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The Bunny Files No. 1 >>> The UO Case
▪▪▪The Defense's Case
Background: Snoe and his girlfriend are con-artists. Their MO is for his girlfriend
to seduce the prey, then for Snoe to contact the prey, pretending to get furious
about him or her stealing his girlfriend and demanding money as compensation.
Snoe sends a letter to Mayo, accusing her and calling her out to come to his house.
Zack is from the same group of con-artists as Snoe and his girlfriend. In his
testimony, he states that he has no occupation, which means he does not have any
legal income. Zack plans to use his skills to set up a murder, killing Snoe and
stealing the money he had already collected with his girlfriend, and framing Mayo.
Being a conman, Zack intercepts Snoe's letter to Mayo and finds out her meeting
time with Snoe. Then, Zack sends a letter and the [photo] to Snoe:

"I know what you did. I'll see you at 7:00PM.
Then we'll talk it out. Better prepare the money you swindled.”
This letter was then found at Snoe's house and burned to [ashes] by Zack in the
fireplace after the murder, and replaced with the fake [blackmail letter]; he did
not take the the [photo] on purpose, so that the authorities would misinterpret its
Zack sends a letter to Mayo, as well:

“I'm from the FBI, but I can't say my name. You are being conned. Don't panic.
Come to (Snoe's address) at 7:20PM. The evidence is the wine bottle. Find it.
Whatever happens, do not let go of it. Do not leave his house until you hear a
sirene. It will belong to my colleagues. I want to save your life. Destroy this
letter ASAP.”
Mayo believed the contents of the letter because the time in it was almost
identical with the time in Snoe's message. This letter was possibly, but not
necessarily, also burned to [ashes] at Snoe's house by Mayo in the fireplace.
Mayo was witnessed by Kasumi Sumadera, holding a bloody [wine bottle] at ~7:50PM.
Mayo realized around that time that she may have been tricked, and fled the scene
of crime in a panic.
The crime: Zack enters the victim's house at 7:00PM, carrying with him a [wine
bottle] to suggest friendly intentions and to leave it to be picked up by Mayo
later. As he prepares to strike, the plan goes awry: Snoe notices the attack and a
fight erupts, resulting in [broken furniture]. Zack deals the death blow with the
[wine bottle], possibly using gloves or wiping off his fingerprints, leaving the
crime scene around 7:20PM, witnessing Mayo's arrival.

Nothing speaks against multiple strikes with the same [wine bottle]; especially if Zack
brought it; a full bottle causes extreme damage and its contents can be drained in a sink or
The [broken furniture] may suggest a chair leg with a bottle-like shape used as a murder
weapon, the absence of which is hard to notice if the scene of crime is messy.

Culprit: Zack Unfair | Murder weapon: Wine bottle (also, possibly furniture?)
Trivia: Zack's last name alludes to him being a con-artist.

The Bunny Files No. 1 >>> The UO Case
▪▪▪Archive (Print It And Frame It)
Venom(BattlerGM): Now i call the detective to the stand.
Sayaka(CRosa): Very well.
LTexLT(Erika): .
LTexLT(Erika): .
LTexLT(Erika): .
Venom(BattlerGM): Stop dancing.
Venom(BattlerGM): Now...
Venom(BattlerGM): Name and ocuppation?
LTexLT(Erika): I'm Furudo Erika, the greatest detective.
Laughing_Rat(Rudolf): *cough*
LTexLT(Erika): He was struck several times by a blunt object on the head.
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Hold it
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): What proof do you have of this? Could it not be victim
bashing his head against the wall?
LTexLT(Erika): That's what my next statement is for, young lady.
Venom(BattlerGM): *internal screams*
Venom(BattlerGM): Present a blunt object other than de wine bottle.
Venom(BattlerGM): *the
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Brick
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Earth
Sayaka(CRosa): ...
Venom(BattlerGM): And where is a brick?
Venom(BattlerGM): Earth? The murder is a earth master from Avatar?
Vera_Claythorne(45): Earlier, the prosecution said that there was no room to doubt
the existence of another murder weapon.
Vera_Claythorne(45): But as things are....
Vera_Claythorne(45): We can't say for sure what's missing from the scene of crime!
Venom(BattlerGM): You say the chairs are the murder weapon?
Sayaka(CRosa): Chairs are pretty violent these days.
Venom(BattlerGM): Your name and occupation?
Evoc(Kasumi): I'm Kasumi Sumadera. And I'm the owner of tea shop.
Venom(BattlerGM): Very gud.

The Bunny Files No. 1 >>> The UO Case

Vera_Claythorne(45): As long as we don't know who the related parties are, how can
we reach a conclusion?
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Let's get beck to this later
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): *back wtf
Venom(BattlerGM): Name and occupation?
ZackUnfair(BlackBattler): Zack Unfair, currently... no occupation.
Vera_Claythorne(45): This aura, it can't be good.
Venom(BattlerGM): ...
Venom(BattlerGM): Are you a bum?
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Objection!
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): The witness and the prosecution are clearly related
Venom(BattlerGM): Related?
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): This should not be allowed
Vera_Claythorne(45): Oh!
Venom(BattlerGM): I don't know what are talking about.
Vera_Claythorne(45): Now that you mention it!
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Your faces are identical stop lying
Laughing_Rat(Rudolf): I don't either.
Venom(BattlerGM): Pffft.
Sayaka(CRosa): Zzzzz
Venom(BattlerGM): Me

Your Honor!
Huh? Err yes?
The defense demands to hear the results of the handwriting
too want to have a nap.

paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Now we know what was burned
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): The evidence of con
Venom(BattlerGM): Ha!
Venom(BattlerGM): Sure, sure.
Venom(BattlerGM): And your competence burn in that fireplace too.
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): I had no defense related competence to begin with

The Bunny Files No. 1 >>> The UO Case

Sayaka(CRosa): He doesn´t seem like a person to have a girlfriend.
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): The blackmail letter after all
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): ¨what
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): wrong eviden ce
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Photo
Venom(BattlerGM): ...
Venom(BattlerGM): What?
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Defense is confused your honor pardon me
ZackUnfair(BlackBattler): ...Is everything alright?
Venom(BattlerGM): Furniture.
paranoidcitizen(Lambda): Dont call me furniture
Snoe(Krauss): *Opens door in a hurry*
Snoe(Krauss): Oh sorry I thought this was the bathroom. *Closes door gently*
Venom(BattlerGM): ...
ZackUnfair(BlackBattler): ...
Sayaka(CRosa): ...
Vera_Claythorne(45): *cough* The next point in the prosecution's case is the
Vezon(Hanyuu): pfft....
Venom(BattlerGM): Let's just ignore that.
Laughing_Rat(Rudolf): *laugh*
Vera_Claythorne(45): You are forgetting something crucial.
Venom(BattlerGM): Hmm?
Vera_Claythorne(45): Our witness. Mr. Zack Unfair.
ZackUnfair(BlackBattler): Oh look, somebody remembers my existence.
ZackUnfair(BlackBattler): .
ZackUnfair(BlackBattler): Ahem.
Sayaka(CRosa): Sigh, we already sit in this courtroom for 5 hours...I wonder if my
wife cooked a meal at home.

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