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The Need For an Air Conditioner Cover The Need For an Air Conditioner Cover Russell Craig As part of ones routine activities to do around the house to get it ready for the cold season, one should think about some winterizing steps that the air conditioning system too. It is important if one wants to decrease the possible dangers that can occur to the outdoor air condenser unit. The indoor parts of the AC system will be fine over the winter season, but the possible damages due to debris harming the outdoor cooling system parts are what one needs to pay attention to. Jupiter AC Repair Dangers of Moisture and Debris The biggest hazard to the AC unit during the fall and winter is from tree branches and leaves. Dirt and dust are not good either, but falling debris is the main thing to protect the AC condenser from. Falling debris mixed with water from rain or melting snow creates a thicker sludge that can easily clog drain holes in an HVAC system. Exterior AC units are constructed in order to drain water, but add the sludge and it will soon not be able to drain. As water builds up inside the condenser unit, it will harm the electrical components, lead to rusting, and in short order lead to unneeded AC repairs. We have seen homeowners who have made their own covers for the outdoor HVAC system out of plywood, tarps, and lots of other materials. Though they might be a good temporary fix, all usually will not allow for the correct amount of air flow needed. If the AC unit was to run and not enough air can get into the system, it will run much harder than needed and could burn out the parts in time. The best thing Jupiter homeowners can do is purchase an air conditioning cover designed for ones AC unit. Purchasing the correct cover will allow for the ventilation of air flow that will be necessary for the cooling system. Most HVAC companies make covers that will work. Let us know if you need assistance finding the correct one for your system. The do not cost a lot of money and are easy to install oneself. If you want us to install the cover we will give the unit a good cleaning first, to make sure their is no sludge build-up already. Some AC covers are designed to never have to be removed, and are UV-resistant and will last probably as long as the HVAC system does too. Check out some more air conditioning preventative maintenance here too. Edit this page 1/1

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