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So much there made me uncomfortable- but at the end of the year - I hit a wall when Jennifer asked me to "Make the bad
debt disappear" in the system. I had warned them in April that this is not the correct way to do it- Once funds are reflected
on the financials - they should be written off "above the line" on bad debt so it is not considered collected revenue but lost as
uncollectable . I noticed while at Aggie Flats allot of funds being transferred out of the operating account under the
construction company's name and there was so much of that - I couldn't properly balance the books for FlatsI asked Jennifer about it and not only never received a response but was told that was done but her under Pat's directive. No
clear response............
I think the hardest thing that I had to deal with was that there were no deposits on hand for refunds at Gateway - Upon
inception - I asked why there were a stack of checks in the Manager's desk and the Manager responded- accounting didn't set
aside the money and it was spent on renovations.................I had residents consistently calling for refunds that the company
NEVER set into another account- that is such a liability for anyone involved in that company for those sites. Of course I was
blamed - which is just ludicrous because not only was I not there but that is accounting's responsibility..... not mine. Just
talking about it makes me so glad I walked away- They can say anything they want and make any accusations they want
against me and my character but I know I did the right thing. When revenue is billed/booked in Property
Solutions/Entrata- it is considered collected until you write it off. When she told me to delete it- I just didn't feel comfortable
with that because the Q1 and Q2 financials had already been released- If I were to delete it - it would change the revenue but
it would not be seen through the financials - That - I am not comfortable with.
After you left not only did frustrations continue but it just got worse and I know we shared many of the same
frustrations. We discussed the Ryan situation right before you left but had you not become involved with the 9and9
renovations- I do not think they would have ever happened. You know how Pat pushes renovations (9and9 is a great
example) but there is no funding to back up the reposition and renovation. Gardens- another example..... He keeps saying
there is money in the bank but there isn't - we had to refinance to receive no mortgage payment to even make the renovations
possible and pay the bills.
You know- I sent budgets, bids and requests over and over from February through August- only to find out from Jenniferthere was NO money to do the renovation. It amazed me that the property literally applied for the funding in August RIGHT
before turn! I had half of the building empty - waiting to renovate all summer- we were stuck with a partial renovation and
the furniture and appliances were received the DAY before move in- NOT a good way to do business with a BYU contracted
property. Needless to say residents were more than angry....To boot, I saw a train wreck waiting to happen when Jennifer
said she was deleting deposited funds because they didn't match the system..... It was so overwhelming to say the least. You
cannot just delete deposits from the software system...... I kept telling her the money went to the bank and she kept insisting
the funds didn't match..........So I could see- we are going to have major issues when the kids go to request their deposits back
at the end of the lease.....she was deleting those deposits..... ..
During turn..... we had no money for painters, cleaners and I continue to get calls on bills and legal issues for all of the
Most recently- I had installed CO Detectors at all of the properties (Orem and Provo) because NONE were in the units. The
fire extinguishers in Orem were 2 years out of date upon my inception in January at Gateway and Towers - leaving a huge
liability on the property and investors. At Provo one of the CO Detectors went off and we found that it was a minor leak from
the hot water heater- THANK GOD I put those CO Detectors in - Of course Rob (our maintenance associate) immediately
replaced the hot water heater.... Because I put them in there- we caught the issue before anyone was hurtOf course We had one angry mom that called the news because the CO Detector went off....I contacted Pat and the company
attorney Blake to ask how they wanted me to handle the situation- Blake said that we are to say NO COMMENT..... so that is
what we did. Later I was reprimanded because of the money spent to bring the sites up to code and for not giving an
interview to the news - after I was told to say NO COMMENT..... I also contacted the angry mother while in California for
our Manager's meetings........ Blake was present when I got off of the phone with the angry mother and Blake looked right at
me (in front of Pat) and told me to no longer engage with her because she had indicated she retained an attorney.....
Later when I gave my notice- Pat accused me of never reaching out to the parent and stated I ignored the situation. I was
completely shocked that he said this because I called the parent from HIS OFFICE. Everyone there knew I spoke to her and
that is when Blake said to stop reaching out and wait to hear from her attorney and to direct the call to him
I was actually constantly reprimanded for any money spent on asset safety/ preservation- It felt like I was fighting to keep
the sites up to code and at least a comfortable place to live as if I were the owner and Pat were a bank. That is exactly how it
felt! No money for marketing, no money for resident events - I understand the delinquency issue but with the turnover in
staffing because of the incredibly tight way staffing is ran there and all over- We had NO time or staff to collect the
Flats to this day has no firewalls in the attic crawl space- I have made Pat, Ryan and everyone aware of the breech but they
proceeded to build a new clubhouse with no funds to bring the attic space up to code. The roofing there is an issue, signage is
an issue - Flats suffers terribly.
I couldn't continue to work in that environment. I can understand "inherited" messes but this is something that Nelson
Brothers causes internally by running the business based on emotion vs facts and trying to provide a proforma to investors
that offers an attractive expense savings plan with over stated revenue but the issue is - no staffing left me running around to
constantly put out fires- at all 12 is too much for one person with no support in accounting, HR and on site.

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