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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
will be out by the time you read this, but
during Gamescom Konami ramped up
the marketing machine and showed off
a brand spanking new trailer and some
insanely good looking PC screenshots. PC
users often get the best graphical ports of
games, but this? This is a step up.
Gamescom, the largest industry event of the year by the numbers, hit the world in early August - then proceeded to dump a
truckload of exciting news, trailers and info about all sorts of games for all sorts of people.
A whole bunch of games announced some delicious new info during the conference. Most notably, Microsoft really took hold of
the opportunity and held a large press conference to show off everything they hadn’t already at E3 this year, which was packed
to the brim with everything fans wanted to see. Let’s take a look at what Gamescom had to offer us in 2015.

Scalebound spread it’s wings and showed off a gameplay demo of your
hipsterish main character fighting alongside his dragon (!) against both
human NPC’s and a large manta ray... bug... thing. The combat looked
appropriately flashy and over the top, in the same style as other games like
Bayonetta or DMC - which can only be a good thing.
Crackdown 3 smashed it’s way on to the scene with an exciting new feature - 100% destructible environments. That’s right every single thing in the world will potentially be able to be blown to pieces. Whether this is only in the multiplayer or also in
the single player campaign has yet to be determined. Microsoft is touting it’s cloud computing software as the reason this is
Quantum Break debuted an all star cast lineup for what looks to be a cover based shooter with interesting time-bending
mechanics thrown into the mix. The game disk will also ship with a full season of a companion TV show. How the game will
structure it’s show and gameplay is still unclear, but it sounds like an interesting blend of the two mediums.

Mafia 3 was officially announced a few days
before Gamescom, but boy, is the trailer
that dropped during the show something
to behold. You’ll be playing as Lincoln Clay,
a guy who is on a revenge quest against the
Italian Mafia after they butchered his family,
the Black Mafia, in New Orleans. Coming
from someone who has never played
a Mafia game before - this looks damn

Halo Wars 2 was announced during
Microsoft’s conference, to the surprise
of many (and joy of die-hard Halo Wars
fans.) The game is being developed by
Creative Assembly, the guys behind
the Total War franchise - who also
happen to be owned by SEGA. Who
would’ve thought SEGA would be
making Xbox games in 2015... What a
world we live in.
Homefront: The Revolution showed off a chilling new trailer, featuring
an American child being forced to read a speech in front of North Korean
overlord types, in an alternate version of Philadelphia stripped of it’s rights
and freedoms. War games with terrorists and “bad guy” armies are nothing
new, but being a part of the resistance taking on occupation forces in
America? Interesting.
Unravel got another chance to shine with a short gameplay trailer detailing
some of the puzzling aspects of the game. Yarny, the main character in
the game, also made a physical appearance at the show, with an “aww”
inspiring series of pictures
coming through on developer
Martin Sahlin’s Twitter
account. This game is going
to make hearts melt all over
the world.
Dark Souls 3 looked appropriately
Souls-ey, with all the tough
combat and gritty fantasy you
would imagine. From Software
is touting some new additions,
such as “battle art” attacks and
enemies that change stance mid
fight. You best hurry and finish up
with Bloodborne if you haven’t
already, as DS3 will hit shelves in
early 2016.