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Planet X designed by Tony Camilleri (draft rules)

Set Up: Give each player an Adaptation card to place face up in front of them. Place the remaining
Mutation, Transformation and Mimicry cards next to the Advance cards.

Special Rules: For five experience points players can purchase a Change card. Players cannot purchase a
Transformation card before they purchased a Mutation card. Players can only control one of each type of
these cards. They are purchased in the same way as purchasing an Advance card.

Each Change card has benefits. These are listed above the cards image. These are cumulative so if you
control all three change cards you will receive all three benefits.

Each Change card has drawbacks. These are also cumulative. These drawbacks apply while a player
controls the cards unless they are able to cover the card up with a mimicry card. If a change card is

covered up by a Mimicry card its benefit still applies (you can place the Mimicry card partly over the

change card so that just the image and below-image text are covered). Mimicry cards are purchased for
five points, in the same way as Advancement cards.

Mimicry cards must be placed over the most extreme Change card a player controls first, which means
Transformation before Mutation and Mutation before Adaptation. If a player has a Change card covered
up by a Mimicry card and then purchases another Change card, (ie. a Mutation card or Transformation

card) then the Mimicry card is moved to on top of the later purchased (and more extreme) Change card.

Title of Change Card





You reroll question

-1 Victory point and “Something’s Fishy”



Gain a free scout or

-2 Victory Points

marks when scouting.
explore action each



+1 population a turn.

You may not win the game. You may not place

Did it work?: Mimicry cards have a chance of letting you down at the end of the game when you most

need them. At the end of the game before scoring one player rolls a terrain die. The facing of this die (see
below for the value of Fissures and Question marks) determines how much each player must pay, in

Experience Points, for each Mimicry card they control. If they cannot pay that amount the Mimicry card
is discarded. Players with sufficient Experience points to pay for one or two of their Mimicry cards, pay
for them and then discard the rest.

The Adaptation card comes with a drawback of “Something’s Fishy”. If this card is not covered with a

mimicry card at the time the terrain die is rolled for the Did it work? rule above, then Fissures will count
as four and Question marks count as zero for that player. If “Something’s Fishy” is negated by the

placement of a mimicry card over their Adaptation card then both Fissures and Question marks will
count as zero for that player.