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A Newsletter from Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

Summer, 2016

1403 Heritage Park Rd.; Prescott, AZ 86301 • www.HeritageParkZoo.org; Phone: 928.778.4242
501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by the community

The Park Comes Alive at Night!



July 19 • August 18 • September 16
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

The summer is such an exciting time to visit the zoo. Among the variety of events that seem to be happening
every week, one of the most unique happens after dark. ZOO BY MOONLIGHT provides access to the park
after hours, leading to some really wonderful encounters with the animals.

This event takes place the night of the full moon each month through September. Those nights, the
park opens from 8 pm – 9:30 pm and you can see all of the nocturnal creatures out and about. When you’re
wandering the grounds by nothing more than the light of the moon (and maybe a flashlight), and you hear
the howls and sounds from all of the animals, it feels like you’re out in the wild with them!

Our first installment this year was an amazing hit, and a lot of that was thanks to our Clouded
Leopards. Aside from being nocturnal, they’re very elusive as it is, so it’s been rare catching sight of them.
But during this event, they were both out the entire night – guests got amazing looks at them jumping around
and climbing all night long; they were very curious. If there were no reason to attend this event other than
to see those two, it would be worth it. Special event pricing applies for this event: $4 for Members, $6 for

This event provides great access to the park and animals after normal hours. It’s already shaping up
to be a great summer – we can’t wait to see you out at the park with us!



Prescott Animal Park Association, a 501c3
non-profit organization, is the parent corporation
of Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary.

Pre registration is required. For more information
or to register please call 928.778.4242

Board of Directors

Barry Needham, Bruce Trahern,
Karen Giani, Dr. Jay Johnson and Matt Frankel


Giving refuge to non-releasable, rescued wildlife
while providing conservation through exhibition
and public education.
Newsletter design by: Lisa Lanning

Save Paper & Money

Have an email address? Help the environment,
save HPZS postage cost and see Wild Impressions in color by allowing us to email this newsletter to you. Please let us know if you would like this
newsletter emailed by contacting Membership@

Close-toed shoes required!

Zoolittles is a new engaging program for preschoolers,
ages 3-5, held in a garden setting with a focus on
early educational activities.
Wednesdays/Saturdays May through September
10 am - 11:30 am

Adult: $10; Senior/Military/Student (with ID): $8
Kids (3-12): $6; Under 3: Free

Zoo Staff



Come Play in the Dirt!

Zoo Hours/Prices

May 1 - Oct. 31: 9am - 5pm
Nov. 1 - Apr. 30: 10am - 4pm
June/July/August open until 8:00pm
on Saturdays (extended hours)

Pam McLaren/Executive Director
Martha Brogan/Business Manager
Wayne Fischer/General Curator
Alex Schopp/Marketing & Events
Leah Wacks/Education Coordinator
Becky Salazar/Volunteer & Membership
Jon Stidham/Facilities
Jennifer Harkrader/ Animal Keeper
Dyann Kruse/Animal Keeper
Rachel Paper/ Animal Keeper
Daniel Garcia/Animal Keeper
Willow Dressel/Animal Keeper
Jack Horton/ Animal Keeper
Shirley Hall/Animal Keeper
Claire Waite/ Animal Keeper
Jo Traynor/Retail & Admissions Associate
Penny Pescherine/Retail & Admissions Associate
Arlene Zegan/Retail & Admissions Associate



r Pres

m fo


1403 Heritage Park Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86301
928.778.4242 or 877.778.6008

Heritage Par

Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

ical Sanctuar

Fall 2016

Pre-registration is required

October 10 - 14, 2016 • 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Age Groups: 6 - 7 yrs. ; 8 - 9 yrs.; & 10 - 12 yrs.
Price: $150 members; $175 non-members
For more information or to register, call 778-4242

Field Trips

Do you want hands-on educational experiences for your students?
Schedule a field trip to Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary and we’ll create a unique and
interactive program specifically for your class!
Each field trip includes your choice of a GUIDED TOUR or ANIMAL SHOW. Special themes and
lessons are available that meet Arizona State Standards for Science.
For more information or to book your tour, contact Leah Wacks, our Education Coordinator, at
928.778.4242 ext 18, or lwacks@HeritageParkZoo.org.

Sponsored by
Lyn & Steve DeLano

Sunday, October 9, 2016 • 2 pm - 6 pm
Tickets are $65 per person, if purchased before July 1, 2016; $75 per person after.
To order tickets: call (928) 778-4242 or at www.HeritagePark Zoo.org


6-10, 13-17, 20-24, 27-July 1........Summer Zoo Camp

July 2 .............................................Prescott Parade

19 ...............................................Zoo By Moonlight
11-15, 18-22 ..............................Summer Zoo Camp
30................................................Zoo Overnight (Night Camp)

August 13 ....................................Member’s Night

Saturday, August 20, 2016
9 am - 5 pm
All events are FREE with general paid admission!

14.................................................Animal Parent’s Picnic
18 ...............................................Zoo by Moonlight
20 ...............................................Wet & Wild Water Day

September 3 ..............................Breakfast With Animals: Mountain Lion

10 ................................................Painting With the Animals (Adults only, 18+)
16.................................................Zoo by Moonlight

October 8 ...................................Breakfast With Animals: Gray Wolf

9 ..................................................Taste of the Wild
10 - 14 ........................................Fall Zoo Camp
22 ...............................................Painting With the Animals (All Ages/Families)
22................................................Wolf Awareness Day
29 ...............................................ZooFest
31 ................................................Boo at the Zoo


Adopt an animal at the Zoo!

Remember at the Zoo!

Did You Know You Can Sponsor and
Adopt Your Favorite Animals at the Zoo?

When you adopt or sponsor an animal, you’re helping to
support that specific animal at HPZS, as well as provide resources that advance our rescue and education programs.
You also receive:
• A framed photo of the animal of your choice
• A personalized certificate of adoption
• A fact sheet about your animal
• Your name on a plaque in front of the animal’s enclosure
• An exclusive invitation to this year’s Adoptive Parents’ Picnic.
To adopt or sponsor your favorite animal - or the favorite
animal of a loved one - call us at 928.778.4242. Or, for
more information on the various donation levels available,
visit www.HeritageParkZoo.org.

VOLUNTeER at the Zoo!

Memorial Bricks/Benches
Did you know that you can purchase personalized bricks
and benches to be forever displayed here at the Sanctuary? Whether in our Anniversary Patio or somewhere else
on grounds, these items leave a lasting legacy and help
support to zoo at the same time. Visit the website or call
for more information.

Follow Us on Social Media

Are you interested in getting more involved with your
community and having a hands-on experience with
animals? Does your teenager want to gain experience
or hour credits for a club or organization? Give us a call
if you’re interested - we have a fit for you no matter what
area you’re interested in.

Volunteer • Become a Docent• ZooTeens
Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all of the
happenings here at the park! Through our social platforms
you’ll have access to behind-the-scenes photos and videos,
as well as be the first to know about new animals and
upcoming events. Scan the QR Codes above to join us!

Members: Remember to bring your

membership card when visiting. It will get
you through the front gates more quickly!


HPZS Associate Spotlight:
Jennifer Harkrader

With this newsletter, we’re going to start incorporating a bit more of a
personal flair by including interviews with park staff and volunteers.
These are the people who give so much to care for these animals – we
hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them a bit more. We’ll start this series
with a Q&A session with Senior Animal Keeper, Jennifer Harkrader.
Q: How did you begin your career as a Zoo Keeper?
A: I grew up on a farm in Minnesota, so I was always surrounded by
animals. Even as a young child, I knew I wanted to do something that
revolved around animals. After college I interned at the Minnesota Zoo
and fell in love with being an Animal Keeper.

What’s in Your Backyard?

Heritage Park’s Zoo’s conservation efforts are
hands on and involve many aspects of operation beyond what most guests see as they visit
the park. On an annual basis, HPZS handles an
average of 400 calls involving wildlife from the
Northern Arizona area. These calls include wildlife injuries, abandonment, animal nuisance
questions, relocations and animals in distress.

What you may not realize is that HPZS operates a 24 hour a day, seven day a week emergency
number for all types of wildlife calls. These afterhours’
calls go directly to management officials for the zoo
and are handled on a case by case priority basis for
emergency assessment. Many of the calls come from
community residents that simply need reassurance
that the animals are not in immediate danger and
do not need human intervention. Other calls involve
lifesaving rescue efforts and animal triage.

Animals requiring immediate treatment are
rescued from the wild and brought to the zoo or veterinarian for treatment, or individuals bring the animal(s)
to the zoo directly. Animals are triaged here on site
and are held for further rehabilitation or released
back into the wild.

Q: How long have you been with HPZS?
A: Four and a half years
Q: What are your favorite animals to care for, and why?
A: Trick question, they’re all my favorites! No way could I pick just one.
Q: What would you say has been your most exciting experience as an
Animal Keeper?
A: Meeting my husband at Out of Africa Wildlife Park, where we worked
as Zoo Keepers together.
Q: What is one thing you would like people who visit zoos and sanctuaries
to know about what you do?
A: We love the animals and always have their best interests in mind.
We’ll wake up in the middle of the night sometimes worried about how
they’re doing – it’s not just a job.
Q: What is your least favorite part of being a Keeper?
A: Not having enough time with all of the animals. Oh, and all the poop.
Q: Do you have animals of your own at home? Who and what are they?
A: Three dogs: Cecilia, Bella, and Amore; two snakes: Nala (Burmese
Python) and Moraca (Diamondback Rattlesnake)

This time of year is when we see the highest number
of calls (April through September) as baby animals
are being born and learning from their parents how to
hunt, eat, fly and live on their own. Young animals are
especially vulnerable to unfavorable human interactions and/or high mortality rates.

If you see an animal in distress, contact
your local wildlife refuge, AZ Game and Fish Department or Heritage Park Zoo before intervening
or removing the animal from the wild. Many times
the animals are doing what they do naturally (learning to fly, walk, hunt, eat or waiting for parents to
return) but to us humans look to be in need of
assistance. Animals always do better if they are
raised and cared for by their natural parents.

With your help, we can secure a better
tomorrow for these animals today!

New Animals

In Memoriam

Southern Coati (Nausa nasua) “Olivia” arrived in April from
a private individual and is on display with the male Coati

Short Eared Owl (Asio flameus) passed away recently from
kidney disease.

Grey banded king snake (Lampropeltis alterna) - arrived at
HPZS in April from a private owner.

Giant Bird Eating tarantula (Theraphosa blondi) - passed
away in recent from natural causes (age).

More Ways to Support HPZS!
Thanks to Fry’s Food Stores’ Community Rewards Program
and Amazon Smile, there are more ways than ever to support the animals in our sanctuary. And best of all, you can
do it by doing nothing more than the normal shopping you
already do anyway!

With Fry’s Community Rewards Program, you can
like your VIP Card to our organization (with an easy, onetime online registration process) that gives a small percentage of your purchase price back to us when you use
your card.

Amazon Smile (visit Smile.Amazon.com to register)
is another program where you can link your account to our
organization. Once it’s linked, do all of your normal shopping on Amazon (all the same products and same prices),
and we’ll get a percentage of your purchase prices.

It’s really that easy! You can register for both programs online (we have details instructions on our website),
and once you’re signed-up, you’re good to go. For more
information on how to register for either of these, please
contact Alex at 928.778.4242, ext. 16.


Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary


Breakfast with the Animals

HPZS is always in need of supplies. Below
is a partial list of needed items, or visit the
complete wish list on amazon.com
under Heritage Park Zoo.
White envelopes
Paper towels
Facial tissue (Kleenex)
Copy paper (white or color)
Laminate sheets (81/2 x 11 or
business card size)
13 and 33 gallon trash bags
Ledger size paper for printing
(glossy is ideal)
Photo paper
Silverware (Plastic and metal)
Gas hedge trimmer
Gas blower
Fencing (Chain link, Hardware cloth)
Clean fill dirt/decomposed
granite/pea gravel
Garden hoses
Livestock panels
Batteries (all sizes)
Irrigation material
Shade cloth
Welding gloves
Light bulbs (40 and 60 watt)
Animal Department:
Animal crates
Dog runs
Towels, blankets
Stainless steel bowls
Heating pads
New dog, cat, parrot toys
5-gallon buckets
Game meat
Beef (non-seasoned, less than
18 months old)
Large syringes (new)
Large Kitchen Knives
Dishwasher (Portable, Industrial)

Printed by
• Marketing
• Print, Copy and Mail
• Graphic Design
• Large Format
• Promotional Items
• Website Development

(928) 445-6262

1026 Spire Drive • Prescott, AZ 86305

September 3: Mountain Lion • October 8: Gray Wolves
Pre-registration is required
For more information or to register, call 778-4242 Call today to reserve your space!

Thank you to our donors!
Albertson’s Food Stores
Bea Beckley
Becky Salazar
Bobbie & Kenneth Davidson
Branch & Barbara Crooks
Brian & Jocelyn Bucholtz
Carol Darrow
Cathy Church
Charlotte Pribula
Christa Corn
Coleen Bell
Deb Klemkosly
Deborah Korda
Donna Chisum
Donna Harrison
Doris Frechette
Dorothy Keifer
Eileen Suite
Elizabeth Weinhold
Eva Sweeney
Fellows Household
Fry’s Food Stores
Gary & Patricia Gard
George & Joan Klimas
Granite Dells Estates

Jake & Kim Carlson
Jake Zinn
Jan Dougherty
Jane Cook
Jenna Jackson
Jim Warrick
Johanna Hawley
Judith Rochford
Karen Hoffman
Ken & Luanne Frederick
Kilbourne Family Trust
Kohl’s Store #1089
Larry Richey
Laura Salamone
Lauren Looney
Linda Baker
Louisa Jaskulski
Lyn & Steve DeLano
Margaret Barnes
Mariam Frankel
Mark Plourde
Matt & Leigh Ann Frankel
Michael & Penny Bumgarner
Nicholas & Diane Vale

Paula Cupples
Penny & Joe Reilly
Phil Schafer
Prescott Animal Hospital
Prescott Evening Lions Club
Prescott Jewish Community
Prescott Noon Lioness Club
Ray & Elaine Brown
Rose Nicola
Rosemarie Centeno
Safeway Food Stores
Sandra & Ralph Bradley
Sandra Clancy
Stephen & Natalie Bowser
Teri Miller
Tessa Gillette
Tina Blake
Tome & Susan Bettcher
Troy Selland
Victor & Joan Pappas
Virginia Collings
West Yavapai Guidance Clinic
Whole Foods Market
William Pierce
William Trumbo

Adoption: (circle your desired animal for your level)
$75.00 Level:
Lizard, Snake, Rabbit, Peacock, Tortoise, Macaw, Tarantula
$125.00 Level:
Owl, Hawk, Falcon, Porcupine, Coati, Lemur, Raccoon, Raven,
Vulture, Tamarin, Marmoset, Muscovy Duck
$200.00 Level:
Alpaca, Llama, Sheep, Potbellied Pig, Goat, Deer, Emu,
Javelina, Pronghorn, Wallaby
$500.00 Level:
Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Horse, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle,
Clouded Leopard, Lynx
$750.00 Level:
Bear, Mountain Lion, Tiger, Mexican Wolf

Mailing Address:





Make checks payable to: The Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary
and mail/drop off with this form to:
1403 Heritage Park Rd.; Prescott, AZ 86301
Credit Card: (check one)



PayPal (see website)

Card Number:
Expiration Date:

$35.00 Level:
Please specify which animal you would like to sponsor from
the list above


1403 Heritage Park Rd.; Prescott, AZ 86301
www.HeritageParkZoo.org; Phone: 928.778.4242
501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported
by the community

1403 Heritage Park Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86301



Phone: 928.778.4242

I’d like to help support Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary!

Current Resident OR

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