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What are the Mid Atlantic Academy Finals?

The Mid Atlantic Academy Finals takes its structure from Olympic style competition as well as equitation finals across the country. The riders have multiple
days of competition with medals presented at the end of each day as well as
over all medals. MAAF allows our academy riders to truly be a part of a finals
experience as they pursue their riding careers.

Saturday is Equitation day. The morning features the qualifying class
as well as a separate class where the riders will be asked to perform a pattern.
They are judged separately in each of theses classes - both classes will be tied
and the riders will receive a ribbon. Saturday evening features the Equitation
finals class. The riders must have shown in the MAAF classes in the morning
to be eligible to show in this class. The finals class is also judged separately and
tied with each rider receiving a ribbon, the top 10 will be called in reverse order. At the end of each of these classes the points will be tabulated. The points
are based on the place the rider received and weighted by the number of riders
in the class. The points will be posted following each session in the show office.
Following the finals class the riders will be called back to the ring and overall
awards will be presented - Gold, Silver, and Bronze based on the points the
riders earned throughout the day.

Sunday is Showmanship Day. The morning features the qualifier and
a separate pattern class. Each of theses classes will be judged separately - both
classes will be tied and riders will receive ribbons for each class. Sunday afternoon is the Showmanship finals. You must have showed in the morning classes
to be eligible to participate in the Finals Class. This class is judged and tied
separately; the top 10 will be called in reverse order. Following the class the
riders will be called back in the ring and are awarded over all points awards for
their performance in showmanship. The points are tabulated through out the
day based on the ribbon they receive and number or riders in the class. These
points are separate from the points they receive for Equitation the day before.
The riders are then awarded medals Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

At the end of the both days the points from Equitation and Showmanship are combined to come up with the overall champion for the weekend. The
over all champion is presented with a trophy to commemorate the occasion.

The Equitation Championship and the Showmanship Championship
will both be calculated from all age groups giving a Gold, Silver, and Bronze
in Walk Trot as well as a Gold, Silver, and Bronze for Walk, Trot, and Canter.
The overall champion is calculated from the Walk, Trot and Walk, Trot, Canter

First Year Academy Rider Classes
During the Schedule of classes for MAAF we offer First Year Rider
Classes as well. First Year riders are riders that have been showing
Academy for less than one calendar year. The First Year Rider may
show in the MAAF finals classes as well as the first year classes. Rider
may enter in both.

MAAF Classes
Our MAAF Classes are the Academy classes that are included in the
points totals for the Mid Atlantic Academy Finals. There will be a
points champion for Equitation and Showmanship as well as an over
all points champion.

Academy Eligibility

Eligibility: Academy classes are limited to riders who have never shown in
other than Tournament, Academy or Lead Line. Academy riders may not
enter any other class at this show (except the Stick Horse class). Horses
in Academy classes must be regularly used in a lesson program as school
horses. Any breed is eligible. Academy horses may be shown in classes other than Academy at the same show. Attire: English – Jodhpors, breeches,
boots, long sleeve shirts, and tie; vests and gloves. Derbies, riding suits and
jackets are prohibited. Western – western style pants, chaps, long sleeved
shirt, boots and appropriate ties; vests and chaps are optional. Western hats
are prohibited. Tack: May show in show bridle, Pelham, or snaffle bridle
with martingale. Martingales on curb bits are prohibited. All Junior Exhibitor riders in Academy classes must wear protective headgear that meet
or exceed currently American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Standards. Protective headgear is recommended for all riders. Note: First
Year Class Eligibility – Open to newcomers in their first year of showing.
First year riders, Western and Hunter Riders will not be asked to perform a
If there are 10 riders in a class
1st place 10 points 5th place 6 points
2nd place 9 points 6th place 5 points
3rd place 8 points No Place 2 points
4th place 7 points