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2016 Featured Speakers
David Hornbrook D.D.S. –
”Creativity with Ceramics”
Today’s ceramic systems are no longer
limited by strength, marginal integrity,
or necessary destruction of tooth
structure. The new metal-free systems
are more durable, more aesthetic, more
bondable more conservative and have better wear
compatibility than metal restorations. This presentation
will cover what’s available, when to use what, how to
increase predictability, effective lab communication,
reducing remakes, and a thorough understanding of
the cementation systems that will optimize results.
Jack Krauser D.M.D.
Steven Feit D.M.D. –
Occlusal Dentistry
Applied to All on
Implant Rehabilitation”
Success is dependent
upon implementing and executing the fundamentals in
the best possible manner. There needs to be a system
of how to approach any case and break it down from
complex to simple components. This system leads to
an accurate diagnosis and a biomechanically correct
basis for treatment plan formulation. This course will
demonstrate these steps and explain how to apply this
system to any case, but more specifically to the all on
implant styled case.
Howard S. Glazer D.D.S. –
”I Have It...You Need It!”
This is a program about real dentistry
for real people by a real dentist! See a
potpourri of materials and techniques
that will make your day at the office
easier, more productive and fun!
Topics include Composites, Adhesives,
Whitening, Oral Cancer Prevention, Minimally Invasive
Materials & Techniques, Impression and Provisional
Materials, Rotary Cutting Instruments, Lasers, Matrix
Bands, Curing Lights, Artificial Dentine, Patient
Communication Tools, Endodontic Instruments,
Thermoplastics and Cements.

John Chao D.D.S. – ”Pinhole
Surgical Technique: A Revolutionary
Way to Treat Gingival Recession”
There has been the need for a simpler
way to treat gingival recession without
extensive flap surgery. Using this new
technique, a pinhole is made by a
needle and the tissue is loosened and shifted down.
The procedure is minimally invasive; with no open
wounds. With nearby blood supply and collagen, it
is difficult to tell anything was done by the following
day. Learn about this revolutionary way to treat
gingival recession from this highly sought after
Jeff Shapiro D.M.D. –”Effective
Integration of Digital Workflow
into Clinical Practice”
The inclusion of digital technology
in practice is providing better clinical
outcomes both for the patient and
for the practitioner. Digitally enabled
workflow is offering dentists the opportunity to
experience their profession in new ways by providing
a more sophisticated, predictable approach to
treatment planning. This course will outline 2-D and
3-D technologies available to enable digital workflow,
how to integrate them into your practice and how to
combine them into producing a virtual digital patient.
Robert Ritter D.M.D. – “The 3D’s
of Dentistry- Recommendation
Marketing, Digital Dentistry and
Clinical Success in the Everyday
Dentistry is moving quickly in
implementation of the newest
technologies available. Successful dentistry requires
an integrated approach that looks at diagnosis and
treatment planning as well as smile design, and
single unit dentistry. An online presence including
web site presence, social media and digital
communication is vital. This fast paced, interactive
and informative presentation will cover digital
design and communication, digital planning and
work flow, and digital marketing.