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A Special Note…
Differentiated instruction is a very popular, not to mention
broad, topic in today’s educational arena. It should be noted
that this presentation is only intended to be a brief overview
of this encompassing topic. There is an enormous amount of
information about differentiated instruction and the related
concepts that are intertwined with differentiated instruction,
which could not be included within this format. To learn
more about differentiated instruction, please refer to the
“Websites” and “Resources” slides at the end of this power
point, or contact your Florida Inclusion Network facilitator at:

Learner Objectives:
Participants will…

• Become familiar with vocabulary related to
differentiated instruction.
• Understand basic principles of differentiating
content, process, and product in an
academically diverse classroom.
• Be able to implement one or more
instructional strategies that support

As you know, students come to our classrooms
with a variety of:



Unfortunately, some classroom structures
do not address this student diversity. In

The biggest mistake of past centuries in
teaching has been to treat all children as if
they were variants of the same individual
and thus to feel justified in teaching them
all the same subjects in the same way.
-Howard Gardner

Let’s take a look at the instructional
strategies we typically use in our
classrooms and see how they effect our
students’ memory retention rates.

You might want to get a piece of paper and a
pencil to see if you can guess the correct answers.

Effective Instructional Strategies
㻵㼄㼑㼎㻃㼗㼋㼈㻃㼖㼗㼕㼄㼗㼈㼊 㼌㼈㼖㻃㼒 㼑
㼗㼋㼈㻃㼕㼌㼊 㼋㼗㻃㼒 㼉㻃㼗㼋㼈
㼓 㼜㼕㼄㼐 㼌㼇 㻃㼉㼕㼒 㼐 㻃㼏㼈㼄㼖㼗
㼈㼉㼉㼈㼆㼗㼌㼙㼈㻃㻋 㼗㼒 㼓 㻃㼒 㼉
㼓 㼜㼕㼄㼐 㼌㼇 㻌 㻃㼗㼒 㻃㼐 㼒 㼖㼗
㼈㼉㼉㼈㼆㼗㼌㼙㼈㻃㻋 㼅 㼒 㼗㼗㼒 㼐 㻌 㻑


㻷㼕㼜㻃㼗㼒 㻃㼊 㼘㼈㼖㼖㻃㼗㼋㼈
㼓 㼈㼕㼆㼈㼑㼗㼄㼊 㼈㻃㼒 㼉
㼌㼑㼉㼒 㼕㼐 㼄㼗㼌㼒 㼑㻃㼄
䇵㼗㼜㼓 㼌㼆㼄㼏䇶
㻃㼖㼗㼘㼇 㼈㼑㼗
㼐 㼄㼜㻃㼕㼈㼗㼄㼌㼑
㼉㼒 㼕㻃㼈㼄㼆㼋㻑

Most Effective

㻳㼕㼄㼆㼗㼌㼆㼈㻃㼅 㼜㻃㼇 㼒㼌㼑㼊
㻧㼈㼐 㼒㼑㼖㼗㼕㼄㼗㼌㼒㼑
㻤㼘㼇 㼌㼒㻒㼙㼌㼖㼘㼄㼏㼖
㻵㼈㼄㼇 㼌㼑㼊

Effective Instructional Strategies
How’d you do?

㻵㼈㼄㼇 㼌㼑㼊 㻃㻔 㻓 㻈
㻤㼘㼇 㼌㼒㻒㼙㼌㼖㼘㼄㼏㼖㻃㻕 㻓 㻈 㻃
㻧㼈㼐 㼒㼑㼖㼗㼕㼄㼗㼌㼒㼑㻃㻖 㻓 㻈
㻧㼌㼖㼆㼘㼖㼖㼌㼒㼑㻃㻘 㻓 㻈

㻳㼕㼄㼆㼗㼌㼆㼈㻃㼅 㼜㻃㼇 㼒㼌㼑㼊 㻃㻚 㻘 㻈
㻷㼈㼄㼆㼋㻃㼒㼗㼋㼈㼕㼖㻒㼌㼐 㼐 㼈㼇 㼌㼄㼗㼈㻃㼘㼖㼈㻃㼒㼉㻃㼏㼈㼄㼕㼑㼌㼑㼊 㻃㻜 㻘 㻈

So now you have a classroom of diverse
The Million
and you
that some of
our past teaching strategies are not
going to be effective with them…So,
the million dollar question is…

㻫㼒㼚 㻃㼇 㼒㻃㼜㼒㼘㻃㻃㼖㼘㼆㼆㼈㼖㼖㼉㼘㼏㼏㼜
㼐 㼈㼈㼗㻃㼗㼋㼈㻃㼑㼈㼈㼇 㼖㻃㼒㼉㻃㼗㼋㼈
㼇 㼌㼙㼈㼕㼖㼈㻃㼏㼈㼄㼕㼑㼈㼕㼖㻃㼌㼑㻃㼜㼒㼘㼕
㼆㼏㼄㼖㼖㼕㼒㼒㼐 㻢

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