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The Reason We Exist
Stories of Mosaic’s Call to Serve
Stories have power: they tell us who we are
and what is important. As Mosaic enters a
second century of service, there is no better
way to celebrate our legacy than by sharing
our stories. Whether the story is told by a
mother who states, “I know that when I leave
this world ... John will be
OK,” or told about a
daughter whose parents
affirm “she continues to
live life at her own speed,”
the stories within these
pages tell of lives changed
and made whole.
These stories give voice to
the importance of Mosaic,
the embodiment of God’s
call to serve in this world.
Truly, they remind us to
remember those who are
often not given a voice,
the ‘least of these.’

He would hear about Martin Luther Home, a
school founded for children with intellectual
disabilities in 1925, eight years after his death
in 1917. I would share how Bethphage and
Martin Luther Home joined as Mosaic in 2003
to better serve people in need. I would recount
the times the organization
has risen to meet challenges
over the years. And I would
tell him that Mosaic has
been, and continues to be,
true to his spirit and to his
legacy, to support “those in
bonds” one life at a time, as is
so aptly and beautifully told
in the stories in this book.

When I picture this imagined
conversation with my greatgrandfather, I see him
happily and reverently
reading the stories contained
in this book, the stories of
Martin Luther Home, of
I am blessed to be part of
Bethphage, of Mosaic. He
the story of Mosaic. My
The Rev. K.G. William Dahl with his wife
would see that the stories are
great-grandfather, the
Lillian and children, Sam (right) and Miriam.
Mosaic – a legacy of love, a
Rev. K.G. William Dahl,
testament of faith, a century of service to the
was the founder of Bethphage, one of
world. With tears in his eyes, I believe that he
Mosaic’s legacy organizations. I imagine
would look up at me and smile.
sharing conversation and coffee with him in
Home Tabor in Axtell and telling him about
Susan Flack
Mosaic today, telling him what has changed
Mosaic Board Chair
and what has stayed the same.
Loveland, Colorado – 2013