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Edmond Masjedi Sets the Bar High for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
The fear of failure has always been the most dispiriting force for any individual
who has walked the earth. Only a few courageous souls leave their fears behind
and plunge headlong ahead. Edmond Masjedi, through his consistent efforts
towards excellence, has showed that there exist capabilities abound in an
individual, provided he does not let them subside by pessimism. Masjedi is a
model of entrepreneurial talent for many aspiring businessmen across the globe.
Thanks to his forward-looking approach, the guy has claimed the whopping
success in a short span of time.

SnoBar Became an Instant Success
One day, Edmond Masjedi’s wife Shannon demanded him to come up with a
special dessert for her. Pressed for ideas, he started tooling it around with the
ingredients. Meanwhile, something crossed his mind and he decided to add a
small portion of alcohol to the available ingredients. Intending to give a different
flavor to the preparation, he came up with what is now known as SnoBar.

Masjedi Looks Primed to Scale Heights of Success
These alcohol infused pop ups have received huge popularity in a short span of
time. With his home made trials having been well received, Edmond
Masjedi partnered with some of the reputed mixologists and food scientists. This
alliance helped Masjedi to good effect as he introduced a variety of new flavors to
the existing range, including but not limited to Pink Squirrel, Brandy Alexander,
and Grasshopper. Moreover, they use a premium quality alcohol in their
offerings. With a growing fan-base, they are expected to diversify their offerings
in the days to come.

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