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What to consider before and when writing a blog post .pdf

Original filename: What to consider before and when writing a blog post.pdf
Author: blinks

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Writing a post is what people find hard to but some people
find it a fun doing that. As a blogger who knows what
needs to be done, I believe you shouldn't find it a problem
composing your own post instead of coping other peoples
Now on this post I will show you some important things to
do before writing a post and when writing a post.
To start writing a post there are few things that are
suppose to run through you mind as an experienced
blogger, even though you are starting.

#1 What will I writter about
To write a post you must first think of what to write about.
Thinking of what to write about have to follow the
following procedure.
* Is that in your niche
You don't have to write a post which is outside your, all
your post must be concentrated in you niche. Do not just
write post because you wish to write it.
Now let take for example that my niche is SEO then I
wrote a post on relationship. Maybe after going through
my SEO post under the recommended posts you saw
posts like

|6 seo standard tips for bloggers|
|How to add facebook login to your blog/website|
|How to add facebook like and comment to your blog|
|How to add social media share button to your blog|
|The best blogging softwares|
|How to get a .com domain|
|How to tranfer your domain hosting|
|How to get traffic to your blog|
|The best trick to make a lady fall in love with you|
Now can you see the odd one there. My niche has noting
to do with relationship so the last post <The best trick to
make a lady fall in love with you> has noting to do with this
* How much do I know about what I wish to write
This is one of the most important thing here. That which
you want to write about what do you know about it.
Before you start writing a post you have to first do more
research about it, even if you know much about it.
Make sure you have detail information about it, an
information you think might be valuable to people.
Note that anybody that comes to your blog is coming for a
particular stuff. Either to get information,
acknowledgement or to download something from your

So if after going through you post and find out that your
post does not contain a detail information.
That person will never return to your site but if he/she was
impressed on what he/she got from your site. your site
must be added to his/her bookmark, for future references.

#2 How long will I want my post to be
A blog post is main to be long. Now the following reason
will explain why I said so.
* When someone goes to the internet in search of
something. He/she has already had it in mind that the
internet provides the best answer to every question. With
that assumption, the person has started expecting
something of high standard.
Then after scrolling through Google pages he/she landed
on your site, with that same assumption of seeing
something of high standard.
Then if the post the person opened on your site was not
up to a page, what do you think the person will say.
If I were to be the person, I will use the back button. And
will consider that, the post was not of good standard.
But if it were to be that the post was very long, I will say
YeS!! this is were I will find all my answers. And even

though I did not finish the post I will add that page to my
bookmark, so that I will get back to it.
Now after you're done making researches. Thinking of
how long your post will be, It's time to start writing this post
we have been talking about.
One thing else before we go to the body of the post. Have
it in mind that you are communication with your readers.
Put it at the back of your mind that, whatever visitor, who
is reading your post is doing that for reason.
Lets see how the body of our post will be like

#1 Making a nice introduction
Introduction is what determines how interesting, the post is
going to be.
In the introductory part of the post you should be able to
tell the reader what you will be talking about in the post.
Now for example;
The following is an introduction to an essay, about the
perfectivity of a human
Can a person be perfect? The answer is no. Everyone has
his own advantages and disadvantages. So, from my point

of view, there’s something that teachers can learn from
Isn't that cattching, with this statement the person will like
to know, what a teacher will learn from the students.
By so doing the reader is finding the post interesting.

#2 Making the post interesting
In composing your post, you have to make the post
interesting, to enable the reader enjoy it. Now the following
will show you how to make you post interesting.
* Interactive
This will not only make the post interesting but will also
land you comments. In writing a post you have to make it
look like you're indirectly talking to a group of people.
Just like our lecturer, who will sometimes pause during
lectures and ask us questions, on the next topic he was
about to start.
Only to know the level of our thinking and which one of us
read ahead of him. By that he was making the class
interactive, and interesting.
Because having know that the lecture asks questions,
people like me will like to read ahead so as to answer all

the questions he will be asking in class the next time he
Your can make your post interactive by asking question,
which will make the reader think and find more reason to
continue reading.
* The use of persuasive words
This are words used to show that you know what you are
saying. This words will make the reader have confidence
and trust in you.
There are words like ~> Accurate, Certain, Confident,
Definitely, Absolutely, Surely, One-Hundred-Percent Sure,
Yes, Clearly, Lead, Strongly
The above positive words will win the mind of the reader,
and he/she will have trust in you. Having trust in you will
increase his/her interest in the post.

* The use of persuasive statements
There are some statements, that when made use of will
also give the reader more confidence, that he is at the
right place.
Now lets look at statements like;

Personally, I have found [this concept] to be true.

I can tell you from experience that [this concept] is of
excellent quality
This is not a matter of opinion. I am saying this
because it is a fact

This are positive statements that shows that you truely
know what you are saying.
The use of statements like;

I think that…”, or “I guess…

Will make the reader lose faith in you, and will not
countinue reading because he/she is not sure if it will

#3 Make sure the title is grabing
This will make the reader to find more interest in that post.
Now lets look at the defference between these two titles.
Buy you new Iphone 6 here / Get your smart Ipone 6, at
an affordable price.
Can you see the difference betweeen those two titles.
That alone will bring you more sales than the other

#4 Use of related images

Images describes things more than words. It shows that
you have prove of what you are saying
You can continue telling me every blessed day that you
have a car, but you have not shown me that car. Each day
I see you on the street, you are on foot just like me.
Tell me how will I believe you, if I have not witnessed it
before. Or maybe seen the picture you snapped with your
So to prove to your reader that you know what you are
saying, you need to provide a picture for that.

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