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oDesk User: Judy K. | oDesk Username: jkma | oDesk Email: jkma@odesk.com
Personal Email: judy.kamande@gmail.com; judy.kamande@ymail.com

If you need to check out the home investor’s portfolio, testimonials, referees, services offered
and even all the contact details, you could easily do so at your convenience and with the click of
your mouse if there’s a website.
However, not the Yellow Pages, not an ad sign, and not even the few lines in the Classifieds
section would offer this much information.
2. The Hobbyist: Realty-Coaster Ride
If buying homes was a disorder, this type of home investor would be institutionalized.
They buy homes for the kick it gives them, to feed some fetish, for the fun and thrill of it,
because they can and do it, and off course, because it’s a hobby.
So you’re thinking: Why on earth should you avoid this kind of home investor?
And the answer is simple. Such home investors will not approach your home sale as a business
transaction but as “an added feather to my cap, an addition to my collection”...which means:

You will get a raw deal...

The home investor’s needs will be met, and yours, not half as much...

You should not expect competitive rates or a decent cash payout for your home...

Chances of flouting some laws or regulations here and there are much higher—if not,
where’s the fun in that anyway? It still is a hobby remember...

Who goes about their hobbies like their 9 to 5 job? Nobody! So the last thing you should
expect from a hobbyist home investor is professionalism—oh, and you bet you’re not a
client, just a facilitator for their fetish.

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