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The selection of delegates and alternates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention is
governed by the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States
("DNC"), the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2016 Democratic National Convention
("Rules"), the Call for the 2016 Democratic National Convention ("Call"), the Regulations
of the Rules and Bylaws Committee for the Democratic National Convention
("Regs"), and the Missouri Delegate Selection Plan for the 2016 Democratic Convention

The Missouri Democratic Party ("MDP") submitted the Delegate Selection Plan to the
DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee on or before May 4, 2015, Rules l A., 1 D. The Plan
was approved by the Rules and Bylaws Committee on December 1, 2015. Once
approved amendments to the Plan are not effective until approved by the Rules and
Bylaws Committee. Reg. 2.9 A.

Accordingly, the selection of Missouri's At Large delegates to the 2016 Democratic
National Convention is governed by Section III D of the Plan, which pertains specifically
to the selection of At Large delegates and alternates, as other sections of the plan which
govern procedures generally at meetings and conventions held under the Plan.

With regard to other matters at the Missouri Democratic Convention, they are governed
by the Charter and Bylaws of the MDP. Section 1.12 of the MDP Bylaws provides: "The
rules contained in "'Roberts Rules of Order', as most recently revised shall govern this
organization in all cases to which they are applicable and are not inconsistent with the
Constitution and By-laws of this organization.

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07 Jun 16

Proposed Rules and Agenda

1. Time and Place. The Convention shall be held at the Mathewson Exhibition Center,
Missouri State Fairgrounds, 2503 West 16th St., Sedalia, MO 65301, on Saturday June
l8, 2016, and shall commence conducting business at 12:00 p.m.

2. Delegate and Alternate Registration.

All delegates and alternates must register and

sign in at their respective Congressional District table by 10:30 am. Upon registering
delegates will receive informational packets, which will include the final working agenda
and credentials. Registration will close at 10:30 am sharp to run the necessary reports to
begin delegate replacement by 11:00 am. Delegates who arrive after 10:30 am will not
be credentialed immediately, and will be required to participate in the replacement
process. (During replacement, actual delegates shall be the first selected for their own
vacancy.) All alternates must report to their Congressional Chairs at their assigned
location at 11:30 am to be considered as official replacements for vacant delegate
positions. All credentialed delegates may be seated on the convention floor beginning at
11:00 am. Newly credentialed delegates (alternates replacing delegates) will be seated
prior to the 12:00 pm start time.

3. Permanent Replacement of a Delegate or Temporary Replacement of a Delegate shall
Be in accordance with Section III, E of the MDP Delegate Selection Plan ("Plan").

4. Convention Chair and Secretary. The Chair of the Missouri Democratic Party ("MDP")
shall chair the State Democratic Convention. The Secretary of the MDP shall serve as
Secretary. In the event the Chair is unable to serve, the next available highest ranking
officer of the State Democratic Committee shall serve. If no officer is able to serve those
delegates in attendance and eligible to participate shall elect a temporary chair and
secretary. Plan, Section III, f, iv.

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07 Jun 16

5. Election of At-Large Delegates and Alternates. Missouri is allotted 15 at-large
delegates and 6 at-large alternates. In accordance with the allocation formula in the Plan,
the Clinton caucus will elect 8 at-large delegates and 3 at-large alternates, and the
Sanders caucus will elect 7 at-large delegates and 3 at-large alternates. The caucuses
shall proceed to elect delegates and alternates according to the process outlined in the

6. Nominating Procedures. All at- large delegates and alternates, electors. and National
Committee Persons shall be nominated and elected in accordance with the provisions of
Section III. D, 5. a ii, iii, iv and v, and c; and Section IV of the Plan, and in accordance
with its requirements for meetings and conventions generally. Nominating speeches may
be limited by the Chair to not less than three minutes; seconding speeches for nominees
are not required by Roberts Rules ("RONR:), but if proposed may be limited by the Chair
to not less than two minutes. RONR (11 th ed.), p 432, Sec. 46, 5.


Physical Presence of Nominees, Candidates for At-Large Delegates and Alternates,

Standing Committee Members, and Electors. Candidates for these positions do not have
to be physically present at the Convention to be elected. However they must comply with
all Plan rules governing the submission of applications, presidential representative
approval, etc., in the Plan.


Tabulation of Votes. Votes shall be tabulated electronically by an optical scan

tabulator with built in ADA voting solution (Americans with Disabilities Act) known as ICPImageCast Precinct ADA with Ballot Marking Device.

9. Proxy Voting.

Although the Delegate Selection Rules of the DNC permit proxy voting

when provided for by state party rules, the Missouri Delegate Selection Plan has
no provision permitting proxy voting for at-large delegates and alternates. Vacant

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07 Jun 16

delegate positions are to be filled by alternates, and if there is then a vacancy the
alternate position it shall be filled by the delegation. The replacement shall be off the
same presidential preference, of the same sex and, to the extent possible, from the same
political subdivision as the alternate being replaced. Plan. Section III, E,1, a, b, c, d,
e. Proxy voting is therefore not permitted at the State Convention.

10. Adoption of Proposed Rules. Rules consistent with the Plan provisions applicable to
the selection of at-large delegates and alternates; other rules as deemed appropriate not
in conflict with the Plan; and Roberts Rules of Order in all cases to which they are
applicable and not in conflict with the Plan, and the Constitution and Bylaws of the MDP;
shall be adopted by the Convention.


Proposed Agenda.

A final "working agenda" to accommodate the schedule of

guest speakers, etc., will be distributed to delegates when they receive their credentials,
and will include the items in this recommended order of business.

12. Chair’s Report. The Chair shall explain the voting procedures, and announce any
categories that must be addressed to meet affirmative action goals through the election
of at-large delegates to the DNC as determined by the Affirmative Action and Delegate
Selection Committee. The Chair shall also announce the number of male and female
delegates and alternates to maintain the required 50-50 ratio in the entire
delegation. Delegates and alternates are to be considered separate groups for this
purpose. Plan, Section III, D, 5, a. ii.


Nominating Committee Report.

The Nominating Committee shall report its

nominees for presidential electors, and the chair will receive all other nominations] from
the floor. Each delegate shall be entitled to 10 votes for presidential electors, as there
presidential electors to be elected, but not cumulatively. The Nominating Committee
shall report its nominations for national committee persons, and the Chair will receive

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07 Jun 16

other nominations which may be made from the floor. There shall be such number of
committee persons as shall be allocated to Missouri by the DNC, with voting conducted
in such a manner as to ensure equal division of national committeemen and
committeewomen. Each delegate shall be entitled to vote as many votes as there are
committee persons to be elected, but not cumulatively.


Recommended Order of Business (“Agenda”).

The recommended order of

business for the State Democratic Convention shall be as follows:
a. Roll Call.
b. Ceremonial Introductions, invocation, pledge of allegiance, national anthem,
c. Credentials Committee Report.
d. Adoption of Proposed Rules.
e. Adoption of Proposed Agenda.
f. Chair's Report.
g. Election of At-Large Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention.
h. Nominating Committee Report.
i. Election of Presidential Electors.
j. Election of National Committee Persons.
k. Resolutions Committee Report.
j. Other business and announcements.
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07 Jun 16

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