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6 things to consider before hitting the publish button .pdf

Original filename: 6 things to consider before hitting the publish button.pdf
Author: blinks

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After putting all the effort to compose a post, which you
think can boost your traffic. You don't just publish the
No matter how much effort you put on that post. There is
still some question you have to ask yourself to know if the
post is done to be published.
On my last post, I outlined all the possible calculations and

thinking, you are to do before putting up a post. And even
after writing the post. |What to consider before and when
writing a blog post|
Ask yourself questions like,
* which social media will this appear on
* Is it long enough to attract the readers interest
* How much importance is the content, of what importance
will it be to the reader
* Who am I writing this post for
These are the questions you're to ask yourself, before
concluding that the post will attract more viewers. As we
go down you will see how important these questions are.
Now in the publishment of a post, which you know you
wrote yourself. You have to make it special so as to attract
That's what I forgot to add in my last post, but this is just
the continuation of my last post.
Below are the outlined possible things to be taking in
consideration before pushing the publish button.
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#1 Grammar and Spelling Checking
This part is know to be very stressful. This is because not
everyone is good in grammar nor in spelling.
Not all country speak English, but because English is the
central language we are all bounded to put down our post
in English language.
Some countries like India, Arab, African Nations etc are
part of the countries that are not proficient in speaking
Because it's not there mothers tongue, but some of them
who live in the urban areas are a bit better than those in
the rural areas.
But google don't want to know were you are from, all the
search engines wants is that your grammar should to be
Now let me tell you a little about how the search engine
react when there see bad spelling or grammar on your
post, during crawling.
When google detects a wrong spelling on your post, there
will conclude that you are a new guy and that post with
plenty of bad spellings and grammar will not be acceptable
by readers.

And for that google will find it hard to index your post. Ok
let's put google aside, if you managed to be the reader of
the post.
What will you think of the writer. This is the more reason,
why we should check our spellings before publishing.
Now I have being making use of any application which
helps me effectively to detect my wrong grammars and
spellings, not only that, it equally provide the right one for
This app works on chrome from experience. Here is the
link to get yours.http://gram.ly/pmxx
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#2 Layout
When I say layout, I mean the arrangement of your post.
Your paragraphs, this will help the reader to enjoy your
Now if you take a close observation on this post you will
see that am not making long statements. This is because
of the following reasons.
* Some people find it hard to read long sentences, there
develop phobia when the see long posts.

What comes to there mind is when will I finish reading this
post, its too long. And some might get discouraged at the
process of reading the post.
Because of the long sentences it contains. But when the
sentences are short there will find a little more courage to
read it .
* Adding space paragraph after every sentence; this helps
to space the sentences, so as not to confuse the reader
not to go back to the line which he/she has already read.
With these features the reader will go through the post,
enjoying the short sentences.

#3 The Final Read Through
This is in association with spell/grammar checking. But a
bit different from that, this is because here you don't just
read in search of wrong spellings to correct or grammar.
But some thinking are done here. Ask you are reading,
you need to continue asking yourself the following
* It there any other thing am to add to any sentence I go
through, to make it more impressing.
* Is there any statement that I need to change and make
more attracting.

*Are there some words that needs to be changed.
These are part of the qualities a post requires to attracts
the readers attention.
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#4 Picture Placement
The beauty of a post partly depends on the pictures
attached to the post.
Getting a picture for the internet, edit and add to your post,
is the same thing as copping. People think that you only
copy when you hijack someones post.
No, downloading pictures, videos, and musics and
uploading to your blog are also part of copping and google
does not accept that.
My roommate once downloaded a football video and
upload it to his YouTube account. It took YouTube not up
to 24 hours too delete the video.
Why is this so, it is because YouTube have noting to do
with the video there already have. There need new things.
So google wants you to upload a picture you snap
yourself. They don't want to know what you snapped.
But for the best interest of your post and your readers,
You have to look for a picture that best expresses what
your post is talking about.

#5 Internal Links
This is of great importance to you. What is internal link;
These are links to your other posts in the same blog.
Ok below are some internal links to my other post.
|6 Standard SEO tips for publishers|
|How to add facebook login and account follow button to
your blog/website|
|How to add facebook like and comment on your blog|
|Share your post on social media by creating share push
button on your blog|
|The best blogging software for bloggers in Nigeria
|Step by step to get your .com domain on Whogohost|
|How get traffic to your blog|
Am not suppose to be adding it in this way, but I decided
to, for better understanding of my readers.
There above listed links are examples of internal links.
Now if you click on any of those link you will be landing on

another post composed by me on the same blog you are
Internal links have many effects on your rating on google.
This is because when google crawls your post, it will click
on this links to see where the lead to.
When the links opens up as a new page on the same blog.
Google will conclude that their is a lot going on that post.
This will equally give google no other option than to lift
your post to there search engine by indexing it.
There are other functions of internal links. But are beyond
the scope of this post, this is because I have not tried
I reserve no right to post what I've not tested.
So to get the next SEO bomb all you have to do is to get
your free subscription below, and the post will pop into
your email soon.

#6 Preview
This is not all that necessary, but very important in some
cases. To preview your post is to view what the post will
be like when published before you publish it.
Now on this preview you will be opportuned to see the size

of your words, and know if the size will be good for
readers or does it need to be increased for effective
So as not to allow your readers stress their eye when
reading you post.
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