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Message from The President


1. Creative Cities Research in Penang, Malaysia: A Review of Conceptual and
Methodological Framework
By: Khoo Suet Leng, Nurwati Badarulzaman, Narimah Samat, Morshidi Sirat
& Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh Dawood


2. The Role of Fabric Banners for Community Engagement in Digital Era
By: Rosilawati Zainol , Goh Hong Ching, Ibrahim Mohd, Nikmatul Adha
Nordin, Siti Maisara Baharom & Tengku Adeline Adura Tengku Hamzah


3. Thermal Comfort and Energy Solutions for a Better Residential
Environment in Malaysia
By: Noor Aziah Mohd Ariffin


4. The Relationship of Human Happiness and Neighbourhood Planning: Case
Study Puchong Indah Housing Estate, Selangor, Malaysia
By: Oliver Ling Hoon Leh, Farah Ayuni Marhalim, Siti Nur Afiqah Mohamed
Musthafa, Yusfida Ayu Abdullah & Marlyana Azyyati Marzukhi


5. Assessing the Urban and Rural Stage Bus Services Disparities in Peninsula
By: Zakiah Ponrahono, Syahriah Bachok, Mariana Mohamed Osman, Mansor
Ibrahim, Muhammad Faris Abdullah & Alias Abdullah


6. The Roles of Urban Heritage in Determining the Image of the Royal Town
of Sri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan
By: Nor Zalina Harun, Dg. Norhidayah Fairuz & Nor Adilla Nordin


7. Carbon Sequestration through Urban Green Reserve and Open Space
By: Alamah Misni, Sakurah Jamaluddin & Siti Mazwin Kamaruddin


8. Sustainable Governance in Relation to the Financial Aspect in Managing
Coastal Areas: Malaysian Experience
By: M.Zainora Asmawi, Lukman Hakim Mahamod, Mohd Zin Mohamed, &
Tuminah Paiman


Notes to contributors and guidelines for manuscript submission


The past issues (articles)


“Whoever travels in search of knowledge is on Jihād until he returns”
(Transmitted by Tirmidhi & Darimi)

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