Mathews at 11:42 AM


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Labels: ecigarette politics, FDA regulations, north carolina, taxing ecigarettes, vaping

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wrong Priorities over Vaping in New Jersey
They obviously don't seem to have a great deal to do in New Jersey, because their politicians seem
to be getting obsessed withe-cigarettes. The number of teenagers using the product has tripled and
that's upset local politicians.
To illustrate their worries they've been using figures from the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) who haven't got a good word to say about e-cigarettes and the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration's Center for Tobacco Products. It appears e-cigarette use among middle and high
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school students tripled between 2013 and 2014. Among middle school students it's just 3.9% using
e-cigarettes and 13.4% of High School students. It's the first time that e-cigarettes surpassed the
use of tobacco products, though so-called experts still label e-cigarettes as being tobacco products
even though they don't contain tobacco.
Now before politicians and health officials start getting all upset, how would they feel if the figures
were going up for smoking deadly tobacco cigarettes? Shouldn't they actually be happy that these
students are deciding to use a much safer product? New Jersey Health Commissioner Mary O'Dowd
says she's proud that New Jersey was the first state in the country to include e-cigarettes in their
Smoke Free Air Act. That's despite the fact that e-cigarettes don't actually produce smoke so it's not
really their business. It's not all about imposing regulations because there's another agenda here.
New Jersey are considering increasing taxes on e-cigarettes and the good old CDC claim this is an
effective way to reduce the number of teen users.

Well yes a higher price would put them off but it would also have other repercussions. People trying
to give up smoking tobacco cigarettes would possibly be less likely to make the switch if ecigarettes went up in price. This is a product that is helping people get off poisonous tobacco
cigarettes, so why penalize it? The simple fact is the politicians see e-cigarettes as a successful
product that can bring in some much needed tax revenue. New Jersey uses nearly $4m federal
dollars a year for cessation and prevention programs. Rather than bullying the e-cigarette industry
can't they just use them as part of those programs and try to do some good rather than harm?
Posted by Tim Mathews at 11:59 AM


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Labels: banning ecigarettes, banning sale of ecigarettes to minors, CDC, high school teens, new
jersey, new york, US Food and Drug Administration's Center for Tobacco Products

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Will Critics Publicize these Pro-Vaping Comments?
At the start of this year there was a report that greatly pleased the critics of e-cigarettes. It claimed
that the product could generate high levels of formaldehyde far greater than from tobacco cigarettes.
Oh how the critics loved reading that. I wonder if they'll read a new study that has just been
published stating that to achieve those levels would require extreme conditions which vapers can
easily expect to avoid. The previous report had been published in a letter in the New England Journal
of Medicine, the far more sensible study has just been published in the scientific journal 'Addiction.'
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