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Welcome to
Press Play Gaming!
A word, dear reader, if I may.
Hello, and welcome to the very first issue of Press Play Gaming!
My name is Chris, and I will be your host this evening. has been the home of a fun personal project
of mine for the past 8 months; a place for me to write about that
which I love - video games. Now however, I want to take it one
step further and offer something all new - Press Play Gaming, the
digital magazine!
I believe that video games are an art form that stands apart
from traditional media, such as TV or books, and provides
an experience that nothing else can. Video games are an ever
expanding medium; new and different experiences are being
released all the time, and we never know what direction gaming
will go in. Most importantly, I believe that video games are for
everyone. They can be silly, meaningful, challenging, wondrous,
fascinating, artistic, fun. Every single person in the world has the
right to experience and enjoy the wonder that is video games.
But that’s enough about me. You no doubt want to get into checking out the real meat of the magazine! Before you get in
to what we have to offer this month however, I’d like to lay out 3 promises I have for you, dear reader:
1. Press Play Gaming is, and always will be, 100% ad free. By offering a tiny $1 a month subscription, I will always keep
this publication completely free of any advertisements. This magazine is the product - not you. I hope that people will
come to this magazine to read what we have to say about video games; not to look at some flashy new product from some
faceless corporation that nobody really needs.
2. We will never rush a video game review. Video games are experiences that are meant to be enjoyed at their own pace, not
rushed through in a mechanical manner for the sake of getting the word out first. We will play the game as it’s meant to be
played - if that takes a month to do, so be it. Our goal is to give you an honest and true opinion of what a game really is;
not make rushed judgements for the sake of clicks/subscriptions.
3. No review scores. An arbitrary number or scale system doesn’t work at the best of times, and when it comes to video
games, they are just as (if not more so) subjective than any other form of media. Comparing two games on a sliding scale
is like comparing bananas and grapefruit - we want to give you the best idea of what a game actually is on it’s own, rather
than some scale that ranks games against others.
With all that out of the way, continue on dear reader, and experience that which we have to offer!

Chris Lawn

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the new face of Press Play Gaming!

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