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Overcoming Challenges
The two organizations grew quickly. They survived the Dust Bowl
and Depression of the 1930s and the difficult years of war, rationing
and scarce help of the 1940s. The lifeblood of the organizations was
the prayer and support of thousands of people with generous, open
hearts who gave what they could through donations of food, clothing
and money.
In the 1950s, after a solid start in Sterling, Martin Luther Home
moved to Beatrice. The 1960s and 1970s brought dramatic
change through increased regulation and government
oversight, but the organizations continued to be true to
their mission of service. In the 1980s, both organizations
expanded into other states as they were invited to bring
their unique brand of care and compassion to initiate
community-based services.

From turning the soil to grow food to feed individuals on campuses to breaking ground to serve
individuals in other states, Mosaic has changed as the need for our services has changed.

Growth andUnity
Growth was a hallmark of the 1990s. To make travel outside
Nebraska easier, the organizations moved their headquarters to
larger Nebraska cities – Bethphage to Omaha and Martin Luther
Homes to Lincoln. Each new location provided a welcome alternative
for people who were weary of large, state-run institutions – the
earliest mission and vision was carried forth in new ways. In 2003,
the two organizations made the historic decision to become one,
uniting under the name Mosaic and joining resources in a manner
that provided high quality services in more cost-effective ways.
Mosaic now celebrates 100 years of serving people. We have grateful
hearts for the dedication of donors, volunteers and staff members
who have made this mission successful. We have grateful hearts for
the families and guardians who have entrusted us with the care of
their loved ones. We have grateful hearts for the call to
be servants.
We invite you to celebrate with us.