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Austin Divorce Attorney
38 Years of Litigating Texas Divorce Cases (512) 472-7501



Austin Divorce Lawyer
When you are facing divorce emotions can run high. Right now you are most likely
dealing with the sadness of ending a marriage. A long term relationship carries a lot of

memories. Feelings of guilt, anger, confusion, and regret can eat at you. Handling all of
the emotional stress is tough enough. Throwing financial and child custody issues on top
of your marriage dispute can mentally bury you. This is a critical point in your life, it is
very important to choose the right Divorce Attorney to advise and represent you in these
matters. A experienced Austin Divorce Lawyer can make all the difference.
I am attorney Greg Gegenheimer. For more than 35 years, I have been helping clients in
Austin Texas for over 35 years. I am a Texan, through and through. I understand that this
is a sensitive matter. My Legal Team and I are here to guide you through this rough patch.
We will show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Austin Child Custody Attorney
Divorce can rip a family apart. When two parents decide to end their marriage, their
children typically do not get the chance to offer their opinion. Kids get hurt the most in
divorce. Your children love both of their parents. In their eyes, they do not see what you
see. They want nothing more than their parents to work things out. Sadly, this is typically
not an option. If divorce is on your mind, then you need to move quickly to protect your
parental rights. Greg Gegenheimer has spent 38 years as an Austin Child Custody
Attorney. He has handled extremely complex custody disputes and knows how to use the
law to fight for your rights as a parent. If you are a Mother, Father, or even Grandparent
fighting for custody, let Greg work to win your Austin Child Custody case.

What An Austin Child Custody Attorney Do For
Its emotional enough when two people fight over property and money. Fighting for your
rights as a parent takes stress to a whole other level. The right to see and raise your

children is something that no one wants to lose. Sadly, children can often gets used as
weapons during a divorce. If you and your spouse are fighting over custody, you need to
move quickly to protect your parental rights. As an Austin Child Custody Attorney, Greg
Gegenhemier will fight to keep your rights as a parent in tact. It is very difficult to regain
custody after you lose custody of your children. Mr. Gegenheimer has 38 years of child
custody litigation. He knows how to identify issues and understands the proper case law
and litigation techniques to win.

Father’s Rights
A Father plays such an important role in the life of their children. Kids look toward a male
figure for security and strength. If you are a Father, and are going through a divorce, do
not leave your parental right to see your children up to chance. An Austin Child Custody
Attorney will fight to protect your interests. Do not leave your rights as a Dad up to
someone else to decide when and how you can see your kids. Call Mr. Gegenheimer
today and give yourself the peace of mind you need.

Mother’s Rights
We all love our Moms. Mom makes everything better. Mom takes care of you when your
sick, makes you smile, and is the embodiment of unconditional love. If you are a Mother,
and are going through a divorce, do not leave the custody and financial well being of your
children in the hands of someone else. You carried your babies, you have raised them
since the birth. You love your children with all of your heart. Now it is more important than
ever to protect them. Call Mr. Gegenheimer today. He will fight for your custody rights,
as well as your rights to child support and alimony.

Support Modifications
Support Modifications allow you to make changes to court ordered things after a divorce.
Hot topics like Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation, and Alimony can all be
renegotiated. Things can change with the wind. You may be working hard and doing well.
All of the sudden you become ill and cannot work. Perhaps you have been laid off. If your
income changes, the amount of money you are required to pay may change too. What if
you are a Mom and working as hard as you can to provide and you find out that your ex
is living lavishly while you struggle. Let Mr. Gegenheimer fight for your financial rights.

Austin Support Modifications Attorney
An experienced Austin Divorce Lawyer like Greg Gegenheimer knows how to litigate. He
understands how to use the law in your favor. A Support Modification is a useful tool when
you need to make amendments to things you and your spouse agreed upon when you
finalized your divorce. If you are looking into Support Modifications, chances are you and
your spouse are fighting again. These types of amendments are usually thought about
when one spouse feels the other spouse isn’t holding up to their end of the bargain. If you
are on either side of this fence, an Austin Family Law Attorney may be of significant help.
Your job, your income, your children’s well being, all of this can be positively or negatively
effected by a Support Modification.

What Can I Change After My Divorce
Greg Gegenheimer has been litigating complex divorce cases in Austin for 38 years.
He has seen it all. Mr. Gegenheimer understands Texas Family Law so well because he
solely focuses on Family Law. Mr. Gegenheimer knows how to use Support Modifications
to your advantage. See below:

Lower or raise child support
Lower or raise alimony
Lower or raise spousal support
Decrease of increase child visitation
Fight for custody
Property Division Disputes


If you are looking for an Affordable Austin Divorce Attorney, look no further. For 38 years, Greg that he is the
right fit for you!

Greg Gegenheimer and his staff understand that divorce is hard enough. We have affordable options and are
willing to work with you to get you through this tough time. Call us today for a consultation. We are 100%
devoted to supporting your needs and handling your concerns.

Divorce is hard enough. The emotional toll that it takes on you and your family seems unbearable at times.
Fighting over assets and property only fuels those negative emotions. Trust a Texas sized Lawyer to handle
your Asset and Property Divorce issues. We have a high success rate.

Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and call for legal help. Our Law Firm has 38 years of experience
litigating Austin Divorce Cases. Mr. Gegenheimer will handle your case personally.

Child Support, Alimony, Custody, Asset Distribution, Property Division. More often than not these disputes
change or need to be modified post divorce. Depend upon Greg Gegenheimer, as an expierenced Austin
Divorce Attorney, he will fight to protect your financial rights.

The Austin Divorce & Family Law Firm of Greg Gegenheimer

Austin Divorce Attorney and Family Law Firm
Don't go through this alone. The Law Office of Greg Gegenheimer is here to help you through these
tough times, every step of the way. For over 35 years, our Law Firm has handled complex property
disputes, high assets divorce cases, as well as child custody and child support issues for our clients. We
are an experienced Austin, Texas Divorce Attorney & Family Law Firm that understands Divorce is
always bigger in Texas.


If your marriage is over and it is time for divorce, let Mr. Man, and an experienced Austin Divorce Lawyer.
His Austin Family Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for your rights.


As an Austin Divorce 38 years of knowledge and experience fight for you.


Divorce means starting over. Ending a marriage can give both parties a clean slate. But what about all of the
assets you two acquired together? Worse, what about all of the debts you to racked up? You gets what
financially, and who takes responsibility for debts requires litigation and negotiation. handle your case


For almost 4 decades we have handled some of the most complex Austin Divorce cases. From High Asset
divorce cases to heated Child Custody disputes, no one puts more care and effort into an Austin Divorce case
than Mr. Greg Gegenheimer and his staff. Our website lists some of our client testimonials as well as our yelp

Trust Greg Gegenheimer and his legal team to handle your divorce.

Austin Divorce Attorney
Greg Gegenheimer has over 35 years of expierence litigating Austin Divorce cases. Whether your facing a complex,
high asset divorce or if your looking to settle your marriage by meditation. Trust The Law Office of Greg
Gegenheimer to handle your Family Law matters.

Personal Divorce Support
Greg Gegenheimer and his legal staff understand that divorce is sad, upsetting, and mentally draining. We are here
for you and for your family. We are dedicated to serving your needs. Laurie Anderson has been working as a Legal
Assistant for more than 30 years. As the Office Manager for Gegenheimer Law, Laurie works hand in hand with
each client, making this touch time as painless as possible. Her care for you and your family are second to none. Our
Texas Family Values run deep.

38 Years of Expierence
Greg Gegenheimer is an Affordable Austin Divorce Attorney. He has solely focused on Texas Family Law and
Austin Divorce cases for nearly 4 decades. He specializes in Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation, Parent
Relocation, Support Modification, and Parental Right’s litigation.

Austin Divorce is our focus. Fighting for you is our passion.
Top Notch Family Lawyer! They don’t come any better than Greg Gegenheimer.
Maggie M.

A friend of mine referred me to Greg. He helped me keep my house.
Ken L.

During a time when I felt helpless, Greg was there to help me no mater what.
Ellie C.

Property Division. Child Support. Visitation. We've Got You
Covered in Austin.

Practice Areas
Greg Gegenheimer and his legal team solely focus on Texas Family Law cases. For 38 years Mr.
Gegenheimer has litigated hundreds of cases. As an Austin Divorce Attorney, Mr. Gegenheimer
has tackled Property Division issues, Child Support and Child Custody disputes, as well as High
Net Worth Divorce cases. Greg Gegenheimer truly believes that after almost 40 years of litigating
that there is nothing he isn’t prepared to take on in regards to your Family Law case. Our website
lists each of our Practice Areas. We wanted to provide potential clients with as much information
as we could. We believe that you and your spouse deserve to settle things smoothly. Divorce does
not have to get ugly. Take a look below at the Austin Family Law areas Mr. Gegenheimer focuses

High Asset & High Net Worth Divorce
 Protective Orders
 Prenuptial Agreements
 Postmarital Agreements
 Child Custody
 Child Visitation
 Paternity
 Support Modifications
 Parental Relocation
 Property Division
 Fathers Rights
 Mothers Rights
 Grandparents Rights

Practice Areas & Cities We Serve
Mr. Gegenheimer is a Texan. He serves all of Austin and the surrounding cities. The Gegenhemier
Law Firm prides itself on providing excellent care to its clients. Mr. Gegenheimer wants you to
feel like family when you come to our office. Greg Gegenheimer and his staff work hard to fight
for your rights. Laurie Anderson is Mr. Gegenheimer’s Office Manager. She works side by side
with Mr. Gegenheimer to protect your family. Please take a look at the cities we service below.
Call us today for a consultation.

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