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Master modern woodworking technology with wood router .pdf

Original filename: Master modern woodworking technology with wood router.pdf
Author: A Dragons Dream

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Master modern woodworking technology with wood router
The one tool that all woodworking craftsmen will agree is very important is the Wood Router. It
has so many uses and abilities that most craftsmen could not maintain their business without it.
It takes the place of a dozen hand tools and is easier and much more efficient to use.

The modern Router
The motorized Router was invented in the early 1900’s. It is made up of a small motor that runs
on electricity. A cylinder that fits over the motor. Attached to the cylinder is a spindle with a bit
plate, over this is a base plate. The bits spin at different speeds clockwise. The speed is
controlled by a series of controls located below the power switch, usually half way down the
As Technology has advanced so too has the router. The speeds have become more controllable,
and the bits have become more refined. The depth of the routers cutting ability has also
become more controllable.

The bits
The bits are the metal pieces that go into the router that does all the cutting and shaping. There
are all kinds of commercial bits. Some can be boughtindividually, and some can be bought in
sets. The master woodworker can even design and make their bits for a unique design or edge
of their own.

There are three main cutting types of bits. The first kind is Flutted. These are for the edging and
trimming of different kinds of wood. It is important to know which of these work on what type
of woods. Some are for softer woods, and some are for stronger woods.
The second type of bits are Profile, these are for shaping, carving and rounding edges of the
wood projects. From cabinets, furniture to joints. You will need a rough idea of the uses of each
type to choose the right one for the project you are doing.
The third type is the Helical type; these are for drilling, shaping, and trimming on your projects.
Always have some idea of what type of wood you will be working with,

Plain, rounded or beveled edges
The router can finish a straight piece of wood with a sharp straight edge. Such as an edge for
the inside of a frame. The inside can be a fraction shorter than the outside of the edge so the
canvas of the painting can fit snugly against it. The joints on the same frame and the outside
edges of the frame can all be done with the same router just different bits.
The frame can be plain, Carved or grooved. The limitations are the craftsman’s imagination. The
router can flatten a piece of wood or using a pattern can slowly take off layers of the wood to
any depth desired for the pattern. The bits can cut small designs for inlaying of colored wood
on the frame or carve a desired pattern into the wood.

Wooden joints
Routers can make a variety of joints, depending on the project. Traditional joints to your design
all it takes are patience and practice. With the right bit, the craftsman can make jointed
drawers for both cabinetry and jewelry boxes. A Router can create jointed boxes that stack or
pull out.

Wooden screws and recess hinges
Routers can make the threads on the wooden crews to customize the furniture or cabinetry the
craftsman is working on. The use of the router when working on custom designed furniture is
unbeatable. From design template to finished product the router can create the entire piece.
From shaping the wood to making the joints and wooden screws.
Using a simple sketch or drawing for an inlay idea the craftsman can etch and carve out the
design. Then using different color woods the drawing is used again to cut out the design of the
actual inlaying pieces.
The use of recess hinges on doors in cabinetry or closed pieces of furniture becomes a simple
process using a router to slowly bore out the depth and measurements of the hinges for a
perfect fit.

Cabinetry designs
From the full kitchen cabinets to single cabinets for specific items. The Master craftsman starts
with his design and using the router and his variety of bits slowly puts the design together.
From a very simple plain beveled design to a complete carved seen it can all be done with the
wood router and the right set of bits.

Bowls, plates, and serving trays
The modern wood craftsman can design some beautiful Adzed plates, bowls, and serving trays.
The router can be set for adifferent depth of grooves creating ridged designs on the pieces
much like rays of the sun. They usually form a raised area in the center of the piece and radiate
out. After the piece is finished and polished, it makes a beautiful conversational item on a
coffee table or serving tray at a party.

Musical instruments
Many wood craftsmen who make musical instruments find the modern wood router is very
important to their work. Most of the delicate work and inlay work is now done with a router.
The tuning knobs can be crafted and threaded by the router and the time once spent on the
hand details now takes half the time with the router. Fewer mistakes are made with the
routers, and the valuable wood is less likely to crack or break because of a mistake on the
maker’s part.

There was a time when a little too much pressure on the piece of wood could split the
instrument and destroy hours if not months of work. Know the use of the router keeps even
pressure on the piece whether it is flatting the wood or beveling the edge of the piece.
This has been a rough idea of all the uses a router can be to the master woodworker and the
person starting out. Modern technology keeps improving the router and refining it. For more
information, visit my website at http://woodroutercenter.com/buyers-guide-for-a-wood-router/

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