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Original filename: Hair Transplant in Hyderabad.pdf
Author: sheshidhar reddy

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22 Myths About Hair Loss
I am sure you will agree with me that we all have many
myths about hair loss and this worries us some or the
other time.
When I first noticed that I am having hair fall, I’ve got tips from
experts and internet sites telling me quite a few things about
hair problems. At that moment when I was desperate, I kind of
believed them. Now when I look back, it’s just so funny to
believe and think it’s true.
Find out for yourself what’s all these myths about hair
Myth About Hair Loss #1. Men having bald head are less
As you may know that DHT is the main cause of Hair Loss.
DHT is also the main force behind male sexuality and hence it
is actually the opposite.

Myth About Hair Loss #2. Wearing Caps can cause hair

Unless and until you are wearing a cap that is
too tight to block your blood circulation to
your hair follicles, wearing caps or hats has
nothing to do with hair loss. Just look around
to see how many baseball or golf players have
hair loss.
Myth About Hair Loss #3. A haircut regularly, make your
hair grow thicker and faster:
False. Getting your haircut frequently keeps your existing hair
healthy by removing damaged, split ends, while merely a
haircut does not effect your hair growth or thickness.
The hair is always thicker at the base than the tip. Hence,
shaving the head bald is not of much use.

Myth About Hair Loss #4. Standing up side down will
improve hair loss:
Some people say that if you stand up side down you can
improve the blood flow to your head, which in turn gives your
scalp better blood circulation. Please do not bother, as there
is no evidence that it actually grows hair!
It is best to try some supplements to improve the circulation

Myth About Hair Loss #5. Styling of hair can cause hair

One of the most common hair loss
myths. Nevertheless, there is some
truth to it. Normal styling of hair
won’t cause hair to fall while certain
hair styles like tight ponytails can cause traction alopecia
which is a kind of hair loss.

Myth About Hair Loss #6. What about styling products like
hair sprays and coloring?

These type of products might
cause some damage to the
hair strands but it does not
affect your hair follicles below
your scalp so it will not cause
hair loss. While they may have
the potential to damage hair, but they do not affect hair
follicles or hair growth. Harsh chemicals like relaxers, however,
can damage hair follicles too.

Myth About Hair Loss #7. Will hair dryers and blowers
blow off hair?
Well that depends. Unless you
are using hurricane class of
hair blowers, they can only
cause brittleness and hair
breaks if it is too dry or too
hot. Besides that, it’s safe. It is
recommended to use hair
dryers or blowers at a normal distance.
Myth About Hair Loss #8. Deficiency of Vitamins can cause
hair loss.
Partially it is true. A lot of people even with the right diet have
hair loss. However, poor health conditions, malnutrition and
some vitamin deficiencies may
alleviate hair loss.
Certain vitamins like biotin,
DHT and zinc blockers can
actually improve your hair loss

Myth About Hair Loss #9. Is washing hair too regularly
Your hair care products do not harm the hair
follicles. Hence, you can wash as many times
as you like but it is recommended to wash the
hair 3 times a week. Also try to use normal
amount of shampoo while washing your hair.

Myth About Hair Loss #10. Can lack of sexual activities
cause hair loss?
Well, there is no evidence pointing that lack of sexual activities
will cause hair loss.
Upcoming Article: “Myths About Hair Transplantation”.
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Myth About Hair Loss #11. The way you sleep determines
how much hair you will lose.
sleep..straight..sideways or with your face
down it’ll not increase your hair loss. It is all
about the inner workings of your hair follicles
in your body.

Myth About Hair Loss #12. Medications and steroids may
cause hair loss:
Truth: Medications and steroids may not cause hair loss for
someone who is not genetically predisposed to hair fall, both
can aggravate balding tendencies in someone who’s
genetically porn.
Certain medication like such birth
control, anti-depressants and antineoplastic drugs have listed hair
loss as a possible side effect, but it
is not guaranteed. It is always best
to check with your doctor if you
see sudden thinning of hair after
being put on any new medication.

On the other hand, steroids have shown to greatly increase
the occurrences of permanent hair loss. Some steroids like
Anabolic boost the production of the hair fall causing
hormone, DHT.
Myth About Hair Loss #13. If you are bald when born you
will be bald later:

This is a definite no. Sometimes the hair
growing genes starts to work after birth. It has
just nothing to do with you getting bald later
in life.

Myth About Hair Loss #14. Can Taking medicines increase
hair follicles?
One cannot increase the amount of hair
follicles in the head. When you are born you
have been predetermined number of hair
Myth About Hair Loss #15. You can’t cure
hair loss
There are many options available today that can actually
reduce and even reverse your hair loss condition. All you have
to do is to find the right ones.
Earlier there were not many effective treatments for hair loss
and hair thinning, the only solution was to cover up hair loss
with caps, hats or artificial hairpieces. Thankfully, there are
many effective hair fall treatments and medications Available
in market today.

Myth About Hair Loss #16. Will Pouring alcohol on my
head help growing my hair.
Up to You. But the only thing is by pouring
any sort of alcohol on your head will only
make you smell like a boozard.

Myth About Hair Loss #17. Do Hair Transplant give a
natural hairline.
Well, Yes and No. Hair
transplant has been there for
decades. In early years of Hair
Transplantation, doctors used
grafts of 8-20 hairs for
Such grafts make the hair look like that of doll plugs. However,
hair transplantation has evolved so much with so many new
methods that if you look for a qualified one today, your hair
transplant can almost be totally undetectable.
Myth About Hair Loss #18. Only intellectuals have hair fall.
Crazy! This is a very funny hair loss myth indeed. There are
actually more than 50% of people who suffer from hair loss in
their lifetime. People from all sorts of class and race will get it.
It does not matter if you are dumb or smart. Bit yes if you

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