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“Equipment once
carried by the Oathbreaker,
a knight who betrayed his king by

opening the city gates to the enemy”
[Type text]


When humans came into communication
with beings beyond their own dimension,
they learned things from the whisperings of
these otherworldly entities.
A source of knowledge that was untouched by the mind of man.

Curiosity came forth like a torch in the night, within fewer than twelve moons,
they attempted to open a portal to connect the two dimensions, in hope to invite
the other in. Those that were scared, terrified of the otherworldly beings, felt
obliged to ensure that whatever might step through, be trapped, unsure of its true
Once the whispering voice had stepped through the portal, snared in a trap, the
experimentation began. Humans. They learned that these beings, were comprised
of Aether, a sort of spiritual energy.

[Type text]

A scientist working close to the whispering Aetherial beings,
found himself more and more in agreement with the being,
their longing to be free, released and no longer subjected to
harm from these experiments.

A blinding flash of emerald light. The being was no longer in
the prison that had been made to contain it, but had entered
the body of this sympathetic scientist. Discoveries that were
made that day, brought us ever closer to that sunrise. After
purging the Aetherial that had possessed him, he retained
heightened abilities. Faster movement, keener vision, and the
ability to wield this new energy.
With the key to what seemed almost unlimited
improvements, bold, hasty and egotistical decisions
were made. Researchers began to bring more Aetherials
through the portal without preparing adequate holding,
the Aetherials were able escape. Wandering in the open
land opening their own portals, bringing over large numbers
of their brethren.
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The Grim Compendium

The Nightblade
Blade Spirit

“I Watched Him”

[Type text]

The Nightblade
“The looping swing and dance of blades which encompass the field of battle.
Through the shadows a silent assassin moves, two daggers resting at his hips.”

Nightblades were once clandestine warriors that sold their services to the great
houses of the empire. Now their skill with a blade serves a more noble, though
equally deadly, purpose. Nightblades approach combat with the intent of ending
it quickly and decisively. Prolonged encounters can prove dangerous, but
Nightblades are not without their illusions and tricks. Using conjured
phantasmal blades that are a secret of their trade, Nightblades can fight their way
out of nearly any situation. These assassins prefer the use of two blades, but can
[Type text]

excel with any melee weapon should the need arise.

Dual Wielding with Dual Blades
“A master of his art” – One of the unique abilities open to the
Nightblade with the investment of only one skill point is to be able
to dual wield. This enables him to maximise his lethality by cleaving his enemies
in half, decapitating his foes and slicing through his opponents with ease.

Physical Illusions of the Phantasmal Warrior
“In my memory burns this pain…” – The Nightblade is not only a
master of the physical, as well as the psychological, creating
illusions so powerful that they immobilise those he confronts. An unfortunate
demise will fall upon those that stray into their path.

The Steady Reach of the Cold Hand of Death
“His frosted robes and scythe keen came from the shadows” –
Putting an end to all life within his reach, the Nightblades touch
carries the deathly cold from the End. By drawing upon the forces around him,
an enemy will be frozen by his touch, only to be shattered into thousands of

The Nightblades Repertoire

“I shall walk my path with diligence, so others will fear my footsteps. For when I stop,

it is only to remove an obstacle in my way.”

Over the next pages reader I have given what little knowledge I have from observing the
Nightblade on his bloody path. The skills and techniques that he has spent a lifetime
developing, and the arts still he pursues deeper, making his task easier.
Understand that I have watched as this man has grown, and only coming to master them
after campaigns against hordes of enemies I cannot bare to remember…
[Type text]

Dual Blades:
“Mastery of dual wielding melee weapons, favoring the use of blades and
piercing implements.” Enables the ability to dual wield melee weapons.

Belgothian's Shears:
“The Belgothian was an anomaly among the Nightblade masters, his muscles
bulging beneath his armor. His blades overlapping, interlocking, removed hair
from heads, and heads from….”

Amarasta's Quick Cut

“Amarasta's blades sounded like a whip through the air, leaving only streaks of
crimson for the eye to follow. In the same time it took her opponent to draw
their weapon, she had drawn, cut and sheathed.”

[Type text]

Whirling Death

“Surround by enemies. His arms tucked close to his body. The dust began to
twist at his feet, kicking up into the air. Silver burst forth from the cloud. His
enemies lay bleeding, begging for mercy.”

Nidalla's Hidden Hand

“Controversial Nightblade master Nidalla, demonstrated the cruel
effectiveness of poisons during the Age of Unreason. When she combined the
foul toxins with the Whirling Death, allowing her to remain standing alone
amidst a battlefield of bodies.”

“In their final moments of drawing breath, on their knees bleeding, they looked
up. Up towards the eyes that beat down upon, into the haze as the final blow
ended their lives.

[Type text]

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