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CHAPTER SIX 194 The position and size of the jet needle (5, Figure 1) affects the fuel/air mixture for intermediate (medium) throttle openings. The E-clip (4, Figure 1) is located in one of the grooves at the top of the jet needle. Table 1 lists the standard size jet needle and the number following the "-" identifies the original position of the E-ring, The position number indicates the number of grooves from the top of the needle. Installing the E-clip in a groove closer to the top of the jet needle will lower the needle and lean the mixture during mid-throttle opening. Moving the E-clip to a groove further from the top of the jet needle will raise the needle and enrich the mid-range mixture. The size of the main jet (17, Figure 1) affects the fuel/air mixture during wide-open throttle operation. Different size main jets are available and can be installed to change the wide-open throttle mixture. The size is stamped on the jet. The size listed in Table 1 is recommended for operation at ambient temperatures of 5-26° C (40-80° F) at altitudes of 0-900 M (0-3000 ft,), A smaller size main jet may be required for optimum performance at higher altitudes and at warmer temperatures. A larger main jet may be used at colder temperatures. CARBURETOR (MODELS WITH 4-STROKE ENGINES) Refer to Figure 6 and the following paragraphs when disassembling the carburetor, Mikuni CV carburetors are used on Magnum (4-stroke) models. Table 1 lists the carburetor originally installed and the original specifications. Some specifications may be different than listed to compensate for altitude. MIKUNI CV CARBURETOR (MODELS WITH 4-STROKE ENGINES) 1. 2. 3.


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