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"The EMBA in Energy has exceeded expect at ions!"
Stephanie Stew art
Chief Information Officer
Pioneer Natural Resources
January 2014 Cohort

"The EMBA in Energy program provides an excel l ent perspect ive of t he Oil and Gas
indust ry worl dwide. I have inmediat el y appl ied t he knowl edge I gained in my courses
t o some Lat in American project s."
Camilo Restrepo
Exploration Geoscientist
New Ventures Latin America
January 2015 Cohort

"The knowl edge gained t hroughout t he EMBA in Energy program has ref ined my
experience and expanded my indust ry vision t o an int ernat ional l evel .?
Wael Tabbaa
Petroservices Middle East
August 2015 cohort

"OU EMBA is t he bridge t hat connect ed my Engineering degree wit h my commercial career
experience, broadening my underst anding of how energy companies make decisions and
grow. My EMBA in Energy has given me t he t ool s t o cont inue t o grow my career, enabl ing
me t o get promot ed during t his downt urn in t he energy market .?
Atjen Shasivari
Strategic Solutions Commercial Director
G E Oil & Gas
August 2014 Cohort